Weekly Tarot Guidance: 29.08.21 – 04.09.21


It seems that you are not ready to let go of your past. You think you have already released the hurt and pain, but it keeps coming back. Remember, change is constant and you need to accept it at the earliest. Whatever happened was fated for you to learn something from it. A new, beautiful and colourful phase of life is calling you.


Life is speeding up now so be ready to experience a new and beautiful phase of life. Someone is coming towards you with a love proposal. Do not hold yourself back fearing pain of hurt. If you have any doubts, may it be about personal or professional life, you need to start observing the situations or people from distance. You will find happiness soon if you think and observe before taking action.


Confusion is creating chaos in your head right now. You know what is right and what exactly you want to do, but still, you are not finding the right note to tune in to. You are divinely guided and protected. You have the power to create something new and beautiful not only for yourself but for others too. You can bring the change in the world by using your talent. Let your heart guide you and remember you are on the right track and a new beginning is on its way.


All is going well but you feel bored as everything at peace. Do not try to shake things up just for entertainment. Enjoy the peace. If you are trying to get something and that is denied than know that you are being protected. You might feel that the person or the thing is best for you but remember not all that glitters is gold. Things might not be as good as they seem from a distance.


If everything goes well, you start doubting and start wondering how is everything going so well. Those who are getting engaged or married are unnecessarily stressing about their future. A new beginning, new life, beautiful new future is waiting for you. If you find any situation repeating itself or you are revisiting it then do not worry, you are now just looking at the past to test yourself. You are just testing your new perspective towards the situation, as you have already left past behind. 


A time of celebration and new beginnings. You will find someone special this week. A love offer is coming your way. Some of you might start a family. Some of you might move out with your spouse and kids to a new place, away from your family. The situation might get little emotional but there will be peace between the families.


Your patience is now over, and you are not ready to wait anymore for things to happen. You are ready for action and accomplish what you dream of. Your struggle period is finally coming to an end. You might receive some good news via a message, email or a phone call. This message is going to bring a massive change in your life. This change is going to renew your life for good.


If you are waiting for some good news or job/business proposal, then you can expect it this week. You might feel like hiding somewhere and being with yourself all alone. It’s okay if you do not want to be around people for some time. Take time out to breathe as you really need a break to rejuvenate yourself. Meditate and spend some time in nature and you will find all the answers that you are seeking.


You are thinking of turning every wrong of the past into right. You want to push the restart button and start all over again. This might be about a relationship that you have lost. You should start maintaining balance between your work and personal life. The right balance of give and take and valuing a relationship is important. Right now everything seems to be uncertain but listen to your heart and follow it.


A new beginning in a relationship is on the cards. Someone special is going to enter your life with an offer. This offer could be of job/business proposal but soon this professional association with turn into a personal relationship. Do remember to keep a connect with your higher self by practicing meditation and yoga. Spend some time in the nature and you will feel renewed and calm. Life needs to be balanced. Give it a fair chance. Do not worry much and go ahead.


You are going to get an unbelievable offer of a job/business/project. This job/business will demand a lot of travelling. But you are going to enjoy every bit of it but make sure you do not spend unnecessarily as this work is going to bring good luck and prosperity with it. Also remember that all your hard work and efforts have brought you to this success. So do not start taking your work lightly.


A new beginning in every aspect of life is rapidly coming your way. All your struggles are about to get over. You might think that you are all alone in this journey, but you are not. Someone special is going to enter and change your life. This person will make you forget your struggles and make you realise that life is all about beauty and blessings.

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