Weekly Tarot Guidance : 13.12.20 – 19.12.20


Tune in to your antenna to hear the message from the Universe. It seems that you are trying to avoid the signs as you are afraid of your psychic abilities. Be ready as your dreams are about to come true but remain grounded while achieving your dreams.


You might experience some kind of loss. This situation arises for transformation to take place, internally as well as externally. Take this as an opportunity to renew your life. Your close connections will always be there for you, so make sure you recognise their efforts and appreciate them.


Don’t let your low confidence block either your creativity or your way. Let your inner child be free. Enjoy life as it comes. A challenge might come your way, but it’s testing time for you. The challenge is sent your way to see how you overcome the hurdle.


If you are planning for higher studies, then you should go ahead. Do not bound yourself to any fears. Do not demean or doubt yourself. Trust your abilities and move forward. You need to take some time out for your own good.


Too many options are confusing you. You do not understand which option to choose or which way to go. Listen to your heart and start exploring the options. Some of these options might stay available later as well. So, think and choose wisely. Don’t let ego or pride come in your way while making any decision.


Open your heart and express your true feelings to your loved ones, especially to that someone special or your life partner. Tell them how you feel. They too know that you love them, but sometimes expressing it makes a lot of difference in your romantic life.


A time to maintain balance between mind and heart. If you are fighting any legal issues than the victory will be yours. You will experience a greater success in your personal as well as professional life. Healing is taking place in all aspects of life.


A new project, job or a restart in your personal life is taking place. You need to work on every detail before entering or committing to anything new. Listen to your intuition which you have blocked as your practical mind doesn’t allow you to trust it.


You are connecting to your higher self now. But sometimes the old you might scare you about the changes coming within you. Listen to your intuition as it is guiding you to the right path. You are very close to the success related to relationship or profession.


A loss or disappointment is coming your way. You might feel disconnected with the people you use to enjoy spending time with. Loneliness or a feeling of being side-lined by acquaintances may dishearten you. It’s a sign and time to move towards a new phase of life.


It’s high time to end the deadlock in a relationship. If a relationship is not ready to give you anything in return other than pain, then you should move away from it. What is stopping you? Fear of not being able to find anyone else or your ego? Expand your horizon and you will find a lot of things or people that are worth your time and love.


Before starting a new journey, you need to study the path. Broaden your vision and start looking for new options and creative ways to reach your goal. Be vocal and present your ideas with confidence. Do not let pride get into your way.

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