Weekly Tarot Guidance: 24.01.21 – 30.01.21


Be ready to learn new things like a child, as if you are a blank slate. This attitude will help you to gain a lot of new knowledge. Take action and do not wait for things to happen on their own. Socialising is now important be it for professional or personal growth.


Time to cut off the toxic relationship or situation from your life. Set yourself free and learn to love yourself. Your hard work is going to pay off now. A promotion or a new job opportunity is coming towards you. Arrival of a new family member in the house is indicated.


Everything is going to work out when the time is right. Do not take any decision in haste. Let your caged heart be free to love again or fall in love for the first time. Be careful about whom you open your heart to.


You might be going through some difficult time right now. But someone close to you will be standing beside you through your thick and thin. You might be waiting for a new project or promotion and increment, and you will get news regarding the same.


Your present or past might have been out of sync. But now is the time you need to take control of your life. Maintain balance between your emotional, physical, and professional needs. Clarity in thought will lead you to correct path may it be in professional or personal life.


Your heart chakra has started to heal. You have finally decided to heal your heart and hurt. You have decided to move on, and this will have a very positive effect on your life. Calm, peace, harmony, and love is on its way.


A project related to communication is coming towards you. If your communication skills are good, then this is the great time to start something related to it. You will be coming out of a difficult situation and will find yourself heading towards safe and secure life.


Clear communication with your loved ones will help to bridge the gap between relationships. Listen to your intuitions rather than other people’s opinion. Focus on the signs or your inner voice and you will find the right solution.


Feeling of isolation is frustrating you. Someone close to you is two timing you. This person might be manipulating you emotionally and might plan to distance you from your loved ones. Be careful as this person is two timing you.


A love proposal might be on its way. Luck is on your side when it comes to love. You might receive a surprise news, message, or an offer letter that you were waiting for since a long time. There might be delay in execution or signing of new contract or project this week.


Be the driver of your own life. Don’t let others take control of your life. There are a lot of opportunities for you to explore but you are scared to step out of your comfort zone. Open the book and learn new things. This will help you to become confident and also help you to sail through.


Let the door of your heart open and find the right person for you. You might get a love or marriage proposal soon. You might be feeling lost right now but listen to your inner voice and let it guide you. Someone close to you might misguide you so be cautious.

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