Tarot Guidance March 2021


Stoop brooding over what did not happen or what you could not perceive as career. When it comes to your career, the cards advise you to leave behind the ifs and buts. This regret is stopping you from clearly seeing what exactly you got. You have something very important and valuable that you are not able to recognise. Because you think that what you do not or could not have is more important as that could have brought good luck and success in your life. Look at the opportunity that is presented to you while the other was taken away. The mere purpose of that opportunity being taken away from you was for you to see and walk on the path that is truly meant for you. In relationship, you need to walk away from the past or the toxic relationship that you are still not letting go. This loss is meant to be a blessing in disguise. Regarding your finances, be careful about whose advice you are taking and whether that person is trustworthy. Invest carefully; do a proper research before making an investment. The cards also advise you to spend money carefully. Ask yourself whether the expenses are really required. If helping someone with finances, do check if that person really requires your help. Your health might suffer due to lot of stress and emotional turbulence going on in your life. Detach yourself and start looking at things practically. And start asking yourself what the situation is trying to teach you rather questioning why you.  

Message: Difficult situations will come to an end soon. Handle situations calmly, carefully, and gracefully. You will soon find peace within.


Ongoing issues or tensions in your job/business will be resolved. As appreciation, you might get a promotion and increment along with transfer to another city or country. This transfer might be difficult for you to accept as it may mean leaving your home or loved ones behind. Do not keep worrying about finances all the time, as this fear might later become the reason for losing money. Also stay away from people who are around you for your money. They might keep asking for help by emotionally blackmailing you. Time to focus on how to invest and double your finances in a healthy way. Spend quality time with your loved ones as due to your busy schedule you might not get enough time for them. Do communicate with your loved ones and let them know why and how you are managing things all alone. Let them understand the issues only then the bonding between you will get stronger. Some of you might be stuck in a marriage only because of children. In that case, rethink your decision, try to talk with your partner and sort out the issues. Your health will improve if you start thinking positively and start considering it an important part of life. Start planning a healthy diet. Too much stress might create head related issues.

Message: Your dreams are very close to becoming reality. Thinking and acting positively about your dreams will help them manifest faster.


Your career has just started building its own way now. New plans have been chalked out for you in your job or business. A completely new career plan or a job will be offered to you this month. A promotion with new responsibilities or a starting up of a new business is on the cards. Be cautious with whom you discuss your future plans or work with. Someone pretending to be close to you is not. Do not hesitate to show off your skills at workplace. Be confident. Let your intelligence and confidence shine. Do not be too stressed about your finances or think negatively about it. Free yourself from unnecessary burdens and spend a little on yourself too. Enjoy the moment. Shift your focus from worries of losing what you have, to earning more money. Thoughts bring a huge shift in energy. Those who are single, be ready as angel of love is showering its blessing on you. Be ready to meet someone special. This relationship brings a promise of lifetime commitment. You are destined to meet this person. He/She might be someone from your past or past life. Now is the time to move out of your comfort zone and meet new people. There are high chances that you will meet that person while travelling or vacationing. If you release all the negativity, you will achieve great success in every aspect of your life. As soon as you act upon it, you will see magical changes in your health. Drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Your psychic abilities might start expanding as you keep yourself in touch with your higher self.

Message: Meditation will bring all the answers to you that you are searching for. Remain in touch with your higher self and you will be guided on the right path.


Lot of politics is happening at the workplace. You need to detach yourself from all this politics and start making a plan to come out of this situation. It seems that you are too confused regarding this situation. And also, too scared to look for a new job. You need to focus on what’s good for you and believe in yourself as well as universe. Be confident and start thinking outside the box and you will find the solution soon. You might get a good job or a new project which will offer you good money or hike in your salary. But you need to break your thought pattern or your comfort zone only then things will change. Be ready to bring the change you need to see in your life. Regarding love, you need to leave your past behind only then you will manifest new love into your life. This new love will take you on a new journey of life. A life that you never thought will have so much love and happiness. Do not let pride get in your way. Start bringing changes in you and be open to the changes that life is offering you. You might find someone special while travelling or after moving to a new place. Those who are in a relationship might go on a vacation together. You need to be soft spoken while talking to your loved ones. Let love be the language when you speak with your loved ones. If you do not control your anger, then you might lose people who care for you. That will be your loss and not theirs. So be careful while dealing with your family and friends. You need to work on your anger and anxiety. This might affect your health badly. Think before you react to any situation.

Message: A clear communication is the key to move forward and clear all the misunderstandings. A lot of problems are being created due to miscommunication.


