Weekly Tarot Guidance: 05.09.21 – 11.09.21


Those who have been facing age-old health issues are going to get a healer soon. A time has come when the old is going to end and a new, healthy start is about to begin in all aspects of life. A beautiful and colourful start. This new beginning will bring a feeling of safety and security along with it.


Life is speeding up now so be ready to experience a new and beautiful phase of life. Someone is The cards foretell a peaceful week ahead with your life partner or someone close to you. You might buy or shift to a new house. You might also take some time off to decorate/renew your house. You may also get a surprise this week with great opportunities coming your way. Some news about a family member may also bring happy surprises.


Divine timing has started where you may meet your special someone. This person knows how to unlock your heart and free you from the prison of your past. Soon you will find a new direction and guidance to move ahead in your career. A divine guidance is on its way.


Good news and good luck are on their way for your entire family. A family reunion with your cousins could happen at your grandparents’ house. You are going to enjoy every bit of it reliving all the old memories. Also, the doors that were closed either at professional or personal level are going to reopen for you.


People who are in a gay/lesbian relationship might face difficulties from society. You might be grounded by your family as they might not accept this relationship. Your partner will patiently wait for you to come back. You might take legal help to resolve the issue.


Great opportunities might knock on your door. These rare and beautiful opportunities will excite you but at the same time, might also make you anxious as you decide which opportunity to choose. While choosing, ask yourself what are you comfortable with and where does your happiness lie when it comes to long term association.


A journey towards knowledge gaining is going to begin now. This journey of learning could also be inner work. You might start recognising the hidden potential within you. Or you might start learning about some ancient knowledge that very few people know about. This might demand a lot of travelling to new places.


This week you might be presented with two offers that would be too good to be true. Remember to choose the one that takes you closer to your dream instead of the one that brings more success and money. Many of you will enter a higher commitment in relationship. This is going to be a sensual and passionate love week.


Be careful of the deceptive people around you. Someone in a group can try to deceive you by alluring you to new opportunities or money. Also try to be one person at a time. You are deceiving yourself and others too by playing two roles at a time. Be the real you and let others see it as well.


If you are waiting for someone special to come and sweep you off your feet, then the wait is going to be over soon. Those who are in a relationship are going to get romantic surprises from your partner. A mystery that has been making you uneasy could be resolved soon.


Now is the time to step out and show the courage to do something new. This new venture/business/job is going to bring good luck and success. You are going to shine bright with your abilities and confidence. All this time you will be accompanied by a very loyal friend/partner. This person is going to be your strong support system.


A soulmate connection and a spark of romance is going to happen this week. Your wait is going to be end, and you will find a romantic partner soon. But you need to be alert and social so that your special someone could reach out to you. This is going to be a fated meeting.

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