Weekly Tarot Guidance: 26.09.21 – 02.10.21


You are now going to surrender to the divine. You might start walking on a spiritual path which will take you to the answers that you have been seeking. Now you will start noticing the result of the efforts that you have taken may it be in your career, business, or relationship. You will soon find resolution to all the personal issues that you were going through.


If you have your own business than you will be getting good opportunities to expand it. But you need to remember that while planning or executing the same, you need to be very careful. You need to maintain a perfect balance of emotions and practicality. An influential person might be involved in this process. At work, you might get a promotion or a project to lead. On a personal level, you might have to make some adjustments.


You might get attracted to a career that you never thought about. You will start gaining information about it. Some of you will start upgrading yourself in your present working field. This upgrade will help you get a promotion or a new job. Some of your colleagues might keep humiliating you, but you will not care about anybody. Your focus is to be successful in whatever you do. If you are facing any problems on personal level, then clear communication is the only solution you have.


A rapid progress is seen on the cards, may it be in your professional or personal life. Whatever and wherever you were stuck without any reason now you will be able to see the real reason behind it. You will get all the answers that you need. So do no give up and lose hopes. Be careful while making any decision, a little carelessness might make you regret later. Listen to your intuitions carefully and you will not have to regret.


Be like a lion, as your sign suggests. In fact, you are one, but life’s struggles make you lose your confidence. Be proud of who you are and be the shining light. You have great qualities and skills that you can offer and make yourself shine. Right now, if your work is going unnoticed then think of a smart way to get yourself and your work noticed. A proper plan with smart execution is the need of the hour. And yes, someone is getting attracted towards you.


Some repetitive patterns in life are disturbing you emotionally. You are getting completely drained overthinking about the same. You are off the track from your spiritual path. Take some time to re-evaluate things or situations as why are they repeating? What is it that you can do to change this? Have you really analyzed the situation/s carefully as what exactly they are trying to teach you? If not, start doing it now.


If you are fighting any legal issue, especially with regards to a relationship, then you might win the case. Things right now will not seem to be working for you. You might give up all the hopes and life won’t seem to be playing fair with you. But there are powerful positive changes coming in your life. Once these changes start taking place everything will start making sense to you. And you will soon find out why things happened the way they did.


There might be delay in your pre-planned business tour or a family vacation. But without any regret you will soon plan something with your family. Right now, your family and their happiness is your priority. You might also miss an opportunity to be with your family. But this is the time when you will start reviewing your plans and start all over new again. As you know that you are very close to achieving your goals.


Right now, you are going through a lot of ups and downs in your life. May it be personal or professional, everything is getting affected. This is a repeating pattern in your life especially when it comes to your love relationship. One day there is peace, love and harmony and the other day it is the worst side of the relationship. You need to look carefully as in why situations are repeating themselves. Soon, there are going to be powerful changes in your life. You need to take conscious efforts to bring positive changes.


You might be little skeptical about making decisions. This doubt might be about not being able to decide whether to stay in the present, comfortable situation or to take a risk. If you do not take risk, you will never be able to end the old and start the new. A beautiful start is around the corner waiting for you. You can take this a new start as a beginning of a completely new journey, a new life. The universe is blessing you so be grateful, listen to your intuitions and start taking steps towards it.


Allow situations to unfold naturally and you will find all the answers that you are seeking. The past is over, the door has been closed permanently and there are no chances for you to go back. Practice yoga and meditation regularly so that you can deal with the situation in a balanced and calm manner. Whatever is happening is what your soul has signed for. This is something that is preparing you for the future. Future doesn’t mean the past is going to repeat itself; it means you will be more aware and conscious about making right decisions now.


Step out of your comfort zone and see the new world from a new perspective. May be this new way of doing things might take you closer to your dreams. You need to be very careful in relationships. You need to understand that relationship needs to be balanced. If things are not working out then you need to think about why and how you can make things right. Pregnant ladies need to take extra care of themselves. Make your intuitions your guiding light as now they are very much active and logic won’t work right now.

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