Career Tarot Guidance for 2021


On the career front, the beginning of the year might look a little difficult. Due to some negative experiences, you might now be scared to take bold steps in your career. These experiences might not be your own. You might have seen someone close to you go through difficult times due to a decision they took in their career. There will be good opportunities coming your way, but you might not recognise it. A lot of options with regards to a new job or a new business partnership may also come your way. You need to remain calm and balanced to analyse the situations and opportunities and to understand whether they are right for you or not. This year your hard work and all your efforts are going to pay off. You will get promoted to a higher position and might also be asked to shift to a new place. If not relocated, you will have to travel a lot for your new position or for business purpose. There might be times when you might need to compromise with the situation but do not worry sometimes you need to be flexible and must go with the flow to reach your destination. And yes, compromise does not mean compromising your principles and ethics. Financial condition will be good, but you need to avoid the temptation to spend unnecessarily. Be true to yourself and do what is good for your higher self as your commitment towards work might be tested at times. New, fresh, and big happy changes are on their way. So always be positive, keep meditating and let your inner voice guide you to the right path.


A new start of business or a new job opportunity is going to knock your door at the start of the year. This opportunity is going to bring success and wealth together. Freshers are going to pursue their passion as a profession which will bring lot of success. Promotion with good hike at the same job is also on the cards. Tip: highlight your achievements and your current job profile’s minute details as you never know what skills will impress the hiring company. While handling any responsibility at your job or in business, be careful and keep your mind cool. Relax while taking any important decision. From mid of 2021, things may get a little difficult due to competitors, in business or at workplace. Someone might try to snatch your project/s and take all the credit for it. You might feel exhausted; you may even feel like giving up in a very short time but you must keep fighting as you are very close to achieving your goal. It seems that you are not too keen on following any set rules at your workplace but this not the right time to take any chances. It’s time to review your goals and plans as how you are going to take things forward. Keep check on your finances, whenever you have enough money always make sure you keep some for the difficult times. Start making investments with the help of an expert if you are not good at it. Those who are dealing in stock market should keep a watch on the facts and other details before investing further.


In the beginning of 2021, career might not look happening or bring the changes you are looking forward to. But still without losing hope, you need to keep giving your 100% to your work. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding making your work better, do not hesitate to do so. Allow yourself work freely without any stress or disappointment. Your hard work and the quality of taking the initiative is going to pay off as it will be appreciated by your boss. Between March and May, you might also get a promotion along with pay rise. Those who run a business will get a sign a good deal or get a project that you have been waiting for from a long time. If you face any difficulty at your workplace, you should ask your boss for help without any hesitation. Your boss and other seniors respect you for your constant hard work and dedication. They have been watching how hard it has been for you still you have not compromised your dedication and loyalty towards work. You might also get a chance to travel abroad for work. Freshers, if you have been looking for job then you will get one soon. But you need to follow the discipline and remain dedicated to your job hunt. Keep meditating and look for the signs that your angels are giving you. Listen to your inner voice and you will find yourself on the right track always. Your financial condition will keep improving this year and this will be the result of your hard work.


A job offer or an opportunity with good pay will be coming towards you. Set your fears aside while making job/career related decisions. This new job will bring satisfaction and contentment. But to grab the opportunity, you first need to make yourself eligible for it by prepping for the job/promotion related interview/presentation. Highlight your skills and abilities during the interview/presentation. Do not expect others to understand your potential without you showing off your skills. Once you receive an offer, the process might take some time. Do not lose hopes or get disappointed and take it personally. Remain calm and think positively as you are already doing very well. Be clear about what exactly do you want and then act upon it, but one step at a time. Listen to your heart and it will lead you to the right path. You have to take the risk and make the first move to improve your life and turn your dreams into reality. If you wait for things to happen automatically, then that’s not going to happen. If you decide to be safe and continue the same job then just remember that nothing is set in stone and this job might also not be safe. So, listen to your intuition and take bold steps for your career’s growth and development. You may come across a helpful senior who will guide you and may also help you to see things clearly. A piece of advice here is to learn to work as a team. Stop being stubborn. Accept the fact your ideas will not get selected all the time. But trust that your dedication towards your work will bring great rewards to you and your hard work will pay off. You are remarkably close to achieving your goal. By the end of the year, you will be in a better position financially.


