Weekly Guidance: 17.01.21 – 23.01.21


This is the time make your foundation strong. You are heading towards your goal but still you need to put lot of efforts to reach your destiny. Listen to the angels and spirit guides they are there to help you. Watch out for signs, symbols or your own thoughts they are communicating with you through them.


Time for healing the past wounds. Communicate clearly with your loved ones and let the misunderstanding vanish like a magic. This is the time to start with a blank slate. Reunion with a family member or a long-lost friend might happen this week.


Right now, you might not be able to see any positive things happening around you. But you need to keep working hard and you never know when and how universe will surprise you. Listen to you inner voice it is guiding you on the right path.


Lot of options and opportunities are coming towards you. Very rarely such opportunities come that too at once. Specially for those who are in field of research work, healing, medical or law. Think and study carefully and then choose the one that fits your dreams and goals.


Being clear in your communication is good but be careful of the words you use. Let your thoughts be positive as you thoughts are now into manifestation zone. You will be getting all the answers you are seeking for very soon.


You might find difficult to move ahead as there are some things that are blocking your way. But a well wisher or a close friend might come to your rescue and help you to clear the way. Let yourself be free to hold the helping hand and move ahead.


You are working hard on yourself to bring transformation within you. And you are getting success with very less efforts. Those who are into communication field will be creating magic with their communicating skills. Let your thoughts be positive as manifestation mode is on.


Before stepping into any new commitment, project or business read the documents carefully. Also do some research before investing/ working on any new project. It’s a good time for a new start but still taking precaution is always a good thing.


Step out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown paths if it interests you. Dare to experiment and do something new. You might also look back on your past mistakes or past relationship to heal or reconnect with it. This might help you to gain clarity and move forward.


Let your inner child come out and enjoy the life like an innocent kid. Being adult means worrying too much sometimes without any reason. Trust that your spirit guides are there with you to help you. Call upon them whenever you feel lost.


Lost hopes that nothing is going to change in your life? You have also lost the direction and your goals that you wanted to achieve. Do not lose hopes and hold on to your dreams. Everyone goes through tough time but trying and bringing the change we want to see makes us the real warrior.


An end to a situation or relationship and a new beginning is coming towards you. Let the past go if you do not want to repeat the past life karmic pattern again. There was a karma to be settled so let it go. Think of what you can do for others to help rather then thinking about the unwanted past.

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