Tarot Guidance June 2021


From past bad experiences and struggle you have learned a lot but now the struggles are over. You are entering into a new peaceful, loving, and calm phase of your life. You are growing spiritually in a rapid way this has brought more sense in your life. You might start a work that is more beneficial to others by sharing your knowledge. You have realised that you are blessed and chosen one and you must give back the same to the universe. Your energy and enthusiasm are on high, and nothing can stop you to achieve your dreams. You will be surrounded with the loving energy all the time. The wait for the soulmate is going to end now. You will be finding your soulmate / twin flame, and this will be an instant connection. You will find a magnetic pull towards this person which might surprise and scare you for such an alien kind of feeling. But very soon you will get a clear idea about your emotions/feelings about this person as it will be the same for that person too. This relationship might get into a higher commitment immediately. This is a great time to bring all your dreams into reality. You have the right time now to co-create the life you desire. Do not hold on to the past bad experiences and keep moving towards a purposeful life. Trust that you are divinely guided and protected. Remember communication is the key, so be socially active, mouth publicity about your business is a must. You might get new ideas to market or expand your business which you might have missed before.


An incredible potential is hidden within you, and you are still unaware of it. This is the time to awaken and explore your talents and bring them to a huge platform. You are more than what you believe yourself to be. The sky is the limit for you. This is the time of enlightenment and transformation. An unbelievable and wonderful life waits for you.


The glow within you is ready to shine and show the world the real you. New beginnings with lot of opportunities are on its way. Be it financial gain, starting a new business, finding a new job, or falling in love. Lot of creative ideas are going to emerge which will take you on the path of success. You might start something new from home like a youtube channel or making some beauty related stuff and selling it online or travel related blog or farming. Whatever it maybe you are going to achieve success in your new project. Make sure you do research and study before starting anything new, so you have a strong foundation. Be aware with whom you share your happiness, new ideas or important documents. Someone close to you who act to be your well wisher or someone from your family itself is not having good intention about your new beginnings. If you were having any health issues from long time, then now can relax as you are going to find a healer who will heal you completely. A happy time on personal as well as on professional front. Be clear about your intentions and remain positive about it and you will see how life surprises you with miracles. Remain in touch with your higher self and you will see how your dreams start coming into reality. Some adjustments might be required in some situations but do not get dishearten as sometimes you have to make little sacrifices to achieve something.  


Timing is everything and the right time is now. Good fortune is waiting for you. Whatever you wish to start or dream of is going to be manifested. Your life is expanding and taking you to a new and beautiful phase of life. Everyone can see and feel the positive aura of yours. Remember if something has been rejected to you, then you are being protected so do not get disheartened.


Sometimes living in peace and getting what you wanted makes life little boring. You might get tempted to live a stable job and move to the new just for excitement. You might be tempted to spend more just because you are now earning more than expected. But you need to be careful while making any decisions hastily or just out of boredom. Life is taking a beautiful turn for you. Possibilities of getting promotion with a great salary hike at present company. Or getting a new job offer with an unexpected position and salary hike. Whatever the situation comes is going to be good and better then before. But as said earlier you need to analyse things and make sure that whatever you choose is for your highest good. You are going to find your someone with higher-level of soul connection. At very first meet you will feel the special connection, but you might feel that this person is out of reach. But trust that all the divine energies are working for your highest good. Stop worrying unnecessary or doubting or fighting with the situation. Go with the flow as life is taking you to the right path that you are meant for. Be flexible according to situations without bending your values or pride as sometimes you need to for your own good. Life is giving you chance to co-create your own life as per your wish and desire. But you need to finish any unfinished work/ relationship/situation that might hold you back. Let life take you on the beautiful ride of your journey.


Refreshing and new energies are filling up your life. Remember you are guided and protected by the divine. Your spirit guides and guardian angels are all around you. Quiet your mind and listen to the divine whispers. Look for the signs and symbols through which they are communicating and guiding you. Blessings of abundance are on its way.


Wheel of fortune has been turned and brought good luck to you. Your life is going to change for good. But you need to make some efforts and all your wishes will be fulfilled. Do not worry about your financial stability, as you will earn more than enough. You will be able to buy the luxury items that you have dreamt of, may be a beautiful house. All the sources will be available to you as per your needs and requirements but remember to choose them carefully and make use of it correctly. If you are in a relationship or specially into a arrange marriage relationship you need to be careful. This person might not be the same what he/she pretends to be. This aspect of your life might be little difficult for you as this relationship might end soon. Take some time for yourself and breathe. Release unnecessary and unwanted negative emotions or situations. A lot of good things are ahead of you which will bring lot of good changes in your life. Be flexible and adaptable to the changes, being stubborn might make you stuck into the bad situations. Or universe will force you to accept the change in its own way which might be little harsh. Sometimes we do not realise what is good for you at the present moment, but when we look back, we realise whatever happened was for our own good.   


Magical and wonderful events are unfolding for you. But you need to take action to fulfil your dreams. You are being surrounded by guardian angels who are showering their love and support to you. Be aware of their signs and symbols through which they will communicate with you. Luck is on your side but not without your own efforts your dreams can be manifested.


