Weekly Tarot Guidance: 22.08.21 – 28.08.21


You are on the right path and very close to achieving your dreams. But remember there might still be some hurdles which you need to cross. Be calm and plan things carefully. Sometimes things might be different from what you expect them to be. But always think twice before taking any action, as outcome always depends on what path you chose to reach the destination.


You can’t expect others to understand you every time without expressing your true feelings. Nothing is written in stone, and you still have opportunities and chances to bring the change you want to bring. Do not lose hopes and keep going as new start is on its way. You might not be able to see the change now, but the work is in progress.


All your questions will be answered very soon. If your question is when and how the success is going to be yours then the answer is, ‘soon.’ The answer to your question is soon and a big yes with lot of positivity. So don’t think of giving up as you are very close to your dreams. Tune into your dreams and channelise your energy to work upon it. A positive and successful time is now very close.


Be confident about who you are. Accept yourself the way you are only then you can shine with confidence and expect others to accept you. Do not wait for others to validate you. Expect powerful and positive changes in your life. All that is happening is happening for a reason and for your highest good. All your personal issues are going to be resolved and love will be restored in the situation or relationship.


An issue in family or love relationship is coming to end now. But you need to learn how to communicate and resolve the issues rather than expecting others to understand automatically. If you find communicating difficult then start jotting down your thoughts or feelings in journal. Powerful energies are working for your higher good and you can expect positive changes in your life.


Believe in yourself and your dreams. Others may be questioning your dreams now but once they materialise, everyone is going to praise you for the same. You are going to see positive signs on every step you take towards your dream. Keep your mind open for new ideas as you never know what is going to work for your own good.


It’s a time to live your dream as you are very close to achieving your goals. But there might be some adjustments and compromise required. Do not give up as you might need to re-evaluate your plans and make a new one. Listen to your heart and it will show you the right direction to move forward. Romance is going to bloom in your life. Make sure you give enough time and priority to your loved ones.


Do not waste time where you know that nothing is going to work out. Instead focus on where you would find the results of your hard work and efforts. If not this something better is going to come to you and you need to trust yourself. Success is very close you just have to focus on the right thing. Take time to heal yourself from any past hurt. It’s high time to go what is no longer serving you.


Believe in yourself and learn to value yourself and others will start respecting you. Start saving your money instead of spending it on unnecessary stuff. Well-planned finances will give you long term good results. Take some time out for yourself and ask yourself what is that you really want from life. A new romantic relationship is going to start soon. Or you could restart an old relationship which had either abruptly ended or had lot of issues.


Time to take charge of your life. Be bold and make the move towards your goal. Have clear thoughts about what exactly you want and then follow your heart. It will guide you in the right direction. Nothing is permanent so for now accept the current situation and work on your future. Let go of the negative thoughts and start working towards your goal.


What you had started sometime back might now come to end but only by giving you a positive and fulfilling outcome. You have worked round the clock for this day and now is the time to take some rest. Time to pamper yourself and make your health a priority. A good and healthy diet should be made a routine. Stop over criticizing yourself and take it easy now.


Where are you and where you want to go? If this is the question you are still asking yourself then the answer is right under your nose. You need to pay attention to all the minute details, and you will find the solution immediately. The tough phase of your life is coming to an end but before that you might have to go through a lot of emotional up and downs. Surrender to the divine and trust the universe, it will take care of you.

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