Love / Relationship Tarot Message 2021


This year seems lucky so keep counting your blessings when it comes to love and relationship. Singles, be ready to meet someone special this year. Go out, attend ceremonies, parties, or get togethers so that you can meet your life partner. The star of romance is shining upon you right now. This person will be mature and understanding. You will feel an instant connection with this person. But you need to step out of your comfort zone and start getting out not just to find someone but to open yourself up and enjoy the beauty of life. Love is the most beautiful gift of life and you should appreciate that. If you cannot put extra efforts, do not worry. That special someone is going to find you out anyway. Those who are in love but have not yet expressed their love will finally get the clarity about what exactly they need to do. Those who are planning a baby will get good news this year. For some people, family may oppose your relationship, or some unwanted interference might come from the head of the family. This interference might start affecting your relationship, as the partner would not react or take any action when it comes to his/her family member’s behaviour. If required, take help from other family members or friends to resolve the issue, if it is not getting resolved between both of you. Those who are going through breakup needs to forgive the other person by understanding the life lessons and move on.


Singles will find someone special who will be intellectual and will guide you through your issues. After meeting this person, you will feel like you have returned home and before meeting this person, you were lost in this world. That person’s love will make you feel safe and secure in your life. This love will teach you to explore your unexplored feelings and will introduce you to your real self. Intimacy in this relationship will be on higher side. There will be a celebration time for singles as well as for those in relationship. Singles might get into higher commitment. Some people might reunite with lost loved ones. Learn when to step back when you are involved in a fight with your loved ones. Sometimes what we see and hear is not the truth. You might be in a relationship which seems good and romantic but still you might feel that something is not right. If you feel so, ask your partner clearly. Do not assume anything. Some of you might feel stuck into the same repetitive patterns in a relationship like breakups on small issues and later patch up. Step out of the toxic relationship at the right time and let your inner self guide you to take the right decision.


For singles, it’s good time to fall in love. Here’s a piece of advice: do not hurry or be impatient to find someone special. Some of you might fall for a person older than you. This might be one-sided, or it may so happen that this person will be interested in you but not ready to commit, so be careful. Some of you will be having gala time with your loved ones. Marriage, engagement, or a beautiful proposal might be coming your way. Your life will transform completely with the love that’s entering your life. Again, wait patiently for love to enter your life. Do not pressurize yourself to get into any relationship. Some of you who are in a relationship might go through tough times as one of the partners is growing in career. This is also making other people grow fond of that person. This too much attention and success might become a barrier and start affecting your relationship. Do take some time and calmly handle the situation, try to understand, and also make them understand the situation. But if things start going out of hand where you feel tied or start facing violence in relationship then you should take a decision for your higher good. Take some time out for yourself to think and get clarity on what exactly you want. After exiting from a relationship, do not be in a hurry to find someone again in order to feel better. Only you can heal yourself or you might again get trapped in a wrong relationship.


Someone special is coming into your life to pull you out of your problems. This person will help you to come out of any toxic relationship if you are in one. He will become a helping hand that solves problems of your life and lead you to a brighter future. That person will be kind, caring and loving not only with you but with your family too. He/she will take care of your family as his/her own. You might find this person at workplace or as your business partner. You might have a beautiful destination or a fairy tale like dreamy wedding. If you are already in a committed relationship, you will find it moving into deeper commitment and intensity. You both might also plan and go on an adventure trip. Remember that in every relationship, there are ups and downs. You might be having fights with your partner, but it will be resolved very soon. You both just have to be true and transparent with each other. Also respect and give space to each other. Remember to take some quality time out for your loved ones as they are waiting for your attention.


Be sure that you are not holding your full cup upside down. Sometimes life keeps offering you the best but you either cannot see it or simply do not want to see it. Maybe you have convinced yourself that no good can happen to you. Staying in the same circle or comfort zone makes you feel safe, but to bring the change that you want to see in your life, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Maintain balance in relationships. Do not dominate your partner or loved ones. You keep finding out issues even if they do not exist. Let yourself be free of the negative thoughts and embrace the beautiful offering from life. Singles will find someone special most likely at workplace. You will see how your life changes beautifully like a dream once love enters your life. Your wish is my command is what your love is going to say to you. A love or marriage proposal is coming your way. Do not hesitate to accept the offer. Take your time but do think about it positively. Some of you might marry and shift to another country or state. Trust the Universe and let it know what your wishes are. Send your wishes into the Universe with complete faith and it will grant them. Let your communication be clear in any relationship. Spend some quality time with your loved ones and this will help to strengthen your relationships.


You are trying to come out of a deep hurt which is still giving you pain. But someone is going to come to you and make you forget the pain and hurt. If you accept that love, then make that sure you are emotionally available in this relationship. Otherwise, you will be hurting that person the way someone has hurt you. Go with the flow and life will bring beautiful surprises. You will find a person who will bring a lot of love in your life and you will forget that something wrong ever happened to you. Those who are already in a relationship will be buying a land or a dream house together. Some of you might go for a vacation abroad. Those who are planning a baby will get good news. Some of you might find love while travelling, so be ready to start a conversation with strangers. Anyway, this time love itself is going to find you whether you want it or not. This is a time when you will have many choices and you will choose the right one for you. Some of you might find ex coming back into your life and asking for a second chance, but it seems that you are not interested in repeating the history.


