Weekly Tarot Guidance: 12.09.21 – 18.09.21

Sorry Guys! Due to Ganesh Chaturthi could not post Weekly guidance. But didn’t want to disappoint you so here is a short guidance for the week.


A Good week with lot of enthusiasm and creativity and a hopeful perspective towards your life.


Give priority to your emotions and feelings too. Maintain balance between career / practicality and emotions.


Time to connect with your higher self. Now is the time to take initiation and disconnect with material world for some time.


Remember your peaceful nature is your strength and a strong foundation on which you have come so far. So do not let any events/situations disturb you.


A professional or personal trip might get cancelled. But your trip is going to be replaced with a good surprise for you.


Stop resisting your inner voice and listen to them quietly. The spiritual power that you have got cannot be ignored anymore.


You are heading towards a spiritual as well as inner transformation journey. Now you are clear about which path to choose and walk upon.


An old association or relationship is about to end. But soon you will be taking a new path towards your dream.


Feeling of loss in every aspect of life is making you depressed. Start healing the damages without wasting time as time plays an important role.


One of the partners in relationship might have fallen into an old pattern which might create distance between you two. Think about how you can heal the situation.


Do not rush towards a relationship when you are not sure about anything. Take some time and enjoy every moment and let the relationship grow naturally with time.


Free yourself from the restrictions and guilt. Do not hesitate to fall in love with yourself. You are worth loving.

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