Tarot Guidance May 2021


Too many options are going to be presented to you this month. But you need to be careful while making a decision. Not all that glitters is gold. If you are working on any project, especially where you are leading a team, then it is going to be a win-win situation. Your team is going to look up to you and you will receive lot of praises and appreciation for the way you handled this difficult project. You might start working on new business ideas or new and creative way for the current business. You might also get a new job offer that will be hard to resist, but do not burn the bridges if you decide to quit the current job. A rapid growth will be seen in your career as well as in your love life. In relationship, you might find your ex returning to you with apologies and guilt for their past behaviour. And you might also find a new love interest approaching you. You need to decide wisely. Release what does not serve you good. Maintain balance between emotions and practicality. Meditate, take some time out for yourself and think what exactly is good for you. Do not let negative emotions take over. Right decision will bring lot of prosperity, love, peace, and happiness. Those in relationship will experience intimacy. Love will intensify every passing day.

Message: Listen to your soul which is calling and guiding you to the right path. Difficult time may break you and you might think of giving up. You have lost many things till now; trust, love, self-confidence, but still you never gave up. Now is the time when you are going to be blessed for all your courage and trust in the universe.


Due to ongoing struggle at workplace, you might feel like giving up. You are unable to find any motivation to work. But this is not the right time to back out. Start finding new ways to do the job, be creative with your ideas. Avoid any conflict or arguments at workplace. But remember to keep the track of your work so later it is beneficial for you when required. Keep patience as this time will end soon. If you are planning to switch your job, then now is the good time to do so. Be confident and take the bold steps, highlight your unique talents in interview as well as in your resume. Some of you might start a new business in partnership and break all the ties that are holding you back. Those who are planning to buy a house will be able to do so. But before investing in anything, investigate the facts carefully. Singles will find someone special who will know how to unlock the door to your heart. This new love will add colours to your life. This relationship will free you from your old beliefs and will show you the new and colourful shades of life. Time to step up, bring the focus back on yourself and claim your unique talents. You are the one who can guide and heal others but due to the chaos around, you are unable to find your true self. Spend some time in nature listening to its whispers and music. You do not have to wonder and search for the inner peace; it resides within you. You just need to silence your mind and relax for some time. Be open to receiving the message that your spirit guides are giving you. Be aware of the signs that you might receive while reading a book, travel, or dreams.

Message: You might be feeling lost or disturbed as you do not feel that you fit in where you are at present. Searching for the lost pieces, but do not know what exactly to look for. There might be a call from your soul and your psychic abilities. Listen to your soul carefully and it will guide you to the right path. Meditate regularly in nature and claim the unique gift that the Universe has blessed you with.


A new job offer with good pay cheque or a promotion with increment is coming towards you. This job offer or promotion is going to bring a lot of positive changes in your life. You might also be asked to lead a project or promoted as a head of the department or a team. This new work of yours might demand lot of travelling or shifting from one place to another. Lot of appreciation and rewards will be coming your way as you will prove that the promotion was well deserved. You have gone through lot of difficult time in your personal as well as professional life. You felt like everything is stuck and nothing can happen in future too. Your dreams and goals were starting to get blur but that was just a testing period. Now you will be getting the returns of all your efforts. You have always compromised in all aspects of life due to responsibilities or financial security. But now is the time when you will start achieving your goals and dreams without compromising in life anymore. Have patience and everything will fall in place at the right time. Someone from past might come into your life as a love interest. No, this person does not necessarily have to be your ex but someone you have known in the past but lost touch completely. There would be rapid development in this relationship as there will be an instant connect that you both will feel in your very first meeting. Lot of gifts and surprises are in store for you from your loved ones. Blessings are on their way, be open to receive them with positivity and gratitude.

Message: Do not hesitate to say NO or to move on and think about your future and its betterment. You need to end the past and move on towards a better and prosperous future. Make space for new energies by clearing the old. A new beginning and new opportunity is waiting for you. You are safe, protected and guided by the divine.