There might be conflicts or arguments going on in your relationship. But you need to stay calm and know when to take a step back, if required. It’s not a big issue if you tackle it patiently. After May, you will see harmony and peace return in your relationship. If there has been any misunderstanding in any relationship and it has gone to the extent of no communication, then everything will come to the resolution soon. A family reunion seems to be very strong this year. Singles may find someone special in a family function or event. Also, someone from the past, most probably someone from the childhood might return with a potential to become your partner. You might not be able to ignore this person as he/she will be very good looking and attractive. Some of you might fall in love with a divorcee or a married person who might also be having kids. Before entering any relationship, do check the background of the person. This person might not be interested in offering you any kind of commitment but may want just a casual relationship. Those who are already in a relationship might find it difficult to deal with the responsibilities that come with a relationship. Families, relatives, in-laws every responsibility might become an issue for you.


Singles will find someone while traveling. This travel does not need to be at faraway places, but you could find someone in your daily travel as well. Do not be in a hurry to find your love partner. Take good time to get to know this person well and then move ahead with the relationship. Or you might find it difficult later to keep up with this relationship. For the ones who select the right person and those who are new in a relationship will see a new rise in it. Those who are planning to take their relationship to the next level, who are looking for a commitment, be prepared for a delay. There will be small issues and fights going on but do not let these fights get bigger. For people in a long-term relationship might find that small fights are being stretched so far that they are becoming unresolvable. These fights might give you sleepless nights and anxiety, as you feel trapped in a cage right now. You might also decide to separate from your life partner as you won’t be able to tolerate it anymore. There are chances that your partner is more interested in your money and status rather than you. Finally, you will be able to recognise the two faces of your life partner and will detach yourself from that person.


Singles might get an arranged marriage proposal from a well to do family. This might be a joint family or a family that runs a family business. For people who are newly in love, be ready to receive a lot of surprises and gifts that will make you feel loved. Those in a committed relationship might face some issues for some time as both partners will be busy in their own lives. Where one partner might be busy building career and making money, the other might be busy enjoying their own life. This might lead to arguments and fights which will bring imbalance in life. Both of you will be confused between what exactly they want from this relationship. Some of you might decide to part ways. Give some time to yourself, your partner, and this relationship and then come to a decision. Yes, not everything can be fixed but trying and then taking the required decisions sometimes help get the clarity. People who are going through a breakup and are not able to come out of it will struggle a lot to move ahead. Remember that whatever happens, happens for a reason, learn the lesson, and move on.  A huge transformation is waiting for you ahead. These changes will help you to know what self-love is. Let go off the past, make necessary changes in yourself so in the future, you don’t repeat the same mistakes in any other relationship.


Some of you might be too bored or upset about being single and desperately want to be in a relationship. This desperation will lead to regret later. Some of you are in a relationship where you do not feel happy at all, but you do not want to be single or are too scared of not finding anyone to be with. Remember change is constant, sun will shine when the storm is cleared. You need to clear your mind and think of how exactly you want your life to be. If you free yourself from any toxic relationship, then you will find true love approaching you with abundance of love and happiness. Love is waiting to approach you, but your emotional unavailability is stopping it. It’s time to start fresh and let go off the past and forgive others as well as yourself. Value yourself and know that you are worthy of being loved. Married people might face issues with their life partner and family. There might be lot of arguments and fights going on and this may cause you to choose between one of them. Those having an extra marital affair will find it difficult to balance between both the relationships and hide the affair. You might get caught and this will lead to choosing between one of them. This issue might also lead to divorce. For singles who are very clear about their love life will find love of their life. You may even settle to some other country or state. Be honest with your partner and everything will go smoothly.


It seems that you are too busy making money and building your career and future. No time for love? Or have lost hope of finding the right one? Time to work on yourself and bring balance in life. If you are already in a relationship, then you need to take some quality time out for your loved ones. Time to move in a new direction in life especially in love life. Be clear about who and how you want your life partner to be or your love life to be as the man who is coming in your life might be opinionated and you need to maintain that line of respect between you two. There might be someone elder to you, a mother or father figure who might interfere in your love life. Be ready to make them understand where to draw the line. If you maintain the balance and respect and not let anyone interfere then you will be having a good time in your love life. If there are any misunderstandings between you and your loved ones, you need to take some time out to sort out the issue rather than running away from it. A clear communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship. Keep your mind calm and balanced and you will find the right path to keep your love life blooming.


A breakup or a separation with your loved one is giving you sleepless nights. You are unable to release the pain and unable to move on into your daily life. Only you can free yourself from the pain you have tied yourself to. Let the past go, everything happens for a reason. Everyone comes into our life for a reason, a lesson, or a karmic lesson, learn and let it go. Move ahead. A beautiful life is waiting for you. Someone special is about to enter your life. This person can be a public figure or a very well-known personality. He will be someone who belongs to a well-known family and also own beautiful big house. Don’t be so lost in the past that you could not see the blessing coming towards you. You need to be aware and should go out and meet new people. Those who are already in a relationship will find their love blossoming day by day. Those who are against arranged marriage might get a proposal which you might just don’t want to accept as it’s an arranged marriage. But still, you can meet and get to know that person. You never know you might just fall in love with this person and then get married. But don’t forget to do a background check of that person.

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