Weekly Tarot Guidance : 20.12.20 – 26.12.20


Stand tall and keep your roots grounded and strong. Time to shine especially on the professional front. Your hard work is going to pay off. Keep working hard towards your goal. Time to see success soon. Singles might lose their heart to the person who resonates them and their emotions.


Going through a dark phase or feeling lost should not take over your strength and hopes. Get in touch with your higher self and you will find the light that guides you. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask as angels are around you in different forms to help you.


A new start is on its way, may be a promotion or moving to a new place or visiting your dream destination. You will achieve great success in your life. A sense of fulfilment and peace will fill your heart. Don’t let this success block your creativity and your way to keep moving ahead with determination.


There is still a lot of time on your hands to prepare for what you are planning for your future. Do not worry or panic and plan things carefully. Pay attention to the details, research well. Trust yourself and your abilities and you will achieve your goal soon.


The answers you seek will come your way at the right time and when you are ready to face the truth. Do not limit yourself to your own social circle. Be open to new opportunities, meeting new people and new thoughts. May be someone special is waiting for you.


Door to new opportunities and new start is coming your way. Do not keep thinking about it too much or someone else might grab it before you do. This new opportunity is bringing a lot of good luck for you. It’s time for dream manifestation, believe in it.


A bigger transformation is coming your way. This might scare you a bit. But look at the bigger picture and let yourself go with the flow. Your life’s phase or a cycle or a desire is coming to a completion. Enjoy the moment and do not worry too much.


There is a calling from your higher self which you have been ignoring. Connect with your spiritual side to find the answers and clarity in your thoughts. Meet new people and you might get new perspective on life.


You might feel that you have to start all over again, from the scratch. But look out for the possibilities and the options life is offering you. Remember this might be your new beginning with new foundation. Sometimes you need to release the old to make space for new and better things in your life.


Good news that you were waiting for is coming your way. You might have to move to another place for a new job or further studies. You will have to move away from your house and family for a brighter future.


You are getting a deep insight into and a better understanding of the situations. This new understanding and perspective will help you to take right decision. But you need to maintain a balance between your heart and head while taking any decision.


Your life’s new journey or a trip related to leisure or work might get delayed. But do not worry too much about it as the delay has given you more time to prepare for the journey. Get your checklist ready and enjoy the present moment. Soon you will find yourself ready for the new path.

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