Weekly Tarot Guidance: 25.04.21 – 01.05.21


Keeping your emotions or feelings bottled will lead to explosion some day. Let your emotions/ feelings flow naturally and understand that sharing will help you to release it. A good change is coming in every aspect of your life. Now is the time to tap your incredible potential. Be ready to explore and expand your spiritual powers.


You might have counted on someone for help and support, but you have been disappointed. Their part in your life must have come to an end. Now, from here on, you have to take over completely. New souls will join you on your further journey so forgive those who have disappointed you. Let go off the past and embrace your present completely.


Juggling between two situations or your own thoughts. Just trying to keep yourself safe and stable even if the situation you are in is not right for you. You need to take the leap of faith only then you will be able to step out of the unwanted situation. Believe in your dreams and have faith in your own potential.


Life is forcing you to learn to stand up for yourself. You might be feeling left out. You might also think that life has been unfair to you. But you need to realise that you have the capacity to reach the destination you are meant to. If you need help, you have to just ask for it and help will be given to you.


Life is bringing a wonderful change in your life. Right now, you might not be able to see the change, but the work is in progress. Your spirit guides are there to help and guide you on your journey. Expect a pay hike with the position that you were looking for. Happy and peaceful period in all kinds of relationships.


Good fortune awaits you, now is the time to move ahead with full energy. New beginnings are on their way; be ready to act. You might start a new project or a business which will need lot of energy for the activities it will bring along. You might also have to travel or shift to a new place especially for work.


At work you may be facing difficult time with your senior or boss. The person’s behaviour might trouble you, but he might be just doing his job. You might find yourself stuck into the dark, but if you look carefully there are fireflies around that are guiding you to light.


Be aware of the opportunities around you as they might slip out of your hand before you even realise it. You have to be careful of the people around you as they might deceive you. Always be grateful for whatever life has been offering you and life will start blessing you with more.


You are becoming wiser day by day with all the experiences you had in the past. Everyone around you can sense the transformation in you. You and your loved ones are happy and feel safe around you. You are exploring yourself and making progress every passing day.


It seems that you are worrying too much which is affecting your health and sleep. At present, you might not be able to see the blessings coming your way, but the work is in progress. Blessings in abundance are on the way. A good job, own house, financial stability all that you dreamt of is on its way.


Positive changes are on the way. You are called upon to follow your dream and your inner voice now. This is the time when you need to stop and experience every pleasure in your life. Stop and smell the roses, listen to the music in nature, feel the earth beneath your feet. Embrace the offerings of life and you will open the door to more blessings.


Everything is fine and perfect but still you feel that something is missing. You are still wondering and trying to find the missing piece of life. Your life purpose is calling you and you need to pay attention to your inner self as it will guide you to the right path. Once you open yourself to your life purpose, miracles will start happening to you.

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