Weekly Tarot Guidance: 07.02.21 – 13.02.21


Do not stop studying and gathering knowledge, may it be new or a deeper understanding of the skills you have already possess. You might also start writing, your work might bring a change in the world. If the topic is controversial, put it across gracefully, in a way that will also allow you to maintain your dignity.


You might feel that you have lost everything. You don’t feel hopeful anymore. But you will be getting a new opportunity or the opportunity that you have not accepted in the past may come back to you, may it be related to career or personal life. Take charge of your life. Do not let others dominate you.


The journey ahead still looks hazy and is unclear to you. You might be thinking about exactly which way to go. But now is the time for you to relax as you will now start getting the returns of your hard work. May it be in a new job opportunity or promotion at the current workplace or finding a perfect love partner. Start counting your blessings now.


Do not limit your life’s plan based on your age or time. Be flexible. If a challenging situation arises, bend if required, but do not break. Let your roots be firm and strong to hold the ground strongly so once this tough time passes you can stand strong again. Believe in the divine timing. Everything will happen at the right time.


Break the toxic thought pattern. It is in your own hands. Let yourself be free. Experience new and beautiful side of life. You are too busy looking at the past. Just look around and you will find angels and spirit guides around you in many forms to help and guide you.


Get the clarity about what you want from life. If there is no clarity, you will find it difficult to move into a specific direction. Restore the peace, now is the time to bring your life on the right path. The tough time will end soon.


Time to initiate a new beginning in life and let go of lower vibrational energies. Working on your inner self and making the life’s foundation strong is the need of the hour. You will see how beautifully life unfolds when you bring the change within you.


Stop just thinking about it, start acting upon what you believe in. If you don’t move forward, you will never know what that path has in store for you. Time to act and move towards your goal. Love is in the air so go ahead, make the first move.


Build a strong foundation before moving ahead. Instead of multi-tasking, become an expert in the task at hand first. You have a limitless energy flowing within you, direct it to a purposeful life.


Inner peace and maintaining balance are important. This inner balance will attract a lot of positive events in your life. If you were feeling that injustice has been done to you, then now is the time for you to get justice. Justice through legal proceedings or karmic justice will be on the side of truth.


You are at the starting point of a new beginning and the excitement is high. Buying or building a new house or shifting from one to another for a better job is on the cards. But remember to follow all the procedures and legalities as per the rules and regulations.  


A sudden loss is disturbing but it is going to bring renewal in life. A new opportunity is coming, may it in your personal or professional life. This situation has arrived in your life to pull you out of a difficult situation. So be ready to see a better replacement and a powerful change taking place.

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