Spiritual Message : 2021


Make peace with your inner self and take a break for a while from the high expectations that you have set for yourself. No one is going to judge you for who you are or for your achievements’ graph. Take a break and sit ideal for some time with yourself. A sound sleep is a must now as angels are watching over you. Time for your own renewal. Meditate and spend some time in nature, sleeping under the open sky, gazing at the stars. Nature has tremendous healing powers, surrender yourself to the nature and you will experience the magical healing powers.


Your angels love you a lot and you are chosen to do the kind work with them. Time to go with the flow and stop letting yourself down. You are on a spiritual journey. Remember that this journey is not easy for anyone. You might feel lost, lonely, and stuck between the two worlds. But trust your intuitions and your angels. They are your companion. They are around to protect and guide you. You are entering a new life now which will prove to be a blessing. You need to keep nourishing your mind, body, and spirit in the journey to keep yourself balanced and healthy.


It’s time for a huge transformation. The advice here is to step into it without letting the fear of unknown hold you back. If there is any unfinished work, situation or relationship then start giving the closure to it and move ahead with a clean slate. You might be exploring new ways or your own ways of spirituality. You want to find the true meaning of spirituality with your own understanding which is the best thing you can do. Your soul is your best teacher and that can teach you what others can’t. Your inner transformation will open the doors to your new journey and a new you.


It’s time to step away from the chaos going on in the outer world as well as inside you. Sometimes situations show up to shake you up so that you can shed the old skin which is not useful anymore sometimes to shaken you up and fall off the pieces from you that are not necessary. Let go off what is not needed anymore. Allow the renewal to happen. Take the lessons that life has to offer you from the chaos that is going on in your life. This situation will force you to explore a new side of spirituality so that you find a new you. Once this newer version of yourself is born, you might thank universe for the present situations and might even regret not finding this version of yourself earlier.


You have come to the edge of life and now you need to take the leap of faith. Let go off the fear and embrace the miracles of life that are going to be presented to you. Time to put your life lessons to use for other people’s betterment. Disappointments in life has been too much for you to take it. But now you will get to know why things happened with you and how life prepared you in a way that you could use those lessons for other people’s good. You might now start giving fair and balanced advice to people who are stuck in the chaos of life. This is going to help you to let go off your past and will also help you to forgive others.


Remaining calm and composed while being flexible while handling the situations that are coming your way is what you need to do now. If you do not stop being rigid and allow yourself to go with the flow of life, then you will always remain an older version of yourself. Being flexible, open, and curious about new things will help you to upgrade. It will make you a better version of yourself. This will help you to get in tune with your life in rhythmic manner and people around you will be happy to help you and adjust according to your needs. This will be your strong foundation to explore your new side and new journey of life.


The Universe is asking you to let go of the bad experiences of the past. Time is the best healer but only if you allow it to heal you. Thinking about the past all the time is not going to change it. Let it go as the layers of these past experiences are not allowing you to unveil and explore your true self. You are blessed with deep knowledge, understanding, and maturity as you can read between the lines and find the truth that others can’t. This experience should be used to help others and not to destroy yourself. Meditate daily and let your spiritual side help you to find solution to your problems.


You might feel lonely even when surrounded by people. You might feel that you don’t belong to the place where you are or just don’t fit in. You might also sense the changed behaviour of others. May be it’s time to move on and find a new set of people who might help you to see a life from a new perspective. These people or even new perspective might help you to get back in touch with your true self that you lost in the race of life. The direction of wind is changing now and will lead you to the right direction so remain firm and balanced so that you can see the direction clearly.


Whatever happened in the past, happened for a reason. It was fated. But you need to analyse the situation and understand whether it was really out of your control or if you could have acted differently and stop it from happening it in a way it happened. Learn to identify which situation you can act upon and what you need to accept as it is. Time to take the leap of faith and start working on yourself as well as make changes on your external life. Situations happened to burn you down completely so that you can be born again from your own ashes.


You might feel that you are running in the same circle and are not able to come out of it. But step away for a while, meditate on your situation and you will find that you have the capacity more than you thought to analyse the situation correctly. You will be able to look upon the situation and your past actions and recognise where you need to bring the changes as to not repeat it again. It is time for a renewal and leading yourself to a new life. Try yoga, meditation, or dance to calm yourself down and throw all the worries out of your mind. Let your light shine. Walk towards a brighter future.


Dreams might be trying to tell you something. Be aware of your dreams and note them down in the morning as soon as you wake up. Find out what they are saying. It also seems that you need to meditate daily to develop your imagination and visualisation which will help you to manifest your dreams quickly. Explore your spiritual side and you will find the spiritual power hidden within you which will help and guide you through. Tap the unlimited potential within you and you will find a treasure hidden inside you. See the miracles happening in your life.


Time to return to your home where you belong to. Listen to your mind and body. Listen to what they are saying. Relax and be calm, take long deep breaths and allow yourself to enjoy the moment with yourself. Stop wandering and come back to yourself. Surround yourself with nature where you can hear the breeze, birds and free flowing water, where you can see the open sky clearly. This is the time to rejuvenate yourself and trust that the Universe is bringing a good time in your life. You just need to clear your mind and fill yourself with peace and positivity.

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