Weekly Tarot Guidance: 14.02.21 – 20.02.21


Time to breathe and relax and have patience. You might feel that nothing is moving forward or there is no fast progress. But have patience, things are working out for you. In the meantime, make sure that you connect with the nature and rejuvenate yourself.


Sweep away that is no longer needed, may it be unnecessary stuff at home or toxic relationship. This may also be unnecessary thoughts or burdens. Clean it up; make room for new. Energise yourself with positivity.


Be ready to receive the blessings that are coming your way. A lot of hard work and efforts have been put by you for a better life. Now is the time to see the returns coming your way unexpectedly. Hard times are going to vanish miraculously and naturally.


Time to heal, forgive and mending rifts. Let go off the past hurt and emotional burdens to make yourself emotionally powerful again. Forgiving yourself too for the mistakes made in the past is also necessary as no one is perfect.


Life is going to offer you good opportunities. These opportunities would make you feel like you have found a treasure on an island. But you need to be aware of the opportunities coming your way. Swim out of the past and chaos and see that beautiful life is waiting for you.


Do not try to fit yourself where you do not feel you belong. Be yourself and do not try to be someone you are not. Your uniqueness makes you stand out and that will attract genuine people towards you who will be always there for you.


Manifestation time for Librans. Be ready and poised to receive the gifts from life gracefully. Let your thoughts be very clear, as they are into manifestation mode. In relationship, wait for others to make the move first rather than taking the lead.  


Always work on making the foundation strong before chasing the outcome. Only when your foundation is strong, the output too will be permanent. You have everything that is required to build your dreams so focus on the minute details.


Be flexible and adjust yourself according to the time and necessity without compromising with your values or ethics. Do not let pride come in the way unnecessarily or else things will get more tough.


Life is giving you a second chance to start afresh. You need to make some efforts to reach to your destination and dreams. And once you start making efforts you will see how universe starts making things easy for you and blessings coming your way.


Stop thinking about the past and worrying too much about future. Present is in your hand. Focus on it to build the future of your dreams. If you do not put efforts now, then this too will be your worst past someday. So, start living in the present.


Go with the flow of life. Stop worrying too much. You will come across a lot of people who are ready to help you at every stage of your life. Sometimes you must trust the Universe, let it guide you and walk you towards the right path.

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