Beginning of 2021 might seem a little difficult when it comes to career. You need to be careful around your colleagues/business partners as there might be someone who do not have good intentions for you. You might be experiencing bad treatment at workplace right now. But be true and loyal to your work as only that will make things a little easy for you. Maintain balance between your personal and professional life. If you lose balance and bring your personal life issues into your professional life, then things might get too complicated. From May, things will start changing. There are chances that someone from the past might suddenly reappear and offer you a job or a business partnership. You will be enjoying this phase as after a long struggle, you will find peace and satisfaction. But do not become too comfortable. Even at the new workplace, stay away from office politics. Colleagues might misguide you or may share their experience and perspective about this new place with you. Their experience and your experience about the place don’t have to be the same. So, go with your gut feeling. Explore this new workplace. Trust your own experiences. If you find any confusion or difficulties here then direct your concerns to the seniors rather than discussing them with your colleagues. Being loyal and honest with your work will surely win your boss’ trust. You need to work hard to keep your finances flowing and stable. It looks like you have lost touch with reality and do not have much motivation left to work towards your goal. Get in touch with your higher self and you will see how beautifully your life starts changing.


A good time in your career or business. You might get an excellent offer of a new job or a business partnership or a new project. Soon things will be changing for your higher good. If you are searching for a job, then you will get a job that matches your expectation very soon. Even the salary will match your expectations. You might also get a chance to travel abroad for work. If you are expecting some good news or heading a project, then you will get a chance to lead the same. In the past, you might have faced some issues at your workplace that might have caused you a lot of hurt, but soon things will change for your good. Release the hurt and pain. Start working on your fears as you need to win over them to move ahead in life with confidence and positivity. Surrender yourself to the divine power. Have faith in it and give your best at work. Let Universe take care further. You might find someone elder or senior to you helping, guiding, and teaching you to maintain balance and how to handle politics at work. Money will be coming your way very soon and it could be from your salary hike or from inheritance. Your financial status will be good this year. But still, the cards advise to be careful with your finances and if required take an expert’s advice.


You have become too comfortable and carefree with your current job. No doubt that in the current situation, changing your job is a difficult task. But no one can guarantee that the current job is safe. To develop and grow, you need to keep experimenting new things. Look out for your career development if you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your present job. In business, competitors might give you a tough competition due to which you might find it difficult to survive. Let your creativity take over now and think of new and different ways to do the marketing and be at the top of the customers’ mind. It’s time to show gratitude to the customers and also to give your 100% to your work. A new change and beginning is expected but you need to work towards it with dedication only then the good results can be seen. You need to maintain harmony and balance while taking decisions. Do not rely on the money you already have earned or the people around you. Be there physically and mentally to pull your own cart. Regarding finances, you need to think about long term financial investments. Do not gamble and take risk with the money now. Prioritise your expenses and maintain discipline while spending money.


It seems that you are having a tough time at your job or in your business. Competitors or co-workers might be giving you a tough time right now. But you need to focus on your work and let go off the negativity that is trying to distract you from your goals. Focus on the facts and not on the information that has been passed to you by someone orally. On the job, you will get appreciation for your work very soon, a letter of promotion or a new job offer with good pay will come to you. Remember every now and then your commitment towards your work is being tested. Always be prepared for it so that you pass the exam with good grades. This motivation will always help you to give your best. There are chances of you inheriting property or a good contract might come your way which will bring a good amount of money. Many a times, money brings a lot of issues with it, and you might face problems with your family and relatives. This will make you lose heart and hopes to an extent where you stop trying so hard to make your and other people’s life better. But soon you will meet new people and they will change your perspective towards life, and you will start healing emotionally. You will start a new business or take up a new job as there might be lot of issues going on in your present company. Your current company might be planning to declare bankruptcy and wind up the business. If such a scenario arises, you should look at it as an opportunity to move towards a new and fresh beginning. Do not fear this end. But remember whether it’s a job or business, be careful with the contracts you sign. If you are signing any contract, read it thoroughly and understand it properly. Opportunities are knocking your door, so be alert and grab it before it goes away.


