Weekly Tarot Guidance – 22.11.20 – 28.11.20


You might meet someone who will guide you on the spiritual path or help you get the clarity in life. You will take time out to analyse and think deep about life or your life purpose. Your thoughts will be cleared soon. You will then start walking on a new path of life.


There might come some difficulties in your path, but you should not lose hope and keep marching towards your goal. These difficulties might make you lose your focus but believe in your dream. Keep working on yourself to remain positive and confident about yourself.


It is time to start something new of your own. Your personal life has started to grow in a new direction. You might find someone special from the same field who compliments your intelligence. You might be moving from one place to another or shifting house with the family.


Free yourself from burdens and restrictions, if any. Be your real self. Enjoy life to the fullest. Let your inner child live freely. Look carefully, angels are around you to help you. Allow situations to unfold on their own. Be easy on yourself.


Time may seem too difficult for you right now, personally or professionally. But you need to be calm to overcome your fears and insecurities. By convincing yourself to stay in a toxic situation, you are deceiving yourself. Maintain balance while taking decisions and you will find resolution to all the personal issues.


Someone with powerful energy is coming to help you and show you the correct path. If you are holding yourself back and not taking any action to heal yourself then it’s high time: start facing your fears. Accept the challenges and move ahead in life. Soon, there should be healing on all the level – physical, mental, and emotional.


You might feel isolated or you are moving away from someone deliberately. You might not feel connected with the people around you anymore. If so, you must start meeting new people in your own community or at social gatherings, events, etc. Prosperity is coming your way. Be ready as your dreams are going to manifest.


Work on your inner self, heal yourself and start afresh. Meditate, spend some time in nature which will allow you to understand your real issues and help you to heal naturally. Bring yourself closer to yourself and connect to your higher self. It seems that your disconnect with your own self is creating issues in your relationship.


You are trapped due to your fears. Not speaking the truth will making situations more difficult for you. It’s time to come out of your own fearful thoughts and start a fresh. Determination and bravery is the need of the hour, do not give up. Universe is about to bless you if you show the courage to step up for yourself.


Open yourself to give and receive love equally. Bad experiences of the past should not hold you back. You too deserve love and a happy life. Open your heart and life to the person who wants to be emotionally available for you. Remember communication is the key to a successful relationship.  


You might find someone with a pure and strong energy. The person might show you the direction to a right path. He/She will even help you to find your true self whenever you find yourself lost. Start meditating and spending some time taking care of your mind and body. You will find issues getting resolved or you will find new ways to resolve them.


Stop mourning the past and the loss. Instead, count your blessings. You might miss the opportunities if you do not clear your thoughts. Look deep within you and seek the answers that you are looking for. Remember your actions are going to reflect on your life. Step out of comfort zone and start exploring your own skills and abilities.

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