Weekly Tarot Guidance : 31.01.21 – 06.02.21


You are heading in the right direction. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you are looking for a teacher or looking forward to getting an admission in the field of your interest, then you will find/get one this week. A new skill might be passed on to you by your teacher or your family.


You have given up in life and have also lost confidence. This might lead to depression. Do not let others control your life, take your power back, and start leading your own life. Be proud of what you are and show the world the real you.


A tough time is coming to an end. Loosen your control over life and let Universe guide you in the right direction. Now is the time to get the returns of all the good karma that you have done in the past. Explore your ssskills and remind yourself of your goals and ambitions.


You are about to unlock many closed doors and open new opportunities for yourself. Your hard work, skills, and confidence about your own abilities are going to take you to a new height. You might also get a chance to travel to new place or shift your house.


It’s time to reflect, look within and find out the actual issue that you are facing. Do always lower emotional vibes within you win when you know it’s not the right thing to do? Reconnect with your higher self to find out the reason and work on it.


Set yourself free from any negative past or relationship memories. The situation came your way to teach you self-love. Forgive the past and move on. That doesn’t mean the other person was right, but yes it will help you to release the negativity and move on with your beautiful life. You deserve respect and love.


Healing is required desperately as you might find yourself stuck and life getting stagnant. Go back in your past to find out the wounds that are still disturbing you. Time to heal and move forward and finding the life purpose and living it to the fullest.


A lot of options might be confusing you as you are unsure about which option to choose. There might also be a lot of work on your desk and you might not be able to prioritise it. Due to such confusion, work on your desk might not move a bit. Meditate, let your mind relax and you will find the solution to your problems.


It seems that you are very much dissatisfied with your life, may it be your professional life or personal. Have you ever asked yourself that what has brought you to this situation? Take a deep look inside you by spending some time with your own thoughts and events of the past. You might find the right answer.


Distraction from your life’s goal or a disconnect with your higher self is creating delays in your life. Even confusion as where to go and what exactly you want in life. Let your mind relax and start renewing yourself and then restart from where you left.


You are on the right track still you are feeling like something has been left behind. Still feeling confused to board the train or get back home. You too deserve a better life and for that you must keep moving. Your loved ones are and will always be with you, do not worry.


This is the perfect time to plan or think about how to take further steps may it professional or in personal life. There is nothing to worry about. You just need to plan out the things properly. Let your inner force get a correct direction to achieve the success.

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