Weekly Tarot Guidance: 21.02.21 – 27.02.21


End of difficult times is near. A tough time, situation or a toxic relationship is coming to an end now. Handle situations as calmly as you can. Being rude or ruthless may only worsen situations further. Trust the Universe’s timing as things are only moving towards betterment.


You need to maintain balance between your practical and emotional side. While taking any decision, make sure to think about it practically as well as emotionally. Being too emotional or too practical won’t help. Meditate regularly to activate your inner voice active and get the guidance from your higher self.  


Let go off the bad experiences of the past or any situation. Free yourself and embrace the beauty of life. Look at the past as life lessons and move ahead. You need to bring some changes within you as some old habits are too obstructing your path.


Time to let go and release all the negative energy from life. Surrender to your higher self and learn to love yourself. Life is now ready to introduce you to a bigger and better change. Embrace yourself for a new ride.


Decide whether you want this situation/relationship or not. Take a firm decision and stick to it. Ask yourself whether you are really stuck or have happily got yourself involved in the present situation. Let the answer be genuine, listen to your heart and follow the guidance.


Be flexible with the situations or else it will be difficult for you to progress. If something is not working out, then you need to make new plans. A change is about to come whether good or bad depends on how you act in the current scenario.


Luck is on your side so start counting your blessings and always have gratitude towards life. A new romantic cycle is about to begin. Let your heart experience the love and beauty of life. Marriage or engagement will be fixed. If any legal cases, then it will be in your favour.


Work on your fears as they are tying you down and not letting you move ahead. Breathe, relax, and calm yourself so that you can hear your inner voice. Let your inner self guide you to the right direction. All that you are seeking will come to you.


It’s time to release all the negativity and fears that have make home within you. Free yourself and remove the mask that you are wearing. Let the world see the real you. Be real and the people who love you will accept you the way you are. You do not have to be someone else to fit in where you are not accepted.


It’s time to take action. Be bold and take required steps to achieve your dreams. A new romantic relationship is about to start and be ready as this relationship will be a serious one. This relationship might go into a deeper and intimate connection within no time.


A situation or relationship might end. Things are no more in your control. But trust the universe and take the situations as your learning experience. One door shuts but another opens for you. A new life, a new and fresh beginning is on its way.


Step back and look at the situations in a new light. You might see what you have been missing since long – a new opportunity or a new approach to resolve the issues. Start looking at the bigger picture rather than focusing on the petty issues.

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