If there has been any kind of loss in your business or at job, then trust the Universe. Whatever has happened has happened for your good. Focusing on the loss for too long might increase the losses. So, let it go and look at the other opportunity that is waiting for you. You need to focus on building your career, no matter what obstacles you face. You are the kind of person who is sometimes too scared to try anything new; while other times, you are too fearless and are ready to try whatever comes your way. This is the time to come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to do something new as you know you have the capacity to do so. Those who are into the field of communication or writing, the time looks better for you from June. You might find a good publication house to publish your writing. Or you might find someone who will guide you and help you to find a new direction in your career. Be flexible with the situations and try learning new things that life is teaching you. There might also be new beginnings in store for you. Someone will come into your life with new projects or job or multiple sources of income. So be alert. Think about it carefully and then sign any contract that will be given to you. Read the documents carefully before signing them. You might need to move away from family and travel for work. Your financial condition will be good only if you keep your focus on the right track.


A lot of opportunities will be coming your way, just the way you always dream about them. You will get a chance to take your time to choose which opportunity matches your dream job / business perfectly. Your wishes regarding your job or business will be fulfilled. You need to explore yourself along with the opportunities presented to you, as you will be getting enough time to do so. You also will have to keep upgrading your skills whether there is demand or no demand. Upgrading skills will only add to your knowledge making you more knowledgeable in your field. You are going to enjoy this time like a child, and if not, take some time out to enjoy this phase without keeping any fears of losing this time. Some might get the inherited property or business or both from the family. You will be chosen to lead your family business as you have mastered your skills related to that. Shouldering the responsibility all alone might seem difficult but that is what will make you stand out from others. Your social circle related to your job or business will grow and you will find yourself feeling more safe and secure day by day. People will appreciate your efforts and hard work that you have put in to reach this level of success in your life. Those who are into construction business or real estate need to be a little cautious and study the market before making any new moves. By end of the year, you will have climbed the ladder of success.


Confused about which way to go or which path to choose? For some women, there might be confusion about whether to choose family, kids, or career. For some, the issues would revolve around how or where to leave their kids and go to work. For you, both the things i.e., being independent and being a good mother, are equally important. Take your time and analyse the situation carefully. You will find a solution that will help you to balance both the sides of life. Other Aquarians might be confused about which path to choose or follow as even after putting in the efforts and hard work, you are not yielding the desired result. Have you ever sat down and had a good look at your plans? Did you ever ask yourself whether these plans are practical or not? Go through your plans properly and then decide how to execute it. By the second phase of the year, you will find yourself gaining success only if you plan things carefully and move towards it with confidence. Giving up is easy, sticking to the plan is difficult. Moving ahead with positivity and confidence will help you to reach your destination. You need to meet new people and explore more areas of knowledge, career, and growth opportunities. It seems that you are not thinking outside the box and not exploring your own skills and abilities. May be meeting and interacting with professionals will help you to know yourself better and opportunities might come from there. Join and extend your professional network and you will be able to explore more of your professional side.


A new journey in your career is about to begin. There might come a time when you feel everything is lost and now there is no hope at all. But wait! Do not lose heart as you yourself may leave the job or shut down the business you are currently into to find the new path. You are feeling lost and not able to find the peace and happiness in your current job. This might lead to losing interest in your current workplace. You will decide to move on and follow your heart and passion. Keep faith in your dreams and trust yourself as it’s time to release what does not serve you good. This phase is short-term, as you will start enjoying your new journey. You might choose a new profession which you wanted to pursue from a long time. This can be teaching students or coaching for the corporate world. You won’t stop here. You will start exploring more possibilities on the professional front. You will set the target for yourself with a big to-do list and you will be achieving the same very soon. You will be the creator of your own life and destiny. This year is full of exciting times, growth, and abundance in terms of wisdom, success, money as well as earning respect and reputation. You might also shift to a new place in search of a new job or business.

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