Tarot Guidance: 15.08.21 – 21.08.21


You are very close to achieving your goal now so do not think of giving up. You have come through a very long, tiring battle; a little more patience, and you will be there. Leave your past behind and move forward. Change is coming in a rapid way towards you so be prepared. Now is the time to think outside the box whether it’s a solution to your problems or starting a new project.


A new source of income, a new job, or a new project is coming your way. But before accepting or starting anything new, do check the authenticity of the same. A proper planning, study and strategy will make your new project, job, or business successful. Spend some time with yourself and your thoughts so that you could make justice with your dreams.


You are about to start a new, adventurous journey by taking a leap of faith. Your present situation might not be bad but you now desire to head towards growth. The growth could be personal or career wise as you are not ready to stay stuck in a stagnant situation. Be clear while speaking but also be careful with your words as they should not create any issues for you. All the answers that you are seeking for are coming to you.


Are you in a relationship where you are still hoping to find someone else? If yes, then you should be honest and take an exit from the current relationship. You might find someone with whom you could get attached too quickly. This is the time when you must balance your emotions and practicality while making decisions. This person will fill the void in your life and bring a wonderful change.


Time to travel for the ones who love traveling. This could be worldwide travel for leisure or for work. The advice here is: do not give up or be lazy while pursuing your dreams. Just because things are not been working right now does not mean they won’t ever. Look at the bigger picture, there is always a reason behind everything. Luck is on your side, right now you might not be able to see it but the universe is working for you in its own magical way. So, start counting your blessings.


The end of a tough phase is near, and you are about to enter a new phase of life. Whatever the situation is, make sure you maintain a balance between your practical and emotional needs. Now is not the time to give up as you are very close to the finishing line. Look within and ask if you are doing enough for the situation before you decide to give up.


It’s a big ‘Yes’ when it comes to getting all the answers you are looking for. Do not just wait and watch but take actions for the life that you are dreaming of. Someone is trying to flirt with you in a very charming way and you are liking it. You might decide to go where your heart takes you and not do what society expects from you. You might experience some delays at workplace related to project, promotion, increment or transfer.


Let your focus shift from material gains to your passion and working towards it. Choosing the right way to realise your dreams will help you materialistically; on the other hand, you will also achieve your goals. You might have started losing confidence and ability to face the situation. You need to meditate and find out what and where things are going wrong, and you will find the right answers and path to walk on.


Currently, things might be going very well and smooth. Everything excites you and you have a lot of enthusiasm to complete your tasks. But take one thing at a time and do not be too hasty while working or making decisions. Your plans need to be practical. There should be a balance between your dreams and practicality. You might, at some point of time, feel uncertain about a decision that could be related to loyalty, relationship, business or any other aspect of life.


Do not fear losing your job or your position at work. Stop undervaluing yourself. Know your worth and be confident about your work and yourself. Seniors can sense the fear and could take advantage and load you with more and unnecessary work. A new romantic cycle is about to begin. Do not let your fears about relationships stop you from going ahead.


Anything is possible if you believe in it. All your personal issues are going to end now. But still you need some time to heal from the emotions that you have experienced for quite some time. Give yourself time to heal and everything will fall in place at the right time. You are beginning a new spiritual journey where you will be searching yourself.


Delay in marriage, engagement or may be a disheartening situation has arisen. Look at this situation as a lesson which is going to help you in future. Refresh and restart with a wiser you and stop overthinking about the situation and over analysing it. A situation is going to take an unexpected turn so be prepared for it. But be yourself and whatever the situation is, you will handle it easily.

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