New job offer or a promotion in the present job is coming your way. Your strength and discipline in work is going to be appreciated. But pay hike doesn’t seem to be getting this month. There are chances of people around getting jealous of you which may make you feel lonely at workplace. But remember, this is the time when you are getting the chance to show off your talent. This is the time to work without getting pressurised and giving your best at work. A business proposal might also come your way but think carefully before investing in it. All your wishes will be manifested only if you remain calm and positive about the situation. Change the way you look at situations and you will find the solution easily. At personal level, you might be carrying the burden of someone else’s mistake. You will find a person who will help and guide you during your difficult times. You might fall in love with this person due to his charming and caring personality. This person will take care of you, making you feel safe and special all the time. But you might hesitate to enter a new relationship due to your past bad experiences. Be open and aware of your strength and abilities, take risks, face your fears and success will chase you. Blessings are on their way. Have patience and you will find yourself walking on a successful path in life. Right now, you might not be able to see but changes are happening behind the scenes.

Message: Stop playing safe. You know and you always felt that you have something different and unique in you. But due to life’s challenges you might not got the chance to pursue it. You might still not be sure about what exactly you’re meant to do. Listen to your inner voice carefully and you will find your life purpose. You might face some challenges in between but remember every challenge is going to bring some lesson along with it. Learn the lessons and you will find yourself getting one step closer to your life purpose.


Rapid developments will now be seen in your life, be it personal or professional. But while the Universe works on those developments, you need to be patient and maintain balance when it comes to your emotional behaviour. Make sure you do not hurt someone who is loyal to you and always wants only the best for you. Stay away from conflicts and unnecessary arguments as this may lead to permanent damage. A new beginning is on its way. You might get a job offer, or a promotion letter which might demand travelling. An abundance of energy is flowing within you which needs to be directed in the right and purposeful direction. If done so, you will attract money, success, and peace in abundance. With lots of enthusiasm, you start something new that interests you but after a while, you lose interest. Dive deep into the situations or work that you have taken up and complete it. Be grateful for whatever life has given you. Gratitude opens the door to more blessings. We all dream of good and happy life. We always want more, and if we keep making the efforts to make our life as we want it, it will definitely become our reality. Now is the time to take action and chase your dream. But always think twice, plan properly and then head towards it. Remember you are being guided and protected by the divine energies. All the chaos in your life is now in the process of healing.

Message: You have come a long way fighting with life’s challenges. You have also suffered immense losses till now. But no loss is bigger than losing your true self in the process. Do not lose hope or give up now. Calm your mind and you will be able to listen to your soul’s calling and you will find yourself on the right path. A beautiful, surprising gift is coming your way.


One day, you are happy and the other day, you are sad about your past. One day, you feel you have forgotten everything and moved on and the next day, you are again holding on to and crying over the past. This holding on to the bad experience is making you empty inside giving birth to anxiety. It’s high time you release the past and make way for new beginnings. New beginning is waiting for you to embrace it wholeheartedly. Trust that all your wishes will be fulfilled. Only a positive mind can manifest positivity in life. Once you choose your new path and start walking on it, you will realise how many of your loved ones are there around you to support and guide you. You have to be careful with your finances and spend carefully, as you might get tempted to spend unnecessarily. Invest your money carefully and make sure you take professional guidance. Many are jealous of your financial stability and status. They might hence misguide you when it comes to investments. At work, there might not be much happening which has led to boredom. Think of different ideas that you can work upon to bring a refreshing change in work. But do not give up. Keep working and giving your creative inputs at workplace. Hold on to your vision tightly as your hard work is going to pay off soon. You are waiting for an adventure or some change in your life. You are bored of staying at home or in the safe zone. Go out and meet new people. You might find someone special on the journey. Those who are worried about their health issues need not worry anymore as your health is going to get better now. A good time to start a new life, new project, relationship or plan a baby.

Message: You need a break to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. This break will help you to renew yourself and your thoughts. This break will bring a most deserved positive change in your life. Spend some time in nature, especially near calm water and you will be healed soon. Meditation and yoga too are recommended on your break.