You might be having a conflict with your lady boss or a lady co-worker. This person is giving you a tough time at workplace. This is making you feel insecure and unsafe when it comes to your job stability. This is the time when you need to be stable and think about your future plans clearly. What is going to be your next step? Before that, silence all the noise that is happening in the head due to the issues in your professional and personal life. Only then you will be able to plan for your future in a better way. This insecurity or fear of losing your current job is blurring your vision. There are new and good opportunities out there, waiting for you. You need to detach yourself from the past and present situation and start looking out for a new job. This new job will bring growth and development in your career as well as stability in your financial position. A new romantic relationship is about to begin. You might meet this person at a public get together, a book club or a pool party. But only when you allow someone new to enter your life, only when you release all the past negativity that is residing within you due to past bad relationship experiences. Let yourself be open to new changes and new people. You have lost touch with your higher self which is why you feel confused or lost at times. It’s time to bring yourself back on track and move towards a new and better life. When it comes to health, you are advised to take good care of it as poor health is one of the reasons why you are not able to move ahead. Fill yourself with positive emotions and thoughts. This alone will change a lot of things. May be a break or a solo trip will help you to rejuvenate yourself completely.

Message: A new romantic life is about to begin. Do not let bad experiences of the past hold you back. Have faith that you too deserve love and love will choose you.


You might be facing conflict with your colleagues or boss. This rift at your workplace is going on since a long time. And this is not letting you focus on your goals and dreams. But have you analysed how, who, or who created this situation? Is this your fault? Is it that you could have handled this situation sensitively? If the answer is yes, then you should accept your fault only then you will be able to find the right solution and come out of it. Otherwise, this situation might take an ugly turn. Your finances might get affected due to the crisis going on at your workplace as your promotion and increment might be put on hold. Before investing your money, study the market especially if you are into shares. If you are not sure then take an expert’s advice before investing your money anywhere. If you are going through any legal fight within your family related to money, then be careful about what and how you communicate regarding the same. It’s time to release negativity from your life as these things are affecting you and your financial status. Also be careful that your life partner is not misguiding or manipulating you regarding family matters. Your love life will be like 50-50 as you might feel romantic, but your partner may not show any interest as he/she is busy with their own personal stuff. You both will have to talk and bring balance within your relationship by setting up some rules. Singles might propose someone they have a crush on, but this might not be the right time to do so. Your health will be in good condition. If there is something that needs your attention healthwise, do not hesitate to spend money on yourself, especially for your mental and physical health.

Message: Look for the signs through which angels are trying to communicate with you. Be alert and do not ignore the synchronicities by calling them mere coincidences.


It’s time to stand tall and feel the Earth under your feet. Universe is blessing you and guiding you to the right path. Be calm and patient in any difficult situation that arises at your workplace. Your commitment, honesty, and dedication’s being tested. Do not fear. Let the real you come out of the hiding. Show the world what you are capable of. If you hold yourself back, then you might not get noticed. This will affect your promotion and increment. You might also get a good opportunity to start afresh with a new job or new responsibilities at the same place. Stay away from office politics or that might harm your reputation. You might even face political issues in your personal life when it comes to finances. But you need to be firm about the decision you make without creating any confusion. Do not depend on your earned money or any of the family member for money. This is the time when you need to work hard to make your future better and safe. Regarding love life, a beautiful balance of love and respect will be maintained. There will be a balance of give and take of love and respect. Other people might get jealous of the love and bond that you share with your partner. For singles, a proposal of arrange marriage might come your way. And this too will be a reason of envy by other people as this proposal would be a perfect match. Regarding health, you are going out of your way and comfort zone to bring yourself into proper shape and health. You have also started studying your body habits carefully and changing your diet accordingly. And these efforts are going to pay off. You will start to see a very powerful and positive change in your health. Those who are seeking a good doctor will find one and this might be spiritual healer or an ayurvedic doctor.

Message: There is still hope ahead, so do not give up easily. Right now, the future is not clearly seen but very soon everything is going to improve in a positive way.


It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to chase your dreams. Be confident about your plans and start executing them as this is the right time to begin. Be creative and think differently while presenting your ideas to others. There might be same ideas in market already, but your presentation will make you stand out. Let your plans be long term and not just for the present time. Many times, your excitement of starting something new leads to think only about NOW. This new business or career or project is going to be your dream, so silence your mind to listen carefully to your intuitions. Study thoroughly about your project before you step into the market. At work, you might get new responsibilities which will involve a lot of study and strategies. This hard work will pay soon. But keep doing your job and do not think of money much as time and hard work will bring money soon. It seems that you are going far away from your loved ones as well as from yourself while chasing your dreams. Losing yourself and your loved ones to achieve something is not what life is all about. If there is no one to support you, love you and celebrate your success then there would be no use of achieving so much in life. If you take care of personal life equally you will find lot of blessings coming your way. A new start in existing relationship will be experienced. A new relationship for singles is going to happen but always value and respect the love and attention you get from your loved ones. Being patient and calm will attract good health. Start taking care of your health before it’s too late. Someone close to you might face some health issues due to which you might start noticing your own health issues. And you might have a fresh start and perspective towards your health.

Message: You need to improve and develop a good social circle may it be personally or professionally. You will be needing someone who can help you to sort out issues you are facing right now or in future.


