Weekly Tarot Guidance: 17.10.21 – 23.10-.21


You are on the right track and path may it be in your career or personal life. The decisions you have made with hesitations and fear about your future are now going to prove you right. If you are thinking of starting something new, then now is the right time. You are ready to leave your past behind and move towards a brighter future.


It’s time to take life decisions into your own hands. Take the responsibility of your life and don’t depend on other people’s opinion about your life. For some, there is a new start in a relationship and for some, an end of the unwanted relationship. If you strike a correct balance between your emotions and self-respect, then you will be able to take right decision for yourself.


Self-reflection is the need of the hour. If you have been avoiding some issues or emotions thinking that it will resolve with passing time, then you are mistaken. Meditate and contemplate only then you will be able to find the solution. Unless and until you do not let go the past it will keep blocking your future. Face the fears and overcome them to avoid further blockages.


You might be feeling emotionally drained and a disconnect with yourself. You need to work on your fears and for that, you need to spend some time alone to renew and get in touch with your higher self. Whatever happened is now in the past and remember that this happened for your own higher good. This is the time to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.


You are about to drain off completely as you are running out of energy now. You have been working too hard for yourself or for the people in need. But you need to recharge yourself only then you will be able to keep going. Your hard work is going to pay off soon. You are right now under transformation mode of embracing new ideas, new vision, new thinking replacing it with your old thought patterns.


Stop comparing and fighting with those who are not at all worth it. Stop looking at yourself from other people’s eyes. Be yourself and be proud of who you are. Take some time out to look within and find the real you. It’s time to leave your past behind as the new beginnings are on the way. Your dreams are about to manifest.


You are ready to overcome all your fears and move forward with positivity. You now know what exactly you want and how to achieve it without compromising your values. This hard work, determination and correct thinking is going to bring good luck. You will achieve your dream very soon.


A new beginning is on its way specially related to finances or income resources. But remember to give credit to the team that has worked hard with you for this success and new beginnings. May it be your colleagues, family members, or friends. Appreciate their efforts and support for you. It’s time to reflect and make sure that you are not in the ‘me, me and only me’ mode.


Respecting and valuing the people and the things that you have is more important. If you do not value what you have you will have to regret later. It seems that, at present, you are going through a tough phase. But this phase is an important turning point in your life. This has taught you life’s important lessons and has transformed you into a better human being.


An end of a phase and a new phase of life is about to begin. Do not worry about the end as whatever is ending will end on a happy note. This new phase of your life is going to bring a lot of new excitement with it. Travelling all over the world, new opportunities, creative beginnings, etc. But you need to be confident and fearless to take the step towards your better and brighter future.


A very strong and action-oriented change is coming towards you. You need to be on your toes at your workplace and not waste a minute. Your hard work is not going to be wasted but noticed and appreciated by your seniors. A choice between two potential partners may bring a little chaos in your life.


Believing in magic is good but having a practical plan with it will make your dreams come true. You might get a chance to travel for work or you might also relocate with your family. You are going to start a new journey that is planned by you. This new journey is going to take you a better future and closer to your dreams.

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