Health Messages 2021

Start making a good connection with your mind & body. And you will start understanding the language of what exactly and how your body speaks to you. And trust the healing ability of your own body. It has the capacity of self-healing that we cannot imagine about.


A Time for Healing: Your health will be good if you follow basic rules of life that is healthy eating, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Start meditating and taking some time out for your own self. Those who are facing health issues from a long time are advised to revisit their childhood to refresh any memories of minor health issues that were recuperated. You should even look at the medical history of your family to find the root cause of your health issue. This year, you will find a new healer who will be able to give solutions to your problems. The end of the tough cycle related to your health issues is about to begin. Few people might feel depressed or emotional disconnection in their life. An emotional healing is also coming towards you as a blessing.


Too much worry and stress may lead to anxiety, blood pressure or other serious health issues. If you are already going through some treatment and still not getting good result, then you should take second opinion. Listen to your intuition as your body will let you know if it needs another healer. Start thinking positively as it can heal anyone magically. Read motivational books or stories to encourage yourself to heal your mind and body. Drive carefully or be careful while travelling to avoid accidents. If you believe in Ayurveda or naturopathy, consider it as an alternative medicine.


Your health will be hale and hearty so do not worry about it at all. Exercise and eat healthy food. Even your close family members will be healthy and if there is anyone who is not well, he/she will also start healing. Stop worrying and stressing over unnecessary things. Take care while traveling especially abroad as sudden change in climate may affect your health. Also keep a check on your alcohol intake as this might harm your health badly. If you are into any physical training, then make sure you follow your trainer’s instructions.


Dealing with a lot of issues or trying to manage a lot of tasks at the same time and stressing over it might cause anxiety. This might also lead to confusion or you may start going blank at times if you do not set your priorities right. If needed, talk to someone whom you can trust and share your issues with. If you manage your stress level and work properly then there doesn’t seem to be any issue with your health.


Pregnancy is expected this year. An emotional healing is taking place. Suddenly you might start caring about your health as in losing or gaining weight or building a good physique. The feeling of taking care of your health is good but you might get too carried away and take extreme decisions and actions. You are advised to consult an expert when it comes to taking any health-related decisions and then indulge into any rigorous activities.


Listen to your body carefully in case it’s trying to communicate with you through signs and symptoms. If you intuitively feel that something is wrong, then get the medical advice immediately. Emotional healing is taking place right now as you are getting stronger and confident about your what exactly you want in life. Start going for morning walks. Start including green leafy vegetables in your diet.


If you are experiencing any health issues, then now is the time for you to awaken to your body’s needs. Leave the negativity behind and start working on yourself with complete trust and positivity. If you are under any treatment, then trust your doctor and follow the instructions. If your intuitions do not allow you to trust your healer, then take second opinion and you will find a healer who will heal you naturally. Remember your loved ones are counting on you and taking everything for granted will worsen things. For others, health will be in a very good condition. To maintain that, make sure you practice yoga and meditation.


There are chances that you are still carrying bitter childhood memories with you. You might have lost a loved one with whom you did not share your true feelings. That guilt of not being honest with the person about your feeling is what disturbs you emotionally now. Share your problems with an expert or counsellor and let them help you. Otherwise, your health will remain good. You might also indulge into good new habits related to health. Some of you might also give up addictions like alcohol, drugs, or any other bad habit, if any. Do consult experts while going on a diet or a trainer for exercise.


It seems that you are too much dependant on one or the other thing for you to feel okay emotionally. May it be relying on someone else’s validation or drinking too much as you feel that only these things can keep you away from stress. Unnecessarily you are creating problems for yourself as this is affecting your mental as well as physical health. Make conscious efforts to solve your problems yourself rather than run away from them. Pregnant women should take care of their health, take rest and be happy as much as possible. You are also advised to spend as much time as you can in the nature. Enjoy listening to the nature’s music.


An emotional healing will take place at the start of the year. Stop running away from the emotions that are trying to reach out to you in a pure healing form. Some of you might be experiencing sleepless nights. If this problem does not resolve early, then take doctor’s advice for the same. Let the inner wound heal and you will get a peaceful sleep without any medications. Do not blindly follow what others are doing for health as not everyone’s body reacts the same way to diet or exercise. Understand your body and its needs and then schedule your health calendar accordingly.


Listen to your intuitions or the signs that the Universe is sending your way to protect you before anything happens. Be careful while working with any equipment or machines as there are high chances of injury. You need to take good care of your health and follow strict discipline for it. Women who are expecting a baby should take extra care and if possible, take a break from work, if you are a working woman. It is advised to not try to balance between personal and professional life at this time, as it will stress not just your mind but also your body. Aquarians who are dealing with any kind of loss or breakup, you are advised to forgive, let go, and move on. Keep positive attitude towards the situation. Help yourself to heal emotionally before it causes any serious damage.


Many people might suffer from back pain especially those whose routine demands a lot of standing or travelling. Do not forget to take enough rest. Also start practising stretching to get some relief from the pain. If you think that the pain is unbearable or if it intensifies, consult a doctor. Drink water regularly. Do not take job related stress or let work politics bother you much as this might eventually affect your mental health. You might start following a disciplined health regime as you will understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A morning walk is recommended for a better health.

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