Weekly Tarot Guidance: 06.06.21 – 12.06.21


A beautiful work is in progress and you must keep your focus on making the foundation solid. Whatever you are going to work upon may it be new or old it is going to bring positive changes in your life. If you dream of starting something new than trust your dreams and go ahead. If practically it’s not yet possible start making plans and find various ways to do it.


Starting something new which involves a huge responsibility of others life can be scary. But you are meant to do something that is going to help others to change their life. You are blessed and guided to walk on a new path. Let the fear and negativity go away and fill yourself with hopes and positivity.


Expect a powerful change coming in, an important turning point in your life. Soon you are going to find out the map of the hidden treasure. A sudden financial gain, a new and rare opportunity emerging from nowhere or finding something important that has been long lost. Trust your intuitions as they will be guiding you to the right path and to the hidden treasure.


Blessings of abundance coming your way in every aspect of your life. Be ready and open to receive the blessings. But remember you must be active and in action to let the blessings in. Do not forget to be thankful for the whatever you have in your life. You will be experiencing deeper commitment and intimacy in your relationship.


Healing is taking place on every aspect of life. You might find chaos steering up suddenly, but this is going to happen as every aspect of life now needs to be healed from its root cause. Your focus right now needs to be on your inner transformation, keep working on yourself to bring the peace which will help you take right decisions.


Ending of an old phase and entering to a new one, so do not worry if something is going to end. You are entering a new phase of life which has joy, happiness, pleasure store in for you. A place where your dreams are going to be manifested. Make sure you enjoy every moment of your life.


Keep yourself away from the material world. Learn to recognise the real face of the people who are wearing mask around you. They might not have a good motive or intention for you. Be ready to embrace the life’s blessings that are coming your way. A refreshing energy is going to fill in your life. Angels are watching over you. Be aware to feel their presence and messages that they want to convey you.


Spirit guides are listening to you and sending you favourable replies. Be aware of the signs or symbols through which they will answer your questions. This is the time to clean or sort out the mess that you have created. Now is not the right time to move ahead without closing the previous karmas. You are being guided and if you listen closely, you will be able to sort out things easily.


Once you accept the fact that life is unfolding according to the divine planning you will find peace. Stop searching for peace as it resides within you. Disconnect yourself from the unnecessary attachment and spend some time in nature. Breathe deeply and listen to your inner guide where you will find all your answers.


Focus on what you want and not what you do not want. There is a difference when we focus on what we don’t want out of fear. These fearful emotions are stronger. Let yourself be free to imagine what you want and let universe decide how to fulfil it. Aim high and keep working for it and your dreams will come true.


Are you feeling low or stuck? Then ask yourself why are you here in this situation and what has bought you here? Take some time out for yourself to find the answers. Calm yourself and you will be able to listen to your inner voice and find the answers. Heal yourself as you are moving towards a new phase of life. Enter the new phase with a newer and wiser you.


An inner transformation is taking place now. All your past wounds are getting healed, and you are feeling fresh and renewed. You are learning to love yourself and starting a new relationship with self. You might meet someone special this week. A new love relationship is going to blossom now.

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