Weekly Tarot Guidance: 11.04.21 – 17.04.21


Instead of constantly chasing the future, start enjoying your present. Allow things to flow naturally. You will witness a beautiful life unfold itself. Take some time to rest and rejuvenate. Some of you might shift to a new house. Singles might find a relationship which will bring love, security, and freedom along with it.


Are you being true to yourself about a relationship that you are in? Or a situation you are in? Or your real feelings? Open the lock of your heart, give it the freedom to feel the real emotions. Let your heart know what love really means. Unlock your heart and let it feel the beauty of life.


Uncertain changes might occur in your life suddenly. Do not get scared but be firm and have faith that whatever happens, happens for your highest good. This change might make your feel insecure. This could be regarding your professional or personal life. Present situation might be challenging but it will bring a beautiful change in your life.


Time to step back and observe the situations carefully. Or to recheck and reconsider your future plans, may it be personal or professional. Time to be neutral and take steps accordingly. Guidance will always be available to you from the people you trust. But you need to listen to your heart and your gut instinct which will help you to take right steps.


Now is the time to take action with confidence. Universe is supporting you to move ahead while overcoming all the obstacles. You have the power to shape your destiny so do not underestimate your abilities. You will find guidance whenever you need it. There are guiding angels who are always there to help and support you in many forms.


You need to change yourself according to time and situation. Be flexible and adaptable without compromising your values and ethics. Be ready and open to learn new things may it be in professional life or personal life. Compromising does not mean you are lesser than anyone. It means you value the situation or relationship more than your ego.


A magnificent love is going to take away your breath and make you feel in heaven. You will get whatever you have dreamt about your love life or a relationship. A beautiful and new start is on its way. Those who are suffering from any health issues will be finding the path of healing. Trust that whatever situation you are in right now, you are divinely guided and protected.


You aim very high, so you always have to keep practical plans ready to attain your goals. Spend some time to study and observe your goals then start working on it. A loyal friend or acquaintance is going to always be with you through thick and thin.


Now is the time where divine timing meets your dreams. Be ready and aware of the signs and symbols of the universe to listen to them or be able to read them. Good fortune is shining upon you. You might find someone special, and this person will help you to align your life with your dreams and values. Be grateful for the blessings.


Be ready to be a graceful receiver, let life give you what you desire. If you allow to flow things on their own, you will be allowing your dreams to manifest. A higher commitment in a relationship is about to approach you. Give others a chance to speak their heart to you. Let them tell you what they can do for you instead of assuming.


Peace and harmony are what you are going to experience now. Time for manifestation and wish fulfilment, so be careful what you wish for. Always look deeper into the situations before acting upon or reacting to them. In relationship you will find love and harmony. You will feel free from all the unnecessary attachments.


You are now ready to go with the flow of life. And life is about to surprise you with magical happenings. Let your inner self guide you to the right path. This new journey of yours is also going to take you to the love of your life. Many doors of opportunities are going to open for you. Believe in yourself and miracles. Everything you need will come to you.

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