Tarot Guidance: 13.06.21 – 19.06.21


If you believe in spiritual guides, then you will feel their presence around you. You might feel as you are getting messages or answers through some signs or dreams. A new adventurous life is around the corner. A message, a call or an email might knock at your door with a new and exciting opportunity. This will bring a beautiful change in your life.


Some adjustments might be required while walking on a new path. You must follow the rules which are already set whether you believe in them or not. But if you want to change the rules then you must follow them to reach a certain level to bring the changes. Make sure you enjoy every moment of this adventurous journey while learning new lessons.


End of an old cycle and a new beginning is around the corner. A time of growth and living your passion. You will have all the resources available to you whenever required. You have the power to shape your life. The time is everything and the right time is now. You will be giving birth to new ideas which will bring a huge transformation in your life. Your life is expanding in a beautiful way.


This is time to be still and listen to your inner voice. What is it that needs to be heard? Your inner self is trying to guide you and help you choose the right path. Be graceful while listening and accepting the gift that life wants to give. Now is the time to heal things that are pending from a while. Forgive yourself and let go off bad experiences from the past.


Start enjoying your life. Be present in the moment. Stop struggling and worrying too much about your future. If you start working in present for the desired future, you will not have to worry. Trust that you do not have to struggle for love, it flows within you. Pull off the mask you wear and be your true self with others. Surprisingly, you will see how you attract loving energy in your life.


Time is everything and the right time is now. If you are thinking or planning to start something new, then now is the right time. Your life is taking a beautiful turn. It is expanding in a wonderful way. Be open and ready for the new beginnings that are going to bring positive and big changes.


Be sure to complete the task or finish the unfinished business/situation/relationship before moving forward. Blessings with new beginnings are on their way to you so you need to clear all the clutter. Now is the time when all your dreams are ready to be manifested. Be open and graceful to receive the gifts of life.


Blessings will be showered upon you. But remember you can enjoy them when your loved ones are with you to share your joy. Your loved ones might have been distant, physically as well as emotionally. If you were too busy to notice it, you will now realise your mistake. Let blessings come in and let your loved ones join you while you welcome them.


Lot of chaos in your life and mind at the same time. Let everything take a back seat for some time. Relax! You might be planning to start something new or give a new direction to your life. Whatever it could be, you need to take some time out for yourself. Think and make sure your thoughts are clear before embarking on any new journey.


Let your talent be the centre of attraction. Confidence is the key to success, and you need to flaunt your talent effortlessly. Step up and let your talent shine. Time to take the leadership role and lead others. Being a leader could also be a role of a teacher, healer, or a counsellor. Time to become the light for others. Once you accept and start this new journey you will be surprised to see what all surprises life has in store for you.


You might be unsure about a situation/relationship. Transformation is taking place. If you remain positive and let the universe unfold its mystery in its own way, you will receive the gift for your patience and trust soon. Enjoy every moment of life. Do not make any hasty decision when you are not sure about it.


Be ready to receive the blessings of life and experience wonderful miracles. Stop worrying and let life unfold its beauty on its own way. Trust that you are guided and protected. Be open, to hear and see the signs that universe is sending towards you, may it be sign boards or a para in a book or a dream or a song, it could be anything. Breathe and relax.

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