Tarot Guidance: 25.07.21 – 31.07.21


Right now, your creativity and enthusiasm are very high. You are ready with a lot of options and plans for the future. Lot of opportunities are coming your way and you are ready to conquer the world. But many times, you fear moving ahead due to past bad experiences related to finances. Trust yourself and call upon help from your spiritual guides. Meditate regularly and you will find your answers. But remember if you have already learnt the lessons in the past, then it won’t repeat itself again.


You are on a new journey starting something new. But do not forget to close the old that could act as an emotional disturbance within you or in a relationship. Give a closure to everything that does not support your highest good. You are pretty much into planning than executing it. Planning is good but executing the same will help you reach your goal.


Whichever field you are in or planning to enter, you need to collect all the knowledge and information beforehand. Spiritual guides are around to help and protect you from any difficult situation. But you need to be calm to listen to their guidance. Your intuitions are always guiding you but many times you ignore them as they are against your wish. They stop you at present as your soul can see the distant future but you are seeing just the immediate one.


A broken heart needs to be healed now, may it be a childhood memory or a broken family or a love relationship. Release the past and move ahead. If required, take help of a professional to heal your emotional wounds. You are restricting yourself to a few ideas that are not helping you to grow professionally. Be open to new ideas and creativity. Let yourself take the leap of faith and believe that you deserve more than you think.


You may be fighting an internal fight with your own emotions or an external fight especially at workplace. You might have come to know that someone close to you at workplace has been deceiving you which makes it difficult for you to trust anyone anymore. A wiser person is going to enter your life who is going to be your guiding light. This person could enter your life as a friend and could be from writing, communication, or publishing field. Later this friendship could turn into a special bonding.  


You have all the resources available to you to reach your goal. Remember you are the only responsible person to build your dreams. Comparing your life with others is not going to help you build your dreams. Everyone has their own karma to settle. Be confident and let your creative side shine. Make sure you remain calm to focus on your own dreams so that you can choose the right path and options for you.


Maintaining balance between emotions and practicality is a must. Planning and strategizing things are the need of the hour. To keep up with this competitive world you need to be on your toes and plan things accordingly. Also, you should always be ready to make any modification needed in your planning at any time. Make sure you give yourself a break and spend some time with the nature which will help you to channelize your energy in right way.


You might be going through some conflict in a relationship. Distance in the relationship could be the reason for the conflict and arguments. You are not sure how to maintain the connect and keep the romance alive through distance. Make sure you make yourself emotionally available when your partner needs you. If you remain too engrossed in your own needs and dreams, then you might lose your love. Singles might find new love entering their life.


Your loved ones and spiritual guides are around you to guide and protect you. But you tend to ignore those messages and also your inner voice as you are too scared to listen and follow them. Your financial worries are about to end now as they are ready to flow in abundance. Let your heart be free and accept the love it receives. Someone special is about to enter your life with a helping hand especially where family is concerned.


Now is the time when you are going to receive and pay off for the hard work you have done in your past. Be ready for the surprises. But remember to be always curious and excited like a kid and keep finding new things and new ways to do your work. Also do not get too attached to any work or people at workplace. You need to be always practical and detached where your work is concerned.


It seems that from a long time, you have been ignoring your inner voice. This inner voice is asking you to respect and value yourself. Make yourself a priority and do not let others treat you disrespectfully. You have been isolating yourself due to their behavior. You have started losing your confidence due to lack of self-realization. Unless and until you do not take action for your self-respect no one can help you.


You might be in a fight with yourself trying to understand whether to let go or hold on. If this question arises than the answer should be clear to you. You are a strong headed person once you decide to do something nothing can stop you. This is the time which is asking you to reflect within and find some answers to your questions. Be ready for the surprises life is going to offer you for the good work that you have done in the past.

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