Weekly Tarot Guidance: 24.10.21 – 30.10.21


Are you not able to figure out what is missing? Or what is it that you are lacking in? But sometimes situations or circumstances aren’t right, and you can do nothing about it. Let go off the control that you are trying to have over the situation. Go with the flow. Everything is going to be fine at the right time. You have done enough from your side now is the time to surrender to the divine.


Cards are predicting success, in abundance. You might be getting promoted or a new job offer with a good position and good salary hike. This is a great time to focus on your dream. Be careful while conveying your disagreement about something. Conflicts might make you regret later as you might win the situation but lose many things/people.


Present time is about speedy progress as all struggle time is ending now. But you need to release some past baggage that you are still carrying with you. You might be searching answers or a path in wrong direction. Change your thoughts, see life in a new way, try something new and let yourself step out of your comfort zone.


Be careful while you are having arguments or get involved in a fight with someone. Let the approach be realistic and logical or else you will lose either good people or your dignity or both. Let your goals and plans be practical or else you might get disappointed later. ‘Once in a blue moon’ kind of opportunity is coming your way. Be open and alert to grab that opportunity or else you will regret later.


You are about to drain off completely as you are running out of energy now. You have been working too hard for yourself or for the people in need. But you need to recharge yourself only then you will be able to provide. A peaceful time with yourself is the need of the hour. A new beginning that you might already be aware of is on the cards. This might excite as well as scare you. Make sure you do not hurt anyone in this process. Trust the universe and surrender yourself to the divine. Meditate regularly and let your thoughts be clear. Meditation, a morning walk, or yoga will help you to maintain balance and walk on the right path.


Be ready to take the responsibilities of your actions and to face its consequences. But if you do so then justice will be made, and you might get some easy punishment. Stop overthinking as this might make things worse. Step out of the situation and then try to see it as a third person and you will find your answers.


At present, you might be feeling hopeless. But you need to honestly answer yourself that what brought you where you are right now. Make sure to you put those efforts and not let this situation repeat itself again. The good news is that all your struggles are now coming to an end and bringing lot of hopes, positivity and happiness with it.


The end of a tough phase is approaching. If you are planning to leave a tough situation, a person or a job then now is the right time. Remember, to end a phase like this, you need to put the required efforts; nothing is going to happen automatically. Tap into your abilities and chase your dream which will soon become a reality.


It looks like you are not aware of how to use the power/authority you have. Take your life’s decision into your own hands. Do not rely on other people’s opinion or validation. Communication is what is lacking from your side. A clear communication is going to solve a lot of issues in your life. A time to wipe the slate clean and start over.


An end of one phase and the beginning on new one is on the cards. Do not worry about the end as whatever is happening, happening for the good. A very happy time is waiting for you in the next phase of your life. If you were facing some issues, situation, illness, etc. then everything is going to heal. Life is taking a positive turn and you can expect your dreams to start turning into reality. Maintain a balance between whatever you plan to do, may it be personal or professional. Make sure you do not take any extreme steps but handle things calmly.


You are capable of handling work and personal life at the same time and still maintain proper balance between both. But you need to understand that not all responsibilities are yours. You are programmed to handle things single-handedly without any help. Learn to distribute your workload and let others also learn to take care of their responsibilities. Success is close so make sure you strike a perfect balance with your work too.


You have whatever you have asked for, maybe its family time, a holiday, a good job, or a successful business. Still, you feel something is missing. But do not stress over this too much. Spend sometime alone with your thoughts, look within yourself and you will find all the answers that you are looking for. You will find where your happiness exactly lies. Maybe you are getting ready for the life purpose, something that you were born for.

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