Weekly Tarot Guidance : 29.11.20 – 05.12.20


It’s time to leave the lazy you behind and get involved in a fun social activity. You might also get an invite to a trip. If you ask the cards, it would advice you to not avoid the trip. You might find someone special there. Your love life will take a beautiful and magical turn.


A few things or a situation might look damaged or half broken. But look at it as an opportunity to renew or reconstruct the situation the way you want it to be. Remember to always have gratitude towards life and its blessings. No tough situation should make you doubt the Universe’s blessings.


Open up to the force within and let it flow. You have the power in you to change or shape the situation the way you want to. Keep working towards your goal patiently and with a calm mind. Do not give up as you will reach your destination soon.


You need to work through your fears. Free yourself from the restrictions you have imposed on yourself. Break the habit of holding yourself back and staying into the comfort zone. Bad/painful experiences come to life to transform you making you a better version of yourself. Move ahead towards a brighter future with an improved version of yourself.


Painful experiences of the past or loss of someone you love might have broken you completely. You are trying to move ahead with lot of hopes. But before you move ahead, heal yourself completely from the past hurt. Or this wound might keep pulling you back. Also, if someone else has been hurt by you, make sure you help them heal.


If you are into political related work, then be cautious. Be wary of people around as they cannot be fully trusted. Your commitment and loyalty might be tested at your workplace. A gala time with family is on the cards. Family members will always be there by your side to support you.


You have the communication skill required to impress people.  If you are in a communication field, then be ready to shine as the spotlight is going to be upon you. A door to spiritual and higher self is opening for you which is bringing healing and peace along with a new start.


Time to rebuild the damaged situation, relationship, or financial status. You might feel that things are been damaged to the core. But take this as opportunity to renew it the way you want it. Financial help or new income source is coming your way. A piece of advice: When you help others or do a kind deed, do it with good intentions and money will start flowing in.


You always fear the unknown while taking bold steps in life. Step out of your comfort zone and let yourself shine. Be honest and open about your feelings and emotions. The world needs to see the real you. Come out of your head and get into your heart. This will help you to take correct decision.


Claim your healing powers back. You are losing touch with your own higher self. Worrying too much about future won’t help. Instead of worrying, clear your mind. That will help you to think clearly. You have a secret admirer, look around and you might find them. Stop underestimating yourself due to any such situation from the past.


There might be a threatening situation arising at workplace or in your personal life. If you have already sensed the danger than be ready with a plan to escape from any such situation. Detach yourself from the situation and move ahead with grace and confidence.


A ex is coming back with an intention to reunite with you. But you might not be ready for the reunion as the emotional wounds the past has caused are too deep to forget. But you need to forgive and let the situation heal in a positive way. The good news is that forgiveness will help you to heal yourself as well making it easy to move forward in life.

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