Tarot Guidance – December 2020


It’s high time you start a make-over or renew yourself. Self-love and self-care are much needed for you to start leaving a loving and beautiful life. Start involving yourself into some fun or social activities of your interest. You need to leave your past and old thinking patterns behind. Be creative and start thinking out of the box. The world has changed a lot. A lot of new techniques and way of doing things have been introduced. Going with the flow will take you to new heights of success and fame. Surrender yourself to the divine and your higher self. It seems that you are too scared to meet your own psychic abilities. Universe is giving you signs and messages that you are avoiding since a long time. Listen to your intuitions and tune your inner frequency right to hear the messages. The messages are for your own good. They will show you the right path in life. Your dreams are going to be manifested soon. But remember to stay grounded and calm while achieving your goals. It’s time to take action along with right decisions. Right decision will take you closer to your dreams. It’s time for singles to lose their heart to someone special who will resonate you and your emotions. A new beginning in all aspects of life is about to start soon. Good news might come related to your kids. In short, a win-win situation is on the cards.


A chance to renew your life or heal a situation or a relationship. Do not see any of the tough time as hurdle rather see it as an opportunity to grow and learn new things. This tough time will also teach you to appreciate and value what you have than complain about the things you do not have. You will get a lot of options and opportunities to change the situation and make it as you desire to see it. A promotion or an opportunity to lead a project is on its way. Trust your talent and skills and take the opportunity positively. If you fear losing the opportunity while competing with your competitors and take any wrong step, this might negatively affect your image and also the opportunity presented to you. You might experience some kind of loss, but this will bring a transformation within you and your life as well. Your closed connections will be there to support you always. Make sure you appreciate their efforts too. Be in touch with your higher self and you will find all the guidance you want at this tough time. Be open about your ideas and opinions. Be active and start taking initiative to bring the change in your life that you desire to see. Do not hesitate to call upon the angels who are around you in different forms to help you. The wheel of fortune is turning in your favour, so do not give up.


The divine force energy is moving within you, as you have the power to direct your life as you want to. Keep a check on your thoughts as they are in the process of being manifested. Believe in the impossible as an exceedingly rare opportunity is coming your way. This might be your dream job or a dream life. Let your inner child be free and open to enjoy and embrace the beauty of life. You will reach the height of success and also get an authoritative position in career or in personal life. Such positions come with lot of responsibilities and self-discipline, so be careful while taking any decision. You might face a few challenges as your commitment towards your position might be tested. Do not let any fear hold you back and leave the position. Remember your hard work, destiny and your talent has brought you the fortune. So, trust in yourself and be confident while moving towards your goal. You will get a lot of new things to explore. You might also visit your dream destination or shift to a new place. A new beginning or a renewal of your life is under process. Whatever is happening now is happening for your highest good.


Time to break all the restrictions that you have imposed on yourself. May it be your thought pattern or due to social status or what others think about you. Break the pattern and free yourself from the unnecessary burdens. You are good enough. When it comes to mistakes, everyone makes mistakes but that doesn’t stop them from moving ahead. This fear will keep creating blockages in your life and will stop you from moving towards a brighter future. Keep looking for adjacent possibilities rather than go round and round in the same circle. If you do so, at the end, you will reach the same place where you started. Step out. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Start planning for your future now. If you want to pursue higher studies, then you will have a lot of time to plan and move ahead accordingly. If you want to change your career completely and are afraid of doing so, then do not be. If you have confidence in your abilities, chase what you want. Take some time out for yourself as well. You are not selfish for doing that. If you love water, spend some time near calm water and you will also feel calm and relaxed. Calm mind will help you to take correct decision.


Stop overthinking about the situations and start acting upon it. You have the power to change the situation and lead your life the way you want to. Listen to your intuitions. They are guiding you. Trust your inner voice. There might be lot of options or work that needs to be done or decision to be taken on the same. This might confuse you: what to choose, which way to go or what exactly should be your priority. Be bold, take charge of your destiny and follow your heart. Find a balance between what you want and the need of the other people around you. Don’t take any decision based on your ego or you might lose a great opportunity coming your way. You will find all the answers that you are seeking for at the right time. Move out of your comfort zone and start meeting new people. Start socialising. Grow your friend circle. Exchanging new thoughts with new people will help you to develop new perspective towards life. Someone special out there is waiting for you and for that you need to meet new people. You have the light within which is needed to illuminate your path. All you need to do is turn it on. Start meditating and you will see the light fall on your bright future.


Your higher self and wisdom are knocking your door, open it. Do not create the blockages and speak the truth to yourself. Your inner voice is trying to tell you that there is something wrong and that you need to change it, but you are still ignoring it. If you take too much pride in the work you do (at work), especially if you are into politics, then you might have to face repercussions. Be humble, calm and kind with others as they too are doing their job. Your commitment, honesty, and loyalty will be tested on professional as well as personal front. Be open and honest about your feelings and communicate clearly to avoid confusions. Or else you will start blocking your way to success as well as happiness and love in your life. Those who are in a difficult/toxic relationship, especially where your partner is dangerous and harmful for your mental state then it’s high time. Walk out of this relationship. If you are going through a divorce, then justice will be served. You will get relief from it soon. New opportunities and a new start is coming your way. This new beginning will bring abundance of success and happiness in your life. You might not be aware that someone is trying to flirt with you and make a way to your heart.