You are walking towards a new beginning in every aspect of life. Due to the difficult past, you are more cautious about taking steps towards new life, especially when it comes to entering new relationship. But there is someone very special who will change your perspective towards love. This person will show you what real love looks and feels like. A higher commitment is expected if you are already in a relationship or even if your relationship is new. Be careful with your expenses and save money for the future. You might get a new job offer or partnership offer from someone you can trust. But remember to study and research before investing in any business. Proper management and discipline should be maintained at workplace. If you were suffering from any health issue from a long time, now you will start healing. A root cause of your health issues will be found and would be healed completely. Happiness is approaching you. Do not resist change in life. Leave all the old thoughts, past, guilt and blame, forgive those who had done any wrong to you. Let karma do its job, but you need to clean the old, blocked energies to make way for new, fresh, and positive energies. Stop being stubborn and be flexible according to the situations and you will find prosperity running towards you in all aspect of life. Do not forget to be in touch with your higher self, which will guide you to the right path.

Message: Do not run away or get scared of the competition out there. You are born with unique talents and you are already a winner. Let your talent shine and if necessary, hone your skills so you are in a spotlight at your workplace or any other field that you are in. And learn to enjoy the process wherever you are right now and let the light shine.


You tend to carry too much burden all alone at your workplace. You need to learn how to distribute your work evenly by allocating it to the right person. If you keep yourself busy with unnecessary work, then you will not be able to see other opportunities that will help you to move ahead in your career. Otherwise, you will be dealing with small issues and conflicts with your co-workers. If you really want to be different, stand out from the crowd, and achieve your dreams, then you need to be focused. Career-related long-term planning needs to be done. You might get a chance to travel to another country or state. You might find someone special while travelling for work. A new romantic cycle is about to begin. If you are a boy, then you might find a girl who is adventurous and if you are girl, you might find a boy who is mature than his age. This person can be from marketing or communication field. If you are already in a relationship, then be cautious about someone close to you. That someone might be too jealous about your relationship and might create misunderstandings and problem between you. You need to socialise more and meet new people which will bring lot of changes in your personal as well as professional life. Remember to not make commitments that you cannot fulfil. Have patience and believe in miracles as they are about to present themselves in your life. Your belief will bring more good luck and blessings your way. Every aspect of your life is going to be prosperous. Trust yourself, maintain balance in your work and personal life, be cautious and alert about the situations around you.

Message: Spirit Guides are watching over you, it can be your deceased loved ones or animals who wants to communicate with you. You are constantly guided and protected by spirit guides. Signs are all around you, but you need to be aware of the signs through which they are communicating you. Trust your intuitions and visions and follow them.


Incredibly good time is near, a time for celebration, a reunion or a family get together. But there are still some blockages which you need to work upon, especially emotional blockages. Understand what the cause of your blockages are and work upon them. You need to make way for the new energies flowing in. Once the realisation hits your gut instinct, you will act to bring the changes. Finally, you will decide to leave your past behind and move ahead. You will be presented with the choices. Choose what is good for you and close to your dreams or life goals. Singles will find their soulmate in a family or community function or events. Those who are already in a difficult or complicated relationship need to look at the matters carefully. There might be lot of hidden things that you are unaware of, find them out and try to heal the relationship. Door of happiness and joy is opening for you, be ready to embrace life. But be aware that too fast can be too dangerous, think and take steps carefully. Life has a lot to offer you but remember to be grateful for all the small things that you have right now. Appreciation and gratitude towards life blessings brings more blessings. Always take time out to meditate and think about your future plans or situations carefully. Your soul will guide you to the right path if you silent your mind and listen to your soul carefully.

Message: New Beginnings await you. New opportunities, new relationship, or even new start in your current relationship. Lot of challenges have been faced by you in your personal as well as professional life. But the situations are getting healed now. More opportunities, successful project and miracles await you. Start living in present and life is giving you a second chance to reinvent yourself, do not miss it.