All the resources are available to you and now is the time to get up and claim your powers. You have the potential to bring the change in your life that you want to see. A powerful change is about to come to you but only if you are ready for it. You need to be aware of your own needs and bring the required balance in your life. Focus on your spiritual side more and you will be able to hear your inner voice guiding you to the right path. Move ahead as you will be getting lot of choices to make either it could be about relationship or job opportunities. Stop carrying emotional burdens which does not belong to you. You need to realise that you are not responsible for other’s life and their problems. Take responsibility of your own life and situations rather than tying yourself to the unnecessary emotions or situations. You know exactly what you want from life still sometimes you forget your direction and give others the steering of your life. When you are presented with the options look at them carefully, neither will be dangerous or problematic, but you need to choose which path will take you near to your dreams. A good fortune waits for you so go for it. And remember while juggling through to achieve your dreams do not forget to return to your home where your true self belongs. Remember to be in touch with yourself so that you do not lose your true self.


Being flexible according to the situation helps you to make a way out. Being too stubborn will create more obstacles in your life. You need to bring a loving energy within you. Let go of the situations, people that do not serve you good. Let go off the self-limiting beliefs, let go off and be open to the new and happy change that is waiting for you.


A big opportunity that you were waiting for since long time is coming for you. Good luck is on your side now and you are very close to achieving your dreams. A tough cycle is now coming to an end. A time to fly to another country and start a new life. Once you get what you wanted you should not stop putting your efforts and make it big. Some situations might be dicey and difficult to decide but you will find a way soon if you keep your mind calm. Be prepared with practical plans before starting any project or business. These plans will help you to manage things and achieve your goals easily. You might not have plans to get into a relationship or marriage but expect the unexpected now. You have come a long and tough way but now is the time for you to receive the gifts of life. You will find a person who will be surprising you with gifts and keep showering his/her love upon you. This person will make sure that all your wounds are healed from the past. And this person will unlock your heart and make way to it. And also, this person will make you see the beautiful side of yours. Your fearful and wounded parts might stop you to accept the change and enter new relationship. Lot of precious time has been wasted by carrying the past wounds, now is the time to heal and move ahead.


Forgiveness! Yes, forgiveness is the only thing which is going to help you to let go off your difficult past. Forgive yourself for being into a wrong relationship, as you have loved someone unconditionally. Do not punish yourself for ignoring the truth when you were getting some hints about it. Forgive the other person so that all the ties are now disconnected and move ahead with a new and wiser you.


A new beginning of a new life. Carry your confidence which is going to be your key to success. You have been through a lot of tough time and so you understand what kindness is. You are always loving and kind to the people who specially are going through tough times. You might start something new for helping others, like feeding the hungries, giving homes to homeless, etc. You might meet special someone who will join your new journey and be your companion. This new path will not be easy as you will have to cross huge obstacles, but your angels and spiritual guides are with you. They will guide you and make everything accessible to you at the right time. At workplace you might find a senior who will be helping you in your new project. A promotion at present company or a new job opportunity is coming your way. Make sure you use your finances carefully as you might be tempted to spend too much on your home decoration or for your family members. Remember to finish all the tasks or situations before moving on and boarding a new train. Carrying too much luggage might not give you permission to board the train. Some adjustments are required so that you can be on your new phase of life with happiness and joy. Open your heart and speak the truth, this will help to resolve many issues.


A new journey is about to start it might be an inner journey or outer one. Be ready for unexpected changes but the beautiful one if only you take your journey to the right direction. Ask yourself what you want to be? Where you want to be? What was your dream? Remember to enjoy every moment of this journey rather then thinking about the destination.


Fighting or competing with the people with less calibre than you are is more difficult to accept. You know well that you deserve the best as you have put that efforts and hard work, but justice hasn’t been done with you. But the advice here is to ignore the wrong doings and focus on the future as you know that it isn’t your fault. Be the king of the jungle and find out where you have been lacking to make it to the top, rather than analysing what others are doing. Pick your battle wisely and you will save lot of energy and divert it to the actual purpose of life. Have faith in your dreams and remember that nothing is impossible. Yes, you have come through a long tough time but remember only tough people can survive the hard battle. You will be rewarded now with the options/opportunities and given the chance to choose for yourself. Every opportunity is going to be the best than other so you can choose which path is going to take you to your dreams. Blessings are going to be showered upon you as a reward of your hard work. But remember to make right choices and correct decisions without getting overwhelmed with the opportunities coming your way. You might feel at times that life is repeating some situations, but life is giving you another chance to make things right. Now with all the past experiences you can look at the situations differently and act differently and wisely. Financial abundance and security are on its way. Make sure you enjoy every moment of life without regretting the past and try to mend all that has been broken by you intentionally or unintentionally.


Thinking time is over and now is the time to act upon your plans. You might be thinking of executing a plan from long time. It could be at personal front or professional front, but you have taken lot of time to think rather then act. If your intentions are good and you know there is nothing wrong in it then go for it. It’s better to take action and do something rather than not doing anything.


