Weekly Tarot Guidance: 30.05.21 – 05.06.21


Good fortune awaits you. Now is the time to start something new and creative. You will be exposed to large number of opportunities. Someone new is going to enter your life and you will feel a magnetic pull towards him/her. This person is going to be your soulmate who will be your greatest blessing.


From all the rocky situations, you have emerged with shining light. You have cleverly gained wisdom and learned necessary lessons from it. Your confidence is making your personality shine. A new phase of life is about to begin with a newer and wiser you.


Breathe and repeat should be your mantra right now. You are stressing too much over issues that are not as bad as you think they are. If you meditate regularly, you will get the answers to all your questions. If you have done everything that you could, then trust the universe as everything is being taken care of. At the right time, life will unfold its miracles and blessings to you.


You are ready to explore your own potentials and limits. You will be taking risks and will start exploring new possibilities. You can rest and trust that your loved ones will be there to protect and support you through. At this testing time, you will find loyal people around you.


An exciting time is around the corner. Your life is taking a new and adventurous turn which will bring a lot of joy. Door of new and wide opportunities is opening for you. You are ready to change your stagnant life and make it more interesting now. You will be happy and content not for the happenings around you but for the peace within you.


If you think that there is a lot of chaos in your life, then be sure that healing is about to begin. If we do not heal yourself then the universe will interfere. This chaos is happening to pull you back into your present and to teach you to live for the moment rather than keep looking at the past or worrying about the future.


Come out of the illusion and face the truth. Now is the time to have an honest conversation with others as well as yourself. On your spiritual path, your development is rapid. But many times, your practical thinking stops you from continuing it. Trust that your spirit guides are there to help you, to clear all your confusions.


Time to withdraw. Stay away from the crowd and spend some alone time with yourself. If you feel that no progress can be made in the present situation then your intuitions are right. Take some time to analyse the situation and to decide your next move. This time is of self-transformation which will help you to move to the next level of life.


A time of joy and fulfilment is on its way. Opportunities are going to flow in. Every aspect of life is going to be filled with abundance. But still, it seems that on personal level, you don’t feel like you belong where you are right now. Not everyone will understand you. You need to find out where you and your happiness actually belong.


Adapt to the changes that are coming your way but without compromising what is important to you. Being flexible will help you to move and come out swiftly from unwanted situations. Be open and ready to accept the love that is coming your way now. Remember that past does not have to repeat itself so do not hesitate to step into a loving relationship.


Self-transformation is taking place right now. You are starting to think about the situations and look at them differently. You might be in a confused or troubled situation, but this situation is here so that you learn a lesson from it. Stop daydreaming and start working on turning those dreams into reality. Creative energy is flowing within you. Make sure you use it wisely.


Step up, come out of the dark and let your light shine bright. Be the light for others as many people look up to you for guidance. You are a natural healer, teacher, guide, and a leader. This is a crucial decision that you must make as you are very well aware of both, the advantages and disadvantages. Trust your inner self and follow your heart.

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