You are resisting the change that’s coming in. At times, you are worried about getting stuck and no signs of progress in life and at times, you fear new beginnings. It seems that you are worrying too much about the future and this might lead to anxiety and sleepless nights. That unnecessary insecurity and worries are blocking your way to success. It’s the perspective that matters. Once the storm is cleared, the sun will shine, and you will find your light of hope. Soon you will get good and new opportunities and choice to make. Every opportunity is going to take you to the higher level and each step is going to take you closer to your dreams. But you need to pause and think about what exactly you want, what are your dreams, and which is the best way to achieve it. This is going to be your time when you will have to claim your power and act upon it. Face your fears and do not let this opportunity slip away. You can reach to maximum number of people by voicing your opinion, it can be through writing or through speech. A major shift is now coming into your life. Be ready and have the courage to step in. This is the time to stay focused and not get distracted. Those who are getting married will have a beautiful destination wedding. For some of you, it looks like there is tough decision to be made between two choices. It could be your new love interest and other could be your ex. Think wisely and then decide. Listen to your intuition as it will guide you in the right direction.

Message: Your body and mind call for natural detoxification. Try natural healing for your body if you have any physical illness. Also, you can try meditation, yoga, reiki, or crystal healing. You also need to reduce the intake of intoxicants and focus on natural healing. Look out for the signs that your body is giving you. If you start communicating with your body, you will be able to heal your body naturally.


You are holding on to the old beliefs. You are also going things in an old fashion. Now is the time to get creative and wake yourself up to the new and creative ideas. A new beginning is near and for that you also need to renew yourself and be flexible with the situations coming in. Learn to stop and smell the roses. Slow down. Do not overthink about the situations or future, due to which you forget to live and enjoy the present moment. Appreciate and be grateful for whatever you have, the blessings will flow in. Now is the right time to tap and activate your hidden potential. You might start a new business or take your family business to the next level. Those who are in search of a new job could find one with a good pay cheque. It’s a great time to start a new project but do not take any hasty decisions. Review your plans before moving ahead into any new project. You are very close to achieving your goal and making your dream a reality. You might also be able to buy expensive things that you dreamt of; it may be a house, a car, or anything that you dream of. Financially, it will be a very good month for you. A romantic and intimate time is ahead but again you need to be clear about where you are heading and with whom. It might happen that you are with someone who is not right for you. There might also be someone who deserves your love but has been kept waiting. It seems that you are stuck in the same pattern and are unable to come out of it easily. You hit your head on the wall and return to the same place. If required, take some help from others to come out of the situation. Singles might find someone good looking whom you might start dating. This person will have a very intense look and will be very serious about this relationship. Be ready for lot of surprises and gifts in Loveship.

Message: Be clear about what exactly you desire, what exactly you want from life. Universe doesn’t get a clear message of manifestation from a cluttered mind. Be clear about your dreams, plan accordingly, bring discipline into you process and then you will be able to turn your dream into reality.


You are too busy with your responsibilities may it personal or professional. Your to-do list does not have time for yourself or love on the list. When you feel lonely and seek love, there is no one you can lean on and feel safe. Stop running around materialistic things and let yourself be free to enjoy life and the beautiful moments that you are missing right now. There might be someone around you who is dominating your life as well as people around you. This person has become a headache and gives you sleepless nights. Speak the truth, stand for yourself, and step out of this toxic relationship. You might find a love interest that will last a lifetime. A new beginning in relationship with an end of the old and toxic one. You will feel safe and secure in this new relationship as you come home to a person after a long time. You are going to receive love in abundance, be ready and open to receive this amazing blessing of life. You might not believe in miracles due to difficulties you have faced in the past, but now is the time when life is going to make you believe in wonders. Everything is possible if you believe in it and make way for it. Also learn to love yourself first, give yourself time to breath and pamper yourself. You will be surprised how love will start surrounding you once you start taking care of yourself. Be grateful for all the little things that life is offering you and you will make a way for more blessings.

Message: You are gifted with unique talent. Tap the untapped potential and skills that are hidden within you. Explore your talent and let it shine with confidence. Do not think about competition, think about your uniqueness and there is no one who can compete with you. Go where your heart takes you and you will be the winner.

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