Weekly Tarot Guidance: 07.03.21 – 13.03.21


This week, you might get an opportunity to teach or guide others with your gifted knowledge. This week is going to bring a lot of hope, promises, and new opportunities. Those who are waiting for pregnancy reports will get good news. Some of you might welcome a new family member. This looks like a calm, relaxed, and peaceful week.


It’s time to think wisely before you take any action. You need to think practically as well as emotionally before taking any decision. Handle situations peacefully and remain stable in difficult situations. This will help you to take correct decision and find the right path for yourself.


A situation might occur in front of you which is not what it appears to be. You are advised to double check facts before reacting. There will be light in the dark to guide you. This light is your own intuitions. Let go off the fear and let your inner voice guide you on the right path.


It might be difficult for you to adapt to the change that life is bringing for you. But trust the universe and accept the change gracefully. This new phase will bring a meaningful change in your life. So, be open for the change that’s coming in and you will find there are surprises in store for you.


Do not let the power you got lead you in the wrong direction in life. There might be someone who shows you that they have only your best interest at heart, but they do not. Someone might be manipulating you for their own selfish reason. Listen to your inner voice or get the guidance of someone who always helps you to see the right path.


Those who are planning to learn or are already learning spiritual/religious rituals and traditions should find a right teacher who can guide them. Do not blindly trust anything that you have just learnt about and are not sure if it is true or right. Be flexible and open to learning new things rather than being rigid and tightly hold on to your own opinions.


A balanced life with abundance of happiness, prosperity, and authority is coming your way. A news/letter of promotion with increment at workplace might be coming to you. Your hard work, discipline, patience, and self-control has brought this beautiful time in your life. Now you are the in-charge of your own life.


Be prepared as a huge transformation is coming your way. Whether the transformation is good or bad depends on how you take it. Ending of old and beginning of new is on its way. Let go off the old behaviour, thoughts, or addiction if any and adopt a new perspective in life. This new perspective will help you build a new and beautiful life.


Good fortune, joy, abundance, and happiness is on its way. Let positivity and confidence rule your life, not your fear or ego. You are in a position right now where you can share your knowledge and achievements with others. You will experience rapid progress and improvements in life.


You might be feeling disconnected with your loved one and that is disturbing you. Go back and think of the reasons that lead to this situation. And start working on it accordingly if you really value this relationship. If you are in a wrong relationship and have realised it then you should move on.


A personal inner transformation is taking place and you are the one who is completely responsible for this. A new perspective is inspiring you to move ahead with confidence. It’s time to turn your dream into reality as this is the time for rapid manifestation. You will feel blessed as opportunities will start coming towards you.


A time for a new start – of a job or business. This new start is going to bring a lot of success and inner peace in your life. A romantic relationship is about to begin which will bring a lot of happiness and sense of completion in your life.

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