Weekly Tarot Guidance 16.05.21 – 22.05.21


To achieve your dreams, you need patience and a calm mind. Long term proper planning and commitment to your dreams is required. Right now, you might find yourself lagging behind compared to your friends but remember slow and steady wins the race. Students might opt for commerce/ finance/ business management studies.


Currently, you might be facing a lot of chaos in your life. Lot of confusion is going on but silence your mind and you will hear your soul guiding you. Once you start listening to your intuition carefully and following it, you will find yourself on the new path. A new life is going to begin soon, even a beautiful new energy will enter your old relationship and renew it.


Fortune is going to shine upon you, be ready for the actions you need to take now. Life might bring you back to some old pattern that you left behind long ago. But now you have reached a higher level of wisdom so you will be able to see things in a new way. This will be the testing time to check whether you are ready to take new step in life.


Currently you may feel like you are stuck between the two worlds. Your dreams are different and what you are doing is completely opposite. You are waiting for some news or letter or message, but things are getting delayed. Keep patience as this phase will end soon and you will enter a new one.


A break is the need of the hour. A break to rejuvenate yourself, a break from overthinking, a break from fighting with self, a break to refill your energy. A new phase is about to begin and before that you need to take a break and clear the chaos in your life. A break to start a new life with new and peaceful you.


This is the moment – here and now. Only present counts, and if you live in the present moment, you will not have to worry in the future. You have the power to bring the change in your life that you dream of. You have all the resources and people around you to support and guide you.


You are the sculptor of your life. Be creative and careful about where you exactly need to bring the changes. Your hard work is going to be appreciated in the form of getting to lead a project or promotion. In outer world, unexpected unpleasant changes may occur but be firm and do not let that disturb you.


New phase of life is about to begin but before that you need to clear the clutter. Clean all the backlog at work, clear all the misunderstandings with your loved ones. Clean your workspace and house so that a fresh energy can start playing to bring the new changes in your life.


You are feeling confident about your future, may it be on the professional or personal level. Remember to be in touch with your higher self as it guides you on to the right path. A good time to make a wish list, plan and execute it with positivity as success is sure to be achieved.


If you are facing delays in any events or messages or news that you are waiting for, then ask yourself ‘Why’? Are you responsible for the blockages coming your way? Find the answers by analysing the situations. Once you find the answers you can clear the blockages and manifest the best.


You are ready to accept the change life is bringing to you. But one thing you are tired of is your own psychological restrictions that you have imposed upon yourself. Now you are working hard to free yourself from any ties that are holding you back.


Before moving ahead in your life, be sure to tie up the loose ends. You are near to the completion of one cycle, so nothing should be left unfinished. Let go off any regrets or past. Free yourself so that you can step into the new life cycle. A positive and successful career is waiting for you.  

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