Weekly Tarot Guidance: 14.03.21 – 20.03.21


You might be feeling confused or have started to question your motives, decisions, and intentions. For example, why are you doing what you are doing? Why have you chosen this career/ job? Why are you in a relationship with this person? If you find yourself asking such questions, then it is time for introspection and finding the balance between emotions and truth. Meditate and you will find the answers.


Peaceful time is coming. Before that you need to release any negative emotions or baggage that you are carrying with you. Let the unnecessary things go away and make way for positive things in your life. If you have hurt someone unintentionally, then apologise; it will make you feel better.


Ask your higher power why are you here? What is your purpose? How can you serve others? Connect with your higher self and find out who you really are. Remember you are loved, always protected, and divinely guided. Once you start walking on this path you will be surprised to see beautiful changes in your life.  


Before stepping into a new phase of life, you need to make sure that you are healing your past. Forgiveness will help you to heal the past easily. Believe in yourself and the strong will power you have to bring the change in your life if you decide to. You have the power to shape the destiny the way you want to.


While talking or discussing anything with anyone, be careful with your words. You might create problems for yourself with your harsh words or unnecessary arguments. There is a call from your inner self to connect with yourself as you are losing your real self. Stop trying to fit in where you do not belong.


Have confidence and faith in your dreams. You have the ability, skills, and knowledge that is required for you to fulfil your dreams. Be ready to take the courageous and practical steps to fulfil your dreams. Still, you need to put in efforts to reach your goals, but you will have everything that you need it right now.


Right now, you are busy building a strong foundation for your career/ future/ health/ relationship. A beautiful and a bright future’s work is in progress. The changes that you have started working on in your life is going to be remarkable. A beautiful and prosperous life is waiting for you.


You are learning to look at the situations or circumstances with a new perspective. You have noticed a repeating cycle in your life which is why you have stepped back to analyse the situations and are finding a solution to resolve it in a new way. This new you will result into a successful outcome.


Feeling tired or not sure which way to go? Let your mind relax and take a break from every worry for the time being. A relaxed mind can give you tons of creative ideas and solutions that you are unable to see now. Have faith in your dreams and keep moving forward with confidence.


Everything you need is coming your way and your heart knows it. Right now, you are experiencing peace and harmony before the manifestation of dreams. Your heart and soul already know that the blessings are on their way to you. Meditate regularly to maintain these blessings.


There is no need to fear about anything now. Step ahead with confidence as you have all the power to shape your destiny. All the difficult times are coming to an end. You have gracefully accepted the challenges and faced them with courage. Now let your confidence shine and make the headway.


Time of renewal, new hopes, rebirth and new opportunities. You might have experienced a lot of negativity around since a few weeks. Now is the time to start renewing your future plans. Some adjustments might be required to step into your new life’s journey, but everything will be worth it.

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