Weekly Tarot Guidance : 06.12.20 – 12.12.20


Widen your horizon and leave the old thinking pattern behind. There are so many new technologies and creative ideas that can take you on a new path in life. Friends might play a major role in directing your life to this new path. A new professional partnership might be coming your way.


You are waiting for some good news or promotion. But remember that you first need to trust yourself and your skills completely. If while competing, you feel insecure and act in a way that you should not, then you might create blockages for yourself.


Believe in the impossible as you are going to get a rare opportunity. This will turn your dream into reality. Always keep a check on your thoughts as they are getting manifested. The power is in your own hands to direct your destiny.


Struggling with your emotional insecurities and fighting to change the same. It seems you are getting quite successful in your efforts to work on your fears. Due to this internal fight you might have disconnected with your loved ones. If yes, then you should start reconnecting with them now.


Time to take your life into your own hands rather than rely on other people’s decisions or opinions. Leos are known for their strong-mindedness along with their confidence and ready to take charge of life attitude. Be bold and make the move to bring the desired change in your life.


It seems you are too much involved in your work. Not just involved but you are taking pride in what you are doing. You need to deal with situations calmly and be kind to others. If ego starts driving you, difficulties will soon start coming your way. Take a deep inner look as your higher self is calling you to advice and show you the right path.


Your psychic powers are developing right now. You might get some visuals or images or signs that may give you some messages. Someone might enter your life with a proposal, professional or personal. You need to be calm and have patience while moving ahead.


Decided to board on a new journey which scares you or making you nervous a bit. You know the destination, but the unknown path is scaring you. Meditate and ask your guiding angels to guide you. Success is on the way if you take actions with complete dedication and good intention.


You are standing tall with confidence, in yourself and your talent. You have started breaking the chain of your old thought patterns. You are now moving ahead with positivity. You are about to take a major decision. But remember, you have to be consistent with the change you are bringing in yourself.


Your inner vibrations are changing as you are working towards bringing a positive change in yourself. But you need to keep working towards it constantly. All of your wishes will be fulfilled soon but you need to have a practical plan. Chase your passion and dream and you will get the success soon.


You are letting settle all the emotional baggage on yourself and not fighting at all to dust it off. And on top of that you are digging all the past emotional hurt with it. There is someone close to you who can help you to step out of this situation. Ask for it.


Lot of things on the plate and so you might get confused which option to choose or go with. You will be little bit in a happy shock that life is changing in so many positive ways. But do not let yourself get distracted and forget to be in touch with your spiritual side. A new romantic cycle is about to begin.

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