Tarot Guidance: 01.08.21 – 07.08.21


You are ready to act upon your dreams and reach out to your desires. Travelling for personal or work purpose could happen this week. Silence your mind as there are lot of stuff going on in your head. Listen to your inner voice and if you miss that you won’t be able to remain on the right path. Be flexible or else you will miss lot of options that are going to help you to reach your destination.


You have been through a lot of difficulties but has overcome it with grace and strength. This time has made you mature enough to understand other people’s perspective and not everyone can be same. You have all the resources available to you that is required, but many times you are hesitant to use those. Interrogate yourself and find out the reason. Be open and aware about your feelings and emotions or you might miss beautiful opportunity of finding love.


You have mastered or about to master to remain calm and handle the difficult situation easily. Remember the difficult situation or a person is here to teach you something that is going to be lesson for you to teach others. A great time is ahead waiting for you. May be right now you are unable to see it but if you remain focused on your goals then nothing could stop you. Someone might be creating blockages in your path but remember no one can change your destiny other than you.


You are too tired of carrying burdens of others, may it be professional or personal. You need to learn to share your work or feelings with others with whom you can trust upon. Sharing does not mean you are weak, or others will start judging you. Take a break and spend some time doing what you love to do. Focus on what is important for you and not for others. Now is the time to socialise and meet new people. Being lonely for too long is taking you away from your real self. Follow your intuitions as they are guiding you to the right path. If you feel something or someone is not right, then listen to your instinct.


Listen to your inner voice, your soul knows the purpose of your life. If you listen to it carefully you will start a new journey that your soul is longing for. Do not share your new plans with anybody as there might be someone who looks your well-wisher, but they are not. Some minor changes in your life are going to take place. There is nothing to worry if you are focused and take a firm decision about your life and the path you select for the same. For a change keep fears, worries and doubts aside and make the growth of your life the topmost priority.


If you are feeling that something is good but not working for your highest good, then do not be scared to leave the situation. You know what is good for you and trust your instinct and follow the same. Financially right now you might be worried as you think money is just flowing out like water. But you need to think smartly and then invest your money at right place. Nurture your garden carefully so it could blossom with abundance. Maintain the balance and harmony in relationships with utmost care and love.  


It’s high time to break the chain and come out of your fears and move ahead. Unnecessary worries will create anxiety in you. If you want a new beginning, you must face the fears and take the risk. Try something new as the new beginnings are waiting for you to break the old thought pattern and start anew. A powerful change and a new beginning are waiting for you. Financially you may be in a tight situation right now. So, spend only when and where necessary, spend only on your needs and not what you want.


Justice will be served, a new beginning is on its way, more space is created for you. But if you do not act and execute your plans to bring the change then the situation might become stagnant. Stop spending money on unnecessary things and start saving for your future. Make sure you plan and manage your finances considering the investment for your new project or for the future. You might meet some of your old friends in a reunion party and be on the trip to the old memories.


You feel of being left out and everyone else has everything except you. Someone elder to you is trying to help you. But this person’s help is making you feel like interference or dominating. This person is trying to teach you to follow the rules and discipline while moving ahead. Sometimes its good to listen to the elders and follow the path that you are not able to cross. There are adjacent possibilities available for you which you need to look out for. Life is opening every door for you with lot of opportunities so be ready to look out for the one that is suitable for you.


A happy, healthy, and beautiful time is coming towards you. A complete new journey is about to begin. This could be shifting from one place to another for a new job to a new house, or getting married and starting a new life, or welcoming a new family member. Right now, you might be feeling a disconnect at your present workplace or situation or life. You might feel that life has been put on hold. But universe is working for your better life ahead. And this pause is for you to think about how you can bring the change that you want to see in your life.


Learn to say ‘NO’ if this is going to keep you at peace and safe. Not always you have to worry for others, keeping your energy safe and protected is your duty. Someone is defaming or degrading you and making you to ask question about your own value. This is the time when you need an alone time to think and act upon how you should react or act for yourself. A time for a deep inner transformation. You might feel that this person or situation can harm you, but this storm will pass without touching you.


The dark time is behind you now or at least started to fade. Work on your spiritual side ad you will find many doors of opportunities opening for you. Your energy level is very high now and full of new and passionate ideas are bursting out. You are about to enter a new blissful relationship. Those who are already in a relationship is about to enter higher commitment. This is a time of enjoyment, fulfilment and celebration with your family and loved ones. Maintain the balance between your personal and professional life.

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