Tarot Guidance April 2021


There might be issues or conflicts going on in the family. You might get a legal notice or letter related to property / money inheritance. While handling any difficult situation, you need to remain calm and balanced. This situation or phase may pass smoothly but any wrong action or hurtful words might worsen the situation. You will get all the answers that you need at the right time. Spirit guides are guiding and supporting you all the time. Ask them for help whenever you need it. A new and creative project will be coming your way where you may get a chance to lead. A new and happy phase of life is about to begin. Every issue is going to get resolved. You might also get an offer or a new opportunity with a good pay hike. Those who are in the field of spirituality, healing, or a gifted psychic, more blessings will now start coming your way. You will be using all your powers to make other people’s life better. A tender yet powerful support is being given to you by the universe. You have the power of moon as well as sun within you and you know how to balance the life force energy and use it wisely.

Message: You are blessed, and you need to be aware of it. Spirit Guides are encouraging you to uplift your spirit and work towards your higher self. They might also try to communicate with you through your dreams, be aware and take a note of the messages you receive. Take care of others by letting them be free. Also, it’s important to take care of your own self by letting yourself be free from the unnecessary burden and responsibilities.


Too many choices or a lot of work is going to be on your table now. You might get confused or even get scared thinking about exactly which way to go and what to choose. This hesitance and fear might hold you back due to which you won’t be able to make any choice. Go ahead, go through each and every task and then prioritise things accordingly. Have faith in your abilities and dreams. Do not give up easily. Everything is going to work out in the end so keep your focus and plan things practically. As there are lot of blessings coming your way. A promotion, new job opportunity or inherited business is coming your way. You will find a master who is going to guide you and help you to hone your skills. If you are into research, or are a doctor, scientist, an artist, you will find good opportunities coming your way. Good and romantic time is on its way. Your hard work is going to pay off. Singles might find someone who is very well balanced, calm, understanding, and gentle. A potential reunion of an old friend, or a business partner is on the cards. This reunion might lead to a new and higher commitment.

Message: Don’t panic as everything is going to find its way. Also remember one thing that soul already knows the answers. Be relaxed, calm yourself   and you will find the solution. Time for transformation, your life is taking a new turn so let go off the past and the things that don’t serve your highest good.


Believe in your dreams and take a leap of faith. Now is the time for you to believe in yourself, your abilities and take a courageous decision. Remember if you have everything that you need but unable to showcase it, then you will always lag behind. A phase of loss or difficult situation might arise which may create insecurity, but this will be temporary. But it is better to be safe than worry. Start looking out for other options or opportunities that will do justice to your talents and intelligence. There is lot of energy force flowing into you which can be utilised wisely. You have the power within you to direct and mould your life as you want to. Universe is taking care of you and your loved ones. You might find a person who will help you to unfold and recognise your hidden skills. This person might become a mentor to you who will keep guiding you to the right path. Also, your relationship with this person might become a close connection in future. Those who are into the field of writing may find someone who will help them to get their work published.

Message: Time to declutter your room, your workspace, and your mind too. Clear all the unwanted energies that don’t serve you any good and let yourself be free. Many times, unwanted thoughts block the messages that the universe is sending your way. It’s time to fly high and look at the situations carefully. Focus on your aim and have the courage to perceive it.


Healing is taking place at many levels in life. A healer or a guide will enter your life and start making a way for you towards the solution. This person will help you to look at the bigger picture in life. This person will help you to get new perspective in life and will bring a huge transformation within. If not a person then a situation in life will push you towards a new life and journey that you will be forced to take. But this journey will bring new hopes and happiness in your life. You will be surprised how you have started looking at the same things and situations in a different way. Chase your dreams but always remember your plans should be more practical to bring them into existence. If you are facing any delays in your plans, then pause and go through your plans once again. Check if any changes need to be made so that things work out smoothly. You might need to relocate to a new place for a new job or your own creative work. As you are now going to take your work very seriously and at a new height. But you might feel scared at times of risking your career or leaving your loved ones behind. But this is not the time to hold yourself back. This is the time to chase your dreams and achieve them.

Message: Focus on what exactly you want rather than what you do not want. Stay positive and dedicate your time to your passion, may it be your family, friends, hobbies or your career. Scattered mind will bring complications in life. Set your priorities and start working on it accordingly. If you do so you will see a transformation within you – a wiser and beautiful you. A support and help is coming from the universe so be calm to receive the messages.


