Weekly Tarot Guidance: 21.03.21 – 27.03.21


You worked on the foundation for a long time. Now is the time to enjoy the results. A new journey is about to begin but remember that you must also do your bit to make things happen. Confidence is your key to success.


You are very close to achieving your goal. But still, you need to keep working hard to reach the finish line. Highlight your skills and put yourself under the spotlight so that others get to know your abilities. Extend your social circle, become a part of groups where you might find new opportunities.


You are divinely guided and protected. Trust yourself and the divine timing, as blessings are coming your way in all aspects of life. You are close to entering a new phase of life. Manifest your dreams as they are ready to turn into reality.


A wonderful new start is on its way. Do not give up in case you are planning to do so due to difficult situations. When it comes to career, long term planning is needed right now. Someone special is going to enter your life.


You are waiting for a tough cycle to end. But simply staring at the situation won’t help. Start working towards your dream and the life you want to live. It’s time to bring the change. As you start putting efforts, the time will change for you.


Good news is on its way. This may be in the form of an appointment letter, a promotion letter, or a letter from the University. Be ready to begin an awesome and fun-loving ride in life. Colourful changes are on their way. Time to heal all the wounds of the past.


Forget about the difficult times as now is the time to look ahead, towards the future. A bright future is on its way, a soulmate is about to enter your life. Buying a dream house or shifting to one might happen this week. Difficult times are fading and making way for a beautiful life.


No matter how hard you try to reach your destination, you stumble upon twists and turns on the way. Keep trying if you have to start all over again. Finding the right path, analysing situations carefully is what life is trying to teach you.


Stop looking away from the issues and getting lost in your dream world. You need to maintain a balance between your dreams and reality. A practical plan can bring the change and turn your dreams into reality.


Time to manifest your dreams into reality. Lot of hard work has been put to make your life better and beautiful. Now the time is near but still you must take every step carefully. Let your intuitions guide you on the right path.


This is not the time to give up on your dreams. Difficult time is coming to an end. Good times are on their way. Hold on to your dreams and goals. Every difficult situation has a solution if you think carefully. Stop being a victim and accept the challenge to bring the change you want in your life.


A new and positive start is on its way. You may meet someone special with whom you might experience love at first sight. But remember to make yourself emotionally available for this new relationship. Universe is saying a big YES to you for all your dreams.

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