Weekly Tarot Guidance: 31.10.21 – 06.11.21


A beautiful relationship is about to enter your life. This relationship will change your whole world magically. Before signing any documents whether personal or professional, you need to study and read them carefully. Whether you agree or not, but you have a lot of creativity in you, and now is the time to use it to bring change in the world.


If you were facing an issue from a long time, then now you will be getting a permanent solution for it. If you were facing any health issues and were not able to find its root cause, you will find it now. But you need to make some efforts and act on it. Some of you are going to meet your soulmate who knows how to win your heart.


There is going to be a family function or a reunion with friends or a business meeting where you might find a special connection. Later, this person will initiate the communication through a message, call, email, etc., If you have a question “Why?” coming to your mind frequently regarding the happenings in your life, you should find the answers before you move ahead in life. The clarity about it should be your priority.


If there has been any confusion or blockages in your life, then it is going to get clear. Now you will be able to see things clearly and plan your future moves accordingly. There will be a lot of opportunities coming your way. You will get a chance to choose the right one for you. Every opportunity is going to give you the best, but you will select the one that best suits you. This is your time, so go ahead with confidence as people trust your abilities.


You shape your life. Now is the time to act and transform your life as per your wish. Whatever you desire will be manifested now as you have overcome your fears. If you haven’t yet, then you are in the process of doing the same. Be confident and move forward in the direction of your dreams. There is someone in your life may be a best friend who is very loyal to you and have special feelings for you. This person might make the first move to let you know his/her feelings.


A journey towards a new life, possibly towards spirituality, is going to begin now. You might join a spiritual class that will lead you to connect to your higher self. This will give you all the answers that you were looking for. Your search about your life purpose will end here. Some of you might be traveling to some other places for vacation or for business purposes.


Now is the time when you should think about the situation carefully. This may be related to a relationship, workplace, family, or children. Your mind needs to relaxed so that you can think clearly and decide your next move. Remember your stress is going to affect your kids. They are still into the hopeful and dreamy zone. You must resolve the matter once and for all.


It seems that something painful is coming your way. A breakup or a family separation is on the cards. If you have been hiding something from your family then you need to confess it immediately. If you are not ready to accept the mistake that you have made then you need to accept that first. Only the truth will bring the solution in your life. Clear and truthful communication is the key to a successful relationship.


New beginnings are on their way. You can expect beautiful and powerful changes coming into your life. Follow your dream and it will manifest soon. In personal life, romance is going to blossom with a lot of intimacy. Life is going to be full of promises. New opportunities are coming your way, you will be filled with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.


There are issues in your life that are nibbling your peace of mind and money at the same time. Be careful of the people around you, their intention might not be as good as it seems. One piece of advice to you is that you do not try to fit in where you are not at all comfortable. Better try to be in the place that you are meant for. Some good news is on its way. Maybe a new job offer letter, a promotion letter, or something that is going to bring change in your life.


There might be a little dicey situation in front of you, especially with your love life. You are not sure if you are in love, or whether you are ready for the love that is coming your way. But your life is going to change for the better. You will feel lucky to have such a person in your life. A new beginning is around the corner and you will be surprised by the way events will unfold. Be open to receiving the blessings coming your way.


It’s time to take your life into your own hands to bring the changes in your life that you desire. You have the strength to change the situations the way you want them to. It’s time to enjoy the outcome of the efforts you have put in the past. But keep in mind that you need to put more effort to maintain the success. You will have all the answers that you are looking for near you. Dig deeper into the situation and you will find the answers.

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