Weekly Tarot Guidance: 19.09.21 – 25.09.21


Be sure that you don’t keep holding on to the past for too long. Now is the time to see why all of it happened and what life has in store for you in the future. Life is going to give you a reason to celebrate and party. You are going to get what you deserve. Your hard work is going to pay off now. Take some time out for yourself and give yourself a makeover.


A very powerful and unexpected change is coming in your life. You might not be able to see it right now. Things might be getting delayed or cancelled but you will soon find out the reason. A new and wonderful beginning is on its way. This new beginning is action oriented, you will rarely get time for yourself so be ready as this is going to be an important turning point in your life.


A twin flame or a higher spiritual soul connection is about to enter your life. This instant and powerful connection might scare you a bit. Listen to your heart and take a step ahead. Your lone, struggling time is getting over now. Someone is here to hold your hand and walk with you on a beautiful journey. Let your intuitions guide you.


If you keep avoiding responsibilities and continue being careless, you might have to pay for it. Be mature, accept responsibilities and complete the task that you have taken. If not, you might hit the lowest point in your life. It’s high time to look at yourself, analyse things, and bring the necessary changes that are required in you. If you do so, then you will see how beautiful the outcome is.


You have come out of a difficult time but the wounds are still very fresh. You thought that your dream life is going far away from you. Release the past hurt and give yourself the closure that you need right now. This situation was brought into your life to give you a new perspective. Once you realise this, you will break the struggling pattern and head towards a new beginning. A new beginning awaits you.


You will be presented a lot of good opportunities. You are going to be in a happy state as almost everything is now settled may it be any situation in daily life or career. But remember to not stop putting efforts towards achieving your dreams. The answer to all your questions is ‘YES but not yet’. Your commitment towards your dream is being tested now.


Put your best foot forward and take up the challenges. If you do not dare then you will be stuck with the repetitive pattern in life. Ask yourself whether this pattern is repeating itself because you are not ready to dare to do things in a different manner? Dreaming about a perfect life also needs a practical plan. Along with the plan, you also need to take action towards it. If you want to see the change in your life you need to take actions accordingly. Remember same action will bring same results.


Your wish or dream is to rule the world. Everything should be under your control, and you are the one who will command. But for that you need to be practical. Nothing is going to change overnight; you need to be dedicated to your dreams. Changing your goals and plans every time with your moods or by others opinion is not going to work. A practical and logical plan is what you need to achieve your goals and dreams.


Financial loss or stress regarding repayment of loan is making you anxious. You are not able to focus on your commitments. The work or project you need to complete is suffering due to your lack of concentration. Also, your personal relationships are suffering. You need to make peace with the situation and think of new and creative ideas that can bring a good result to you.


If you feel stuck and not getting the desired results than now is the time to recheck your plans. Maybe you are holding on to the old ways of doing things. Maybe you need to upgrade your knowledge or skills to move ahead in your career. It’s time to release all the old patterns now and walk on a new path with a newer you. It’s time for action and not about thinking about the same situation again and again.


Are you in a toxic relationship/situation? You want to come out of it but cannot. You feel yourself tied to this person or this situation out of habit. Or you are more concerned about the society or family blaming you for your present situation. You have hit the rock bottom of the situation and now is the time to think about yourself and act for your highest good. Make yourself the priority now and let others think what they want to that should not be your concern.


It’s time for you to get what you deserve. The Universe is now working on every aspect of your life. May it be your career, love life, relationships, or any other aspect of life. This is the time if you have been planning to start a business from home or something of your own then now is the great time to start. If you have already started, then you will see the best results/response coming in. But do not forget to be grateful to the universe for the blessings.

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