If situations or patterns are repeating in your life, then you need to stop. The Universe is testing you; it is trying to teach you something. Are you listening to the universe? Are you trying to find out what is it that you need to learn from the situations that are repeating themselves? What is it that you can do to make things right? Think about it, as it seems you are taking the same old path which you think is safer. Do not beg for other people’s validation. Do not wait for others to love you to make yourself feel worthy of love. Start respecting and loving yourself as you want others to do. Once you know your worth, you will start emitting the energy of love. This energy will attract right people in your life. It’s time to let go if you are holding on to any toxic relationship, situation, or job that is not serving you good. If you choose what is right for you or even an unknown path that you have still not explored but somewhere you know is the right path for you, then take the first step towards your new life. New and beautiful beginnings are waiting for you.

Message: Time to declutter all that is not useful anymore, may it be your closet, house, mind, or your life. Get rid of the things that are no more of use. Unnecessary things create blockages in life. Clear everything so that you can hear your soul speak to you. Your soul is fighting to be free and live its life to the fullest. Do not become a slave of any situation or person. Meditation, yoga, detoxification of mind, soul and body is what should be on the priority list.


There might be a difficult situation right now like losing a position at job or a loss on personal level. Remember you can reverse this and make things happen as per your desire. Work harder with proper plan and management. This tough cycle is temporary, but this will be a testing time for you and your abilities. Listen to your intuition. What is it telling you to do next? Walk out of the situation or try harder and change the situation? Listen to your intuition carefully. Time to take charge of your own destiny. Be bold and take the steps that are required to bring balance in your life. If you are fighting any legal battle, then justice will be served. If you are into a law related profession, then this is a good time for you. But you need to be neutral and fearless while dealing with any situation. A battle between the emotional needs and practical plans are creating blockages in your path. Look within and ask what is right and what you need to do to move ahead in that direction. Have faith in your dreams and let yourself be free to choose what you love to do. Meditate and listen to what your inner self is telling you.

Message: Believe in yourself and your dreams. Do not back out or give up now as though you may not see it, immense support and love surrounds you. But make sure that while dealing with this chaos in your mind you do not hurt those who love and support you. Start to spend some time in nature every day. You might find all the answers you are seeking from the nature. Or gardening can also be a good source of meditation.


It’s time to upgrade your skills and use your talent to shape your career and life. Step out of your comfort zone and start exploring your hidden talents. Or the talent that you know exist but did not find it worth polishing. You might also find a mentor who will guide you to the right path. Now you will start feeling as finally you are on the right path. But while being busy upgrading and developing yourself, you might find people distancing from you. Colleagues and friends those who you thought are your good friends or well-wishers might start avoiding you. Instead of feeling bad about it you should know that their role in your life is now over. Time to release the old and embrace the new life. Time to act and start creating your life the way you want it to be. You will be having all the resources required to achieve your dreams. Those who are planning to build or buy their own house will have a great opportunity to do so. You might also shift to a new place or house this month. Caution to be taken is start making long term planning, may it be professional or personal life. Do cross check all the facts and figure with calm and relaxed mind. Too much hurry or excitement without proper planning and management might bring delays or failure. Success is heading towards you.

Message: You might feel that you finally found your life purpose. People always trusted in you and ran towards you for advice, sharing personal information. Now is the time to step up and be the leader and help others. Spread your wisdom and knowledge so others too will know how to live the life. You always carry a healing, caring and warm energy with you. Now it’s time to spread this energy and help those in need.


A battle or conflicts might be going on in your professional or personal life or both. But if you choose the right path then you do not have to worry much. Maintain a balance between practical and emotional sides and you will find the right solution very soon. Time to take a firm decision now as you were too scared to lose the people around you. But remember those who are around you just because of your status or money then they will sooner or later be going to leave you. So better take a decision and let go off the toxic people around you. Head towards a new journey of life, it’s a great time for renewal. Do not give hopes and hold on to your dreams as now is the right time to act upon it. If you feel that now its too late or you have very few time left either way keep going. Now is the right time and you should go ahead with confidence without letting any reason to hold you back. New opportunities and success are on its way. But everything depends on how you plan to reach your destination. Take your own path and put your complete efforts to make this happen. Do not depend on others to bring everything to you. You need to be independent and work on your goals. Be practical but also be gentle with the situation and people around you.

Message: Now is the right time for to act upon your dreams that you have almost given hope on. Be open and aware to the universal messages that are conveyed to you. You might start noticing some repeating numbers, signs or a song or might any line have written on a hoarding or a book. It could be anything that will start grabbing your attention suddenly. Respect your intuitions and start listening to them.


