Weekly Tarot Guidance: 18.04.21 – 24.04.21


A message, letter, phone call or an email is going to bring good fortune. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to receive the messages from your spirit guides. They are always there to guide and protect you. A special surprise might come from your loved ones. Or a special gift like a bouquet of flowers will be received as a token of love.


It is not that you have run out of the time. If you want to start something new, something that you are passionate about, any time is good time for it. Singles who feel that the right age to find the life partner has passed and now there are no chances of finding love, do remember that love finds its way. True love does not have time or age limit. This beautiful gift of life will come to you soon.


You are heading towards a beautiful and colourful life. Whatever struggles and challenges you have faced till now are ending. Now is the time to get the returns of your good and kind deeds. You will meet someone special if you haven’t yet. But remember to leave your past bad experiences behind and embrace the gift of life.


Give yourself the freedom to speak the truth, to say what you feel. Once you let yourself speak openly about your true feelings, you will feel light. Is there a secret or something that you are hiding from your loved ones? Are you scared of that if revealed, it will hurt them? If the truth is for their betterment and if it is lifesaving, then you should let them know.


Dive deep into yourself and tap the unlimited potential within you. You have come a long way facing all the life’s challenges bravely. Now is the time to manifest your dreams. Trust your intuition to guide you as you are entering a new and prosperous phase of life. Do not miss an opportunity which is going to bring more good luck to you.


It’s time to heal your wounds. If you do not do it now, there are chances that will damage others too. This hurt is affecting your present as well as future. Forgive others and yourself. Stop blaming yourself for the situations. Open your wings and chase your dreams. Be aware of the signs that the Universe is giving you. Listen to the wise advice of your elders which will help you on your journey.  


Something is ending making space for new. Trust the Universe as you have done all that you can. Now let the Universe take care of it. Let go off what is not serving you good, may it be a job or a relationship. Now is the time to change your perspective towards life. Start thinking differently, look at things in a new and positive way. Good things will start flowing in.


Keep your eyes on the stars but your feet on the ground. Let your team or your business partner contribute and help you to complete the project. If you trust them and walk together, they will become your bridge that will fill the gap helping you to reach the destination. Do not hesitate to ask for help if required. Be vocal and let people know your problems.


Wish fulfilment time! All your needs are being met now and abundance of opportunities are going to flow in. Those who are in search of love will find one. Those who are looking for answers in hope of a closure will get one. Those in a relationship are going to experience sensual and passionate romance. Be grateful for the blessings that life is offering you.


Some situations might scare and confuse you. But let the storm pass and you will be able to see clearly. This situation is temporary so do not worry and keep giving your best. Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you on to the right path. You might also travel from one city to another for work or for personal reason.


You have the power to grow and come out with flying colours whether the circumstances are good or bad. You have put in a lot of efforts to make life a beautiful place to be. Now is the time to also commit to taking care of yourself. Listen to the call of your tired mind and body to take a break and breathe deeply. A marriage or love proposal is on its way. You will receive a reward/appreciation for your hard work and commitment soon.


An end of the old phase and start of new beginnings. You will be presented with a lot of new opportunities, but you must be careful before making any decision. There could be risk involved, but do not stop exploring and experimenting. Learn new skills and upgrade the existing ones.

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