Tarot Guidance: 18.07.21 – 24.07.21


You might be going through a difficult situation, especially at workplace. You need to be clear and open in your communication or else misunderstandings might lead to gossips and more issues. Be flexible if you want to come out of it easily. Your flexibility and ability to handle this situation will result into a win-win outcome.


You are walking towards your dream with confidence and trust in yourself. This is the best phase of your life where you are going to achieve whatever you have dreamt of. You might also get a chance to travel abroad for a new job or project. A new beginning is around the corner waiting with new opportunities for you.


A time of celebration is near, a time to celebrate your achievements. If anytime you feel that your achievements or dreams are being restricted, then be sure that you are being protected from something that you are unaware of. Trust the Universe and relax. Focus on your own personal growth and development. You are going to come out a winner in every aspect of your life.


Your hard work and efforts are going to be a bridge that will lead you to your dreams. An opportunity might be presented to you to move to a new place. But once you receive such an opportunity, do not lay back and relax. Keep working towards your dreams, only then you will be able to achieve your goals. If you find any repeating pattern in your life, make sure you analyse things carefully and learn the lesson the situation is trying to teach you to end the cycle.


A little confusion about your own emotions might create problems. But remember you must go through some phases to be wiser. Your intuitions are guiding you, pay attention to them and you will find all your answers. You must learn to let go off that is not meant for you. You have a lot of good things waiting for you. Turn around and see, you are not alone. Be open to have honest communication with your loved ones and you will find that you were unnecessary tying yourself to the past.


Workplace right now may be demanding. You might need to put a lot of hard work to keep your job safe. But there is nothing to worry about. Your hard work is going to pay. It will take you closer to your dreams. Hold on tightly and do not give up hope. Maintain balance between hard work and smart work. Keep your mind calm so that you can find new and creative ways to do your work.


Celebration time is extremely near to you, but you might come across some delays and hurdles. You need to check what exactly these hurdles are. Are these hurdles internal or external? Are you feeling anxious or are the situations truly tough? In any case, try to be flexible and open. Also, if required, ask for help without any hesitation. Being flexible will save you and help you to move ahead. Being stubborn will create more difficulties.


You might face difficulties or hurdles in your current relationship or while finding love. You just need to talk to yourself and listen to your heart quietly to get all the answers you need. Open your heart and trust that your heart can be loved and that it could also be safe. Blessings are coming your way mostly in your love life. So be ready to be loved and don’t forget to reciprocate. Someone from past or known person who isn’t in touch with you from a long time might come with a love proposal.


A deep sorrow or emotions are troubling you as you are unable to find out why and what exactly the emotions are. Allow yourself to let the emotions out and feel them rather hide them from self. If required, speak to someone who can be your guiding light and help you to find out the reason. But remember unless and until you do not allow others to help you, no one will be able to. Let someone help you to bridge the gap that you have created between yourself and your emotions.


Make sure you don’t spend unnecessarily. Right now, saving money for future is the need of the hour. Someone from past might come back and you will find yourself stuck between past and present. Be careful with whom you share these details with as this might later become a topic of gossip in the community or friend circle. You are about to enter a beautiful, new phase in life so be sure you take right decision with a calm mind.


Luck and fate are on your side now, but you need to focus on one thing at a time. People around you are faithful and trustworthy. They also support your dreams. You might find it difficult to handle some situations but remember this is just out of fear. In reality, situations are not that difficult. Sometimes you do not like the situation or people that you meet but you have to accept them as they are and keep moving forward because you cannot change those things.


Let your symphony end on a high note. Do not leave any business or relationship unfinished. You are about to enter a new phase. Before that, you should close old chapters or learn lessons that were meant for you. Every aspect of life is going well still you need to learn to balance and handle your life maturely. You are about to settle down with the love of your life. You may buy a new house and move in together.

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