Too much confusion is making things worse. You are not able to see things clearly as your mind is clouded with the unnecessary past issues. Let go off the bad experiences and move on. If you are trying to resolve any issue and not finding any solution, move a step back. A step back will help you to look into the situations in a new way. You might have skipped or ignored something that needs to be taken care of. You need to work on your fears only then you can change your perspective towards life. Situations happened to bring a transformation within you. Yes, it wasn’t easy, but the hardest situations help us to transform and bring a newer version of you. Start working on your emotions and bring control and balance on it. Try to understand your own emotions what exactly they are and what they are trying to tell you. A confusion of your feelings creates more chaos in your life. You become prisoner of your own feelings. You tend to blow this out of proportion many times. And this starts affecting every aspect of your life. At professional level you might find a mentor or someone older than you to guide you. This person will help you to recognise your own talents and hone your skills. You might also upgrade your knowledge and skills and take yourself to the next level.  

Message: It’s time to stand for yourself and make decisions that are on hold due to some fears. Make yourself free from all the unnecessary attachments. Decide what is of your highest good. Calm your mind and listen to your inner voice what is it that it is trying to tell you. Your soul knows the path you just need to clear the chaos of your mind and you will be able to see or hear your intuitions clearly.


Take time to breathe as you have lot of stuff going on in your head. Lot of things on your list are to be achieved. One step at a time and you will be able to achieve all that you dream of. Call angels and spirit guides to guide you and help you to choose right direction. Try and maintain balance between your needs and others around you. You need to find the solution and end the deadlock. You might face some conflicts or arguments with your family or friends or in a love relationship. Communicating with each other might get difficult day by day. Start sharing your ideas and plans and even your daily routine so they too know that they are too part of your life. Spend some time in nature alone and you will be able to hear your inner voice clearly. You might get a chance to travel, may be to another state or country. This new opportunity will bring renewal in life. But do not let your fears stop you to grab the opportunity you are presented with. Your intuitive powers are very high, but you are worries or being too practical stop you to listen to them. Join meditation or yoga classes as this will help you to develop your psychic powers.  

Message: You have the power to heal yourself as well as others. But you do not let yourself use the power you are blessed with. Your skills and talents are multiple of which you know half of it. Explore yourself and use your talents. Be the king of your jungle and start walking your path with pride and confidence. Accept yourself as you are and be proud of your achievements and talents you have. Keep exploring and you will start getting new ways to show off your talents to the world.


Your hard work is going to pay off. Now is the time to receive back what you have given to the world. But there are some obstacles before reaching your goal. You might face some loss may it be personal/professional/financial. But still, you need to look at the bigger picture rather than thinking about the loss. Everything happens for a reason and this might be the biggest reason for you to take new steps towards building your dreams. This reason might give you more wisdom and practical approach to achieve your goals. May be the way you have decided to go is not going to exist in future. So this difficult situation might push you to walk on a new path and your future will be secured. You are going to get new opportunities specially the one that you wanted to do since long time. This opportunity is going to have complete potential of success and growth. More efforts and planning need to be put in to achieve success. Some of you might be going through a tug of war with your children. They might want to do one thing and you want them to do something else. Small advice: do not interfere too much in your children’s life. This conflict or arguments might get worse, and the end will not be a happy one.

Message: You are a dreamer. You love to dream and bring the dream into reality. Dreams are trying to tell you something. Keep a journal near your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Try to find out what messages are they trying to give you. You also need to bring a balance into your life. A balance between leisure and work or a balance between your feminine and masculine energy.


The experiences life has given you has made you stronger and wiser person. Now is the time when you will get all the answers that you were in search for. But do not hold on to the bad experiences and keep rewinding the same in your head. If only you release the negativity only then a positive light can enter your life. Let the old go away and make way for the new hopes, life and happiness. Now is the time of manifestation, you are clear about your goals and what exactly you want from life. Some of you might also start writing, may be a book which you might also think about publishing about your life’s journey or experiences. Some of you might just start writing to remove all the burden from your heart that you are carrying from long time. A spirituality might knock your door of your spiritual awareness. This new phase of life is going to bring happy and beautiful transformation. Do remember to maintain balance between spirituality and practicality. Make sure you remain in touch with the reality too. You might find a new career or start creating new opportunities for yourself as you are not ready to fit into the old school rules.

Message: You are going to take a journey towards your dream destination to bring them to reality. You might also get some messages through your dreams so be aware and note down that feels like messages for you. Also make time for your loved ones and your own self. Take time out to breathe and relax, so that your calm mind can find new ways to find your life purpose. Experience all the joy and beauty of the nature that life has to offer.

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