Narrow your focus as you are trying to do many things at a time which is why you are not able to achieve the desired result. Focus on few things which you know you are best at, and you can easily get the work done. But right now, your thoughts and energy both are scattered. If required do take the advice of a wiser and older person who can help you out to sort your priorities. This person is going to be a spiritual follower who will guide you to the right path. Financial growth might have been going slow now or you might feel that you are not able to earn enough. Yes, things have been slowed down a little but its not at all bad just here is the matter of focus. Family members might be little bit cribbing about the same and not supporting you. But you have the support of the love of your life. This person is going to be a strong pillar for you with whose support you are going to achieve you dreams very soon. All the suffering will come to an end, and you know the reason behind your sufferings. It’s just you need to take the right step and free yourself from the unnecessary burden. But this phase is going to pass soon. Right now, you might not be able to see clearly but soon the clouds will clear its way and the light will fall upon you. Someone special is waiting patiently for you to clear all your issues and reach up to him/her with the real you. Remember to communicate your intentions clearly to this person or you might lose him/her. Divine time is getting ready for you so now is the right time to pause and rejuvenate yourself so that you can think clearly and set your priorities right.


This is not the right time to take risk and make hasty decisions. Now is the time to plan carefully and act upon it. Clear the clutter from your life which does not serve your highest good. End the relationship which is getting toxic and not supporting you at any good cause. Some tough decisions need to be made but with calm mind.


Changes are under process, and you might not be able to see it right now, but they are. You might be struggling at your workplace to create your own identity when you know you deserve more than this. Everyone knows that you have lot of talent and skills if used correctly can bring more productivity. But still, you are struggling to prove your talent. But wait someone special is going to enter your life, it could be a soulmate or a friend or an ex-colleague who will bring good opportunity to you. An opportunity of freelancing, work from home or a job which offer you a great position as per your skills and talent. Good luck is now going to be all yours, unlock the hidden talent within you and stop criticizing and finding faults within you. Those who are single might find your special someone at some gatherings, events, function or at public place where many people come to chill. Those who are in a long-term relationship might get into a higher commitment. Senior couples might get remarry to celebrate their long-term loving marriage. It’s time to take risk and move beyond your fears. Take the leap of faith may it be in personal life or professional but now it has become necessary to do so. If you keep playing safe you might not be able to move ahead in life. Meditate and ask yourself where and how you want to see yourself in future and you will find your answers soon. Maintain balance between spiritual and practical life and you will find how smoothly your boat sails through the calm water.


If you are feeling that something isn’t right than you need to check on it immediately where you need to bring the changes. Go with the flow and you will see how life has surprises store for you. Life is now bringing in the change and you need to go with the flow with gratitude and love. The blessings are coming in and all your wounds are going to be healed soon.


At present you might be feeling drained out emotionally as well as physically. But wait do not give up now as this is the time of ending the old and starting the new. You might start a new business or a new job with good pay check. Roar and take charge of your own life and let your confidence shine. Right now, you might find it difficult to come out of the situation you are stuck in, but you are not alone, there are many due to the present situation in the world right now. But very soon your luck is going to be on your side. Do not allow worries and fears to overtake and bring more chaos in life. A time for completion and winding up of all the old and entering the new phase of life. Make friendship with the peace by meditating and surrendering to the divine, you will find yourself healing on all aspect of life. You are guided by your spiritual friends and guides make sure your mind is calm to listen to their guidance. Someone close to you might help you to come out of the stuck situation. A reunion can happen with your childhood love. You might meet that person on the social media and there are chances of you getting a letter from that person. Your soulmate is about to make an entry into your life once the blockage of your life is clear. Do not hold on to any past bad experiences as they are creating blockages and good and positive energies are not able to flow into your life.


You might be experiencing overflow of emotions as you are too tired of the clutter in your life. Do feel those emotions and embrace them it will help you to understand yourself better and clear the blockages they are creating inside you. Once you let your emotions outburst you will experience how you are expanding your spirituality and your thought limits.


A huge transformation is taking place, do not be scared. Something needs to end to make way for new. Do not cry over the spilled milk as this will block your vision and you will not be able to see the future clearly. A long-waited opportunity is coming your way. You might also get a chance to move /shift from one place to another may be another city or country. Be open and ready for the changes as life is giving you a chance to co-create your life as per your wish. Ask yourself questions that why these things are happening right now? Have you ever wished for? What and where exactly you want to be in your life? What exactly you want from life? Respect the decision and blessings of the universe with gratitude and love and not out of fear. A new life is around the corner. So, take a deep breathe and wake up to the new and exciting life ahead. Your special someone is searching for you right now, be ready to be found and loved. This person will be loyal and sincere to you and to this relationship. You will be getting lot of surprises and gifts all the time just to make you feel special. You will experience lot of intimacy in this relationship, may be a steamy one. It will be difficult for both of you to stay away from each other.


Keep your high expectation about yourself aside and make your life simple. Choose only what is important for you, choose what makes you happy. Clear all the clutter from your life and let the soul be free from the unnecessary connections. Take time out to breathe and start enjoying every small moment of life to the fullest. You will find yourself connected to your higher self and will get the clarity of what exactly you were looking for since long time.

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