Weekly Tarot Guidance: 28.03.21 – 03.04.21


A new message or news is on its way, which will add magical colors to your life. A legal letter/document may also come to you with a positive message. Lot of new beginnings are on their way. Let your heart be ready and open for love as someone might try to make his/her way towards it.


Though this is a wish fulfillment time for you, these wishes can only be fulfilled with efforts and planning. Work on your fears as now is the time to start walking towards a bright future. Save your energy and divert it to a purposeful life.


A start of a new relationship is on the way. Do not be scared to make the first move if you feel a special connection with someone. Take the charge of your life as you have the power to shape your destiny the want you want to. Follow your heart, it will lead you to the correct path.


Time never waits for anybody, so start living your life to the fullest. Live in the present moment rather than worry about future. If you work hard and plan properly in the present than you do not have to worry for the future. Maintain balance between practicality and your dreams.


Make your health a priority especially if you have inherited any health issues. There will be a rare opportunity knocking at your door and this will surprise you. But come out of that shock instantly and grab the opportunity as it might not come back once it is gone.


Have faith in your dreams and move towards it with confidence. Remember: While chasing your dreams you might come across all kind of people. Be careful about who you trust and share information with. Not everyone has good intentions.


Time to look deeper into the situations, may it be professional or personal. If you are having any health issues, then it’s time to look deeper for the solution. Good news is that it is going to heal soon. Time for wish fulfillment. So be cautious about what you wish for.


You might be experiencing a lot of difficulties and obstacles in your way may it be in the personal or professional life. These obstacles are trying to tell you that you need to find a new path or way to achieve your goals. For singles, there are chances of finding a romantic partner soon.  


A new business offer might come your way. New legal documents can be signed. This can be related to business or personal life. You might feel that situations are not changing/progressing or getting difficult day by day. Stand firm on your decisions and do not give up.


A beautiful life, good luck, and happiness are waiting ahead for you. If at present, you are facing any difficult time or experiencing any loss then trust the universe, it is making way for new in your life. Release the old gracefully and embrace the new start.


It’s time for you to act upon situations rather than being a victim of it. But remember to take right path and actions as your karma is going to take you in the right destination. Success is close. Do not give up now.


If you feel that you are stuck in the same pattern and are confused about it; then it’s time to stop and analyze the situations carefully. What is that one thing that can change everything? Is it your thought pattern? Or is it taking the tried and tested pathway? New perspective might bring the change you are looking for.

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