Weekly Tarot Guidance: 23.05.21 – 29.05.21


A new life is about to begin may it be it on the professional or personal front. A new project, new relationship, a time to conceive, or financial stability is about to arrive. Wish fulfilment time is about to begin. Trust your intuitions and go with the flow. You are divinely guided and protected so do feel the joy and bliss in every moment.


If you are feeling that a situation is not moving forward, then you may be right. Instead of struggling, analyse the situation and then gently pull yourself out of it. This is a beautiful time for manifestation, let your imagination go wild with complete belief. This imagination will be manifested as reality soon.


You need to accept that not everything in life is in your control to change. Few things that are fated and karmic; or sometimes it’s a journey that you must take to reach your destination that needs you to learn a few lessons before you reach where you want to. Silence your mind and you will find what exactly is the truth that you need to know right now. A genuine truth and its acceptance will lead you to a better version of yourself.


It’s time to gather courage and face the truth. You are at the end of a journey which needs to be accepted. You will not be able to enter the new unless you give closure to the old. There is nothing more to learn or experience in the present situation. Take some time before starting the new journey to gather the wisdom you got from your experiences.


You are the creator of your own life. Your imagination and thoughts, whether negative or positive, are manifested if you believe in them. Now is the time to manifest all the positive thoughts as blessings are ready to shower upon you. Trust that you are protected and guided by the divine energies. Look for the signs and you will find a lot of communication coming through.


Whatever has happened in the past is passing and making way for miracles. Sudden change in wind might scare you as you may not be able to see where life is taking you. But trust that the Universe is going to shower bountiful blessings on you. Believe in miracles and it will start showing up.


A new love is about to enter your life. Loving energy is flowing all around you. Do not hesitate to step into this new and lovely phase of your life. Whatever happened in the past, learn the lessons and leave the past behind. Believe in love and realise your worth and value. Take a leap of faith and listen to your heart.


No matter how high you fly, there is no place that would make you feel peaceful the way your home does. You will be coming back to your roots, to your authentic self, to who you really are. You tried to fit in somewhere you were not meant to be. Now it seems that you have achieved everything or even if you have not, you would want to come back to your true self.


A happy time is on its way specially if you were waiting to get a second chance. If you thought, there is no hope, and the situation is dead completely then you will be surprised to find a second opportunity to revive the same. But be sure to take one step at a time, too fast can be a little dangerous.


Show the courage to go the distance to achieve your dreams. Do not fear the current obstacles that come your way as opportunities come with little ups and downs. But trust yourself and think about long term future and take the decision. Remember what is yours cannot be held back for a long time.


Time to connect with your higher self and you will find wonders happening to you. Now is the right time to take actions on your dreams as they are ready to manifest. Your higher self will direct you on to the right path. All the divine energies are here to guide and protect you.


Happy and blessed timings are waiting of you. You feel content with whatever life is offering you right now and this contentment is bringing more blessings in your life. New beginnings are on its way may it be a relationship, new job or a dream project. Your dreams are ready to turn into reality.

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