Weekly Tarot Guidance: 09.05.21 – 15.05.21


A special someone might enter your life. Work might become the reason to meet this person. At work, you need to take the power in your own hands. Be the leader and lead the way for yourself as well as others. But remember to handle any situation, people, or issues with love.


Make investments carefully as now is the time to get the returns. Now is the time to follow discipline in your life to achieve your goals. Also make sure you keep helping others who are in need. Be grateful for whatever you have in your life and more blessings will pour in.


A lot of options will be presented to you and this might confuse you a bit, in terms of what to choose. Not all that glitters is gold, so be careful while making any decision. Remember you are gifted with the power of intuitions, whenever you feel confused, listen to them. Meditate regularly and you will receive the messages you are meant to hear from your inner self.


Be ready for the action that change is bringing along. It’s okay to change your direction and choose the opposite of where others are heading. If you want to do something different and stand out from others, then you must take a different path. Travel for work can be expected.


Time to get up and move on without considering the ‘If’s’ and ‘Buts’. If you feel that you are all alone and you will not be able to do it, then look around you. There are people just a call away. These are your own people who would be happy to help. But you need to allow yourself to take help from your family and friends.


If you are tied up with any responsibilities or restrictions – this can also be in your own mind, then now is the time to gather courage and free yourself from the unnecessary ties. Have courage to speak up and stand up for yourself as well as the needy ones. Remember even water has the capacity to break the rock with patience and love. Keep your passion alive and you will find your way out.


You need to start enjoying little things in life. You need to pay attention to the little happenings around you that brings joy but you do not recognise them. You will find peace when you realise that life is unfolding according to the divine plan.


A rapid development will be seen in your personal as well as professional life. You will see great success in whatever work you take on. Contentment is coming in all aspects of life. However small an opportunity may be, but you will convert it into a bigger one. Remember to be thankful for all the blessings and you will be showered with more.


Some supressed emotions are ready for an outburst. You had a great control over your emotions till now, but now your patience is getting out of control. You have incredible energy and potential which needs to be channelled in a creative way. Tap the untapped potential within you, know that the universe supports you.  


It seems that you are very tired and need some rest before continuing the life’s journey. Learn to say ‘NO’ if you feel like. Do not stress yourself and push your limits. Forgive yourself as well as others for the past mistakes. Letting go will help you to move ahead and remember it’s not necessary for the past to repeat itself.


Reminiscing good old memories is always joyful. But staying in the past for too long, not focusing on your present to build a better future is not a good idea. Abundance is ready to flow into your life in every aspect. Be ready to embrace the blessings that are coming in.


Now is the time to give yourself sometime of pleasure, joy, and excitement. Share your blessings with others and they will multiply. Value the life you have, value the time you have and value the blessings you have. Do not commit or sign any documents which you are not sure you will be able to fulfil in the future.

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