Tarot Guidance: 08.08.21 – 14.08.21


You will now see rapid developments, after a long time. It’s time to enjoy Me time. You need to stop thinking about past and worrying about the future. Do not allow others to decide your worth, be yourself. You should know your worth. Take a break as this time is given to you to heal yourself. Have some more patience and you will see the magic happening to you.


You are now on a new path and journey. Be bold and confident. Take necessary steps without hesitation. Be carefree and enjoy this time but not be careless. Carelessness might take things back to the square one making times difficult again. If you keep moving forward you will enjoy the rewards on every step that you take towards your dream.


You must be tired about the delays that are adding stress to your current situation. This is the time when your soul is trying to teach you something that you have signed up for. Think carefully where exactly the blockages are? Maybe you know the way out. It’s a good time to look for a new job if you are looking for a change. This is the right time. Your hard work is going to pay off.


The pain or the stress you are going through needs to be addressed. Allow yourself to feel it, experience it and then let it go. Do not slip into the comfort zone of ignoring the pain and still carrying it within. Isolating yourself and not trusting anyone will make things more difficult. Step out and talk to someone who will guide you out of this situation. Cut the chords to make a fresh start.


You have decided to look for the blockages and remove all of them. You have decided to leave the situation or people who longer serve your highest good. You are now able to recognise and count the blessings that you could not recognise earlier as your concept of happiness was different.


You have gone through a tough phase but now healing is taking place. But it seems that you are not comfortable with the changes that are coming in. Whether you like it or not, this is the time when changes will happen in order to take you to the next phase of your life. Communicating your feelings with someone you can trust could be helpful, especially with your mother or a mother in your life. Working through your fears should be your priority now.


A new beginning is on its way, make sure you take all the ethical steps while moving ahead. The struggle period is coming to an end. You are heading towards your destiny. A romantic phase is about to begin. This special someone is going to show you the beautiful and bold side of yourself. A decision regarding a higher commitment in relationship will be made this week.


You might be facing some difficult time in a relationship with your family member. A senior person at workplace might be too dominating and giving you sleepless nights. But remember to choose your battle wisely. Is it worth fighting right now or finding another solution would be a better option? Look at the bigger picture and work towards it. Have faith in your dreams and keep working on it.


Now your thoughts are getting clear. You know what exactly you need in your life. Sometimes while starting something new, the old has to end. This is the time when you need to cut the ties from the old that does not serve your highest good. But remember to communicate clearly before taking any steps where other people’s life is going to be affected by your decision. Take some time out for yourself. Breathe, calm your mind before taking any steps.


A new beginning is on its way but before that make sure you do not carry any old baggage with you. Cut the ties with the situation or people that are not working for you. This is the time when you need to maintain a balance between your heart and mind. Be ready to say, ‘No’ wherever necessary. Do not accept anything under pressure. There is still a lot of scope for you to bring the change that you want to see in your life.


A new beginning in every aspect of your life is on the cards, may it be in your career or love life. Regardless of challenges and delays, the outcome will be successful with happiness and affection. Remember, do not let your pride or bad experiences hold you back. Overcome your fears as this is your time where you are about to achieve what you have dreamt of.


Feeling exhausted mentally more than physically with all that has happened till now. This is the time to withdraw and take some time out for yourself to breathe some fresh air. Do not keep getting lost in the old good memories. Instead, start making new memories and start living in the present. An old lady is trying to help you to sort things out, but due to some restrictions and her limitations, she could not help you the way you expect her to.

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