Your higher spiritual self is calling you. Your spiritual and psychic powers have started developing now. There might be some signs, visuals or images that you have been noticing recently repeatedly. These signs have messages for you from the universe. Keep noting all the signs and start finding the meaning of it. Someone from past or new person is entering your life with a offer related to finance or property or business. If you are dealing with any legal issues then there the victory will be yours. You might also be signing legal documents. You will be at a greater height of success in your personal as well as professional life. You will calm and peaceful within and all this might be coming towards you due to your patience and following a spiritual path. Right now healing is taking place at all aspects of life. But do not get scare about your spiritual journey as this journey brings a lot of transformation in life. Remember this transformation is all for your higher good. Be confident and go with the flow of the life and enjoy every moment of it. Look at the bigger picture of life rather then thinking about the minor changer or adjustments you need to take care of with it. Now is the time to plant the seed which will bear fruits later but still you need to keep nurturing it. Do not let any grudges create blockages in your heart chakra. Forgive those who have hurt you and let karma take the charge. All the issues or conflicts within family or friends will be resolved soon.


It’s high time to stop thinking and start working on the necessary changes that you want in your life. You want to board the train for a new journey, but it seems you are too nervous about the outcome. If you have good intentions and want to leave the past behind, then you should start acting upon it now. You have lost touch with your own higher self and been ignoring your intuitive powers from long time. Reconnect to your self and you will find the blockages opening and making way for you. You will find the right way to do the things. If you need to apologise someone for your wrong doings, then do it there is no other way then to say it from your heart. This pure energy will reach to the person and all will be ok soon. And you will find success in relationship or your professional life. It’s time to repay to the ones who have always been there for you in your bad times. This will be a gesture of gratitude from you to them. Start meeting new people and expand your surroundings as this will give you new perspective towards life. As yourself what exactly you need to release from your life? There is something that keeps bothering all the time. May be childhood bad experience that you are still not able to forget. Let the past go and feel the gratitude towards life and you will see blockages opening for a brighter future.


It has been difficult for you to step out of the circle that you have created for yourself. The safe zone is what you feel comfortable in and taking the bold steps scares you. But it seems slowly you have started to work on your fears and detaching yourself from your own toxic thought patterns. You are getting ready for the change you want to see in your life. Meditate and keep your mind calm and balanced this will help you to take correct decision. Your emotions will be running high as you will not be able to keep calm as the decision you want to make is tough. Remember while making decision or going through any tough time you still need to be constantly working on yourself. A changed you is going to bring the success you want to see in your life. You have to release the old to make space for the new. Forgive those who have hurt you emotionally and release the toxic emotions and free yourself. You might feel everything has come down and you need to start from scratch but see this an opportunity to start a fresh. By end of the month you will be happily busy making and building you own life with lot of emotions. An emotional intimacy is coming you way.


You have forgotten what self-care is and what are the things that use to bring peace and happiness within. Get back the power of self-healing. Do not let yourself drown for any reason. No reason can be bigger than you and your life. If you are working on yourself then you need to work on it constantly not with a break. Your wishes are going to be fulfilled soon but you need to keep a practical plan to achieve them. Chase your passion and dream and not money and success, you will find them following you later. There might come some disappointments or loss of a job or loneliness due to weird behaviour of your acquaintances. You might also feel disconnected with the people around you with whom you use to love spending time with. Good news about a job or further study is on the way and you might have to move to another place for the same. You will have to be stay apart from your family, but this alone time will help you to heal. This alone time will help you to focus on yourself and your needs and get the clarity you want about your future. Do not shut the door of your heart and stop letting anyone in. While crying over the loss you might lose someone who is worth loving. Let the magical love energy flow in your life.


Carrying too much of worries and emotional burden is not letting you move ahead in your life. Stop digging into all the past emotional hurt and pain and connecting to your present situation. You might be stuck in a situation or a relationship which is not ready to give you anything other than pain. You might Dust off the hurt and pain and move ahead with positive dreams in your eyes. Leave the toxicity behind. Explore the magic and beauty of the life which has lot of love and loving people to offer you who will be worth your love and time. Expand your horizon and meet new people and visit the new places you will find yourself rising from the ashes back to your real self. Listen to your heart and at same time think practically too and this will help you to take correct decision. You might be facing some tough situation in your surroundings may be personal level or professional. If the situation seems to be out of your control then take a step back. Be ready with plans before hand if you feel there is any kind of threat at your workplace. But not give hopes and start taking work casually. This behaviour might take your job away. Keep working passionately as you do and your work and hard work will be appreciated.


A higher level of commitment or proposal is coming your way. In love relationship it will be difficult for you to take them back in your life. The past hurt is not yet been healed and that holding you back to move ahead in life. The person might have done wrong, but you need to forgive them to heal your heart and pain. So that you too can move on with your life with positivity. Let karma do its job and you move ahead with smile on your face and peace in your heart. You might be signing a contract for business, partnership or a new property. A new romantic relationship is about to begin now. Do not hold yourself back due to any past bad experiences as those are the lessons to be learned and move ahead with a wiser you. Do not lose touch with your spiritual side which keeps guiding you to the right path. Lot of options in life are going to be presented in front of you and that might  confuse you which way to go and what to choose. Broaden your horizon in both personal and professional life. Friends might be helping you to guide you on your personal journey. Be creative and think out of the box and this will help you to get a new project. Do not let the pride get in your way. Or things might get delayed. It’s time to renew yourself and self-analysation will help you to get a better version of yours.

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