There are lot of plans or ideas you have for your business or job but only on paper. It’s time to act upon your ideas / plans only then things will move forward. People right now might not approve or appreciate your ideas / plans but if you are clear and sure about them, you should execute them. Once you prove yourself everyone will start appreciating it. It’s time to pause and think about your plans and their execution process. Take a deep breath, pause, calm down, regain your confident, then start afresh. Financially, it seems that you are not much aware of what is more important or should be your priority. Take care of where you spend your money and how much you spend. You need to take care of your finances as money might be an issue for you later. Due to which you might face issues in your personal relationship as well. It’s high time, plan your finances and invest carefully. In relationship, it seems that a storm has just been passed or is about to pass. Let your heart speak the truth with your loved ones. If you are going to be transparent and truthful then you might be able to save your relationship. If you are single, do not be disheartened that you haven’t found anyone yet. Being single doesn’t mean you are not good enough. You will find your special someone when the time is right. Be careful whom you give your heart to. Regarding your health, there might be an elder person who is warning you about your health, but you are ignoring it. Shift your attention towards your health, drink lot of water, swim or go for a morning walk or jog. Make these activities a part of your routine.

Message: You need to communicate clearly so that people understand what you mean better. Do not assume that others know it already. You need to discuss things at personal level.


Yes, you are an expert in your field, and you have complete knowledge about it. You know how to work on the plans or project that you are handling. You love to work your own way and do not like other people’s interference especially when you know they do not have enough knowledge about the thing they are advising about. But sometimes listening to someone can add to your knowledge. Sometimes taking other people’s help might show you a new perspective of getting things done. Maybe you are doing it all by yourself and other person may show you how to distribute your responsibilities and get work done from others. Do not let pride come in your way and become an obstacle in your own way. You might have left a project or a new job opportunity as you are very clear about what exactly you want from your life. Your vision about your career and dreams is crystal clear and you do not regret giving up any big opportunities that are coming your way. This clear thinking, positive attitude, and trust in your dreams is going to act as a blessing that brings success and money. You might get a marriage proposal from someone you love and waited for this moment patiently. There will be a celebration time in your family related to engagement, marriage, or any other event. Stay away from any kind of jealousy or envy related to your partner. Plan your dream future with your partner but also have a practical side to it. Your health will be good if you keep a check on your diet which needs to be healthy and disciplined. Let your heart chakra open and attract love and health into your life.

Message: Sometimes you need to compromise and adjust according to the situation for a happy outcome. Compromising does not mean compromising your ethics and values.


You will be getting an opportunity to rebuild your career as you wish to. Be confident and take charge of your life. Support your dreams with a practical plan and start executing those plans with confidence and trust. You might find it difficult at the beginning, for example, you may feel stuck or not be able to think clearly. But you need to relax and trust yourself as trust has been placed upon you at workplace. Do not break that trust, take on the new responsibilities that have been handed to you. A difficult task is given to you, but you have to keep looking out for the way out and look for successful outcome. Maintain balance between the spiritual and practical side and you will find the solution easily. Listen to what your inner self is telling you. It might be showing you the right direction to reach your destination. Blessing of prosperity lies ahead of you, your hard work will bring the blessings of abundance. Are you scared of love or finding love, or do you believe that no one is going to ever love you? Let the real you come forward. Reap off the mask and let your heart be open to receive the love you deserve. Intentionally or unintentionally, you have blocked all the ways for love to enter your life. Difference of opinion is making things difficult with your loved ones. Their mindset or perspective towards seeing a particular situation is different and yours is completely different and so the arguments take place. Let things settle down and then make a decision. Start listening to your body as it might be trying to tell you something. Maybe you already know it, but you are ignoring it. Remember your health is more important than anything else.

Message: Listen to your inner voice, it never lies. Take the guidance from your inner self and trust your gut feeling about the circumstances.


Time to receive the universe’s blessings as a new career/job related start is just around the corner. You might change your career/ profession completely and start working towards your passion. Start manifesting your dreams and goals and align your energy with the universal force. Do not let any kind of fear stop you to chase your passion and dreams. Yes, things might get a little difficult with the sudden shift but if you do not take a risk you won’t achieve anything. Let the power of your soul shine and the darkness will be removed automatically. An offer might come to you to lead or guide others with your immense knowledge about a particular subject or your own field. But you might ignore it as the money offered is not satisfying. But if that offer interests you then you should go ahead and take it up without hesitating. If you are ignoring it just because you think you are not an expert to guide others, then you should stop looking down upon yourself. Your financial status will improve with the passing of days but only if you stop thinking negatively about it. Relationships might be going through a rough patch especially with your life partner. Someone close to you, specially a lady might be influencing you with negative emotions. If you noticed it than do handle the situation calmly as the time will reveal that person’s real face soon. Singles should stop complaining about not finding their life partner. Let yourself be open to receiving the loving energy from yourself first. Only then you can attract love in your life. Also, you need to work a little bit on your social networking. Start making friends outside your circle. You are trapped in your own thoughts and stress which might affect your health badly. Let the past go and forgive yourself for the mistakes done. Appreciate yourself for leaning the lessons and make the necessary changes in yourself. Communicate with someone you trust about your issues. If required, meet a counsellor for issues related to your stress.

Message: Let yourself be free from the burden of past mistakes. Forgive yourself and others who have done wrong to you. Learn the lessons and appreciate yourself for trying hard and having the courage to take the necessary action.

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