Weekly Tarot Guidance : 27.12.20 – 02.01.21


A new phase of life is about to start. The birth of a new life start, of a new project/new job or finding someone special is indicated. A new phase of life is about to begin with lot of love and special moments. You might also get some good news related to your kids. A win-win outcome is on the cards in all aspects of life.


Remember you have the power to change your life. Be active and start speaking for yourself. Take the initiative to bring the change you want to see in your life. The wheel of fortune is turning on your side, so make all the efforts that you can.


Expect a powerful change coming towards you. You might get into a powerful position in career or your personal life. This change might scare you as this power position comes with lot of responsibilities and discipline. Do not let fear hold you back and take the charge of your life.


Step out of your comfort zone and look for adjacent possibilities. If you keep looking at limited options then you will never be able to set a higher goal for yourself. The cycle will keep repeating and you will keep complaining about your life.


Time to think about the matters or situations that were bothering you is over now. It’s time to take the action. You have the power to light up the torch in darkness so that you can clearly see your future. Your loved ones will be beside you to help and heal you.


If you are going through the procedure of divorce, then you will be getting justice soon. If you are into any toxic relationship where your partner is damaging your self-confidence and making you doubt your worth then it’s time to leave.


We keep nurturing the plant even when we know that the fruits aren’t the immediate result. It will take years of efforts and care to reap the fruits of labour. Similarly, you will have to passionately keep working towards your goal. Appreciation might not come your way immediately, but it will definitely come. You have blocked your heart’s loving energy due to some ongoing conflicts but keep meditating and you will find the best solution to resolve the issues.


If you are still holding onto some past bad childhood experiences then now is the time to let go. Time to feel gratitude towards present life or else the past hurt will keep blocking your present and future. Release the emotional baggage now.


You are busy and happy building your own life as per your wish. Explore your own emotional side and ways to express it to your loved ones. An emotional intimacy is coming towards you. Forgive someone that has hurt you and free yourself from the karma.


It seems due to past bad experience in a love relationship you have blocked a way to your heart for others. While looking at the loss with teary eyes, you might lose someone worth loving. Step out of your restrictions and let the magical love energy flow in your life.


Due to this pandemic situation, you might be afraid of losing your job or position. Trust yourself and keep working enthusiastically towards your goal. Do not give up as your hard work will pay off.


Self-love, self-care, and self-discovery is what you need to do right now. You need to work on your fears now and start renewing yourself. You will find someone special. If there are any issues within the family or in a relationship, then now then issues will start resolving.

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