Tarot Guidance November 2021


You might have always seen a repeating pattern in your life. The pattern of starting all over again despite putting in all the effort. But have you tried analyzing the situation or circumstances? Did you think about why this pattern keeps repeating itself? You might have been missing a very important message that your soul is giving you. You are so distracted and engrossed in life’s happenings that you have forgotten that your soul has all the answers. Remember only you can open the door and look within yourself. You need to stop following the pattern. If you don’t, life will keep giving you the same result. Think out of the box, think different, do things differently, be more creative, do not follow what is trending as you are not made to follow others, but to set your own unique trend. It’s time to take the bold decision may it be about your career or your personal life. Also, you need to learn to love, respect, and value yourself. Do not judge yourself by the status or success that you have failed to achieve. Be proud of the abilities and skills that you own.


You might be going through some tough times in your love life. You are unable to make decisions as you are stuck in the situation or too involved in a person. But ask yourself whether this is worth it? Does that person even care for you? This person’s decision or plans always revolves around him/herself. You should make a decision now and at the earliest. Someone is trying to get close to your romantically, but you are hesitant as you could not make a decision yet. Free yourself from the hurt, pain, toxic relationship and move ahead. A lot of new things are waiting for you. In a career or personal life, you are going to get a lot of options but you might hesitate to choose one. Step out of your comfort zone, only then you will be able to see how life is ready to give you what you deserve. Meditate and spend some time near nature, especially near water which will bring calmness and peace. And this time will help you to think and analyze things clearly.


Harvest time is the time of joy as it is the result of your hard work. But remember you must put the same efforts that you have put in while sowing the seed. So, make sure you do not relax when life presents you with the gift you deserve. A time for reward is on the way, may it be in personal life or professional. You will have the power to change the world or to change a part of the world that you are an expert in. You might also get a chance to teach and spread the knowledge that you are blessed with. Do not forget that success stays with those who know how to respect it. Also maintaining discipline in professional and personal life is a must. Those who have children are going to enjoy a beautiful time with them. You are going to be proud of your children as they might achieve something that you never thought of. On a personal level, you are going to appreciate your own achievements. You are going to treat yourself to a spa or a vacation with your family.


There might be a physical or emotional distance between you and your family. Some issue, argument, or situation might have brought given birth to these circumstances. You are too much stressed out as you are facing many delays may it be in personal or professional life. Whatever you plan to start or do, one or the other blockage shows up and things start getting delayed. Many times, things happen for your own good, so without losing hope, accept the challenge and find out a new way to do things. Confidence is important right now, confidence in yourself as well as your ideas, your plans, etc. Delay doesn’t mean that your plans or ideas are not good. Maybe you need to rethink or reanalyze your plans and change or modify your execution plan. Those who are in the communication field are going to see growth and improvement in their work. Appreciation is going to be coming your way.


Something bad happens and you go back to where you came from emotionally. You bury yourself into the past and the repetitive thought patterns. Take your power back. Your soul longs for you to look within your inner self and know how powerful you are physically as well as emotionally. Whenever you slip into such a mode, many people start using it for their benefit. You completely lose connect with yourself. But thank God there is someone in the spiritual world as well as in the physical world to help and guide you. You start rebuilding yourself and your life but again you lose hope. You need to stop this pattern. You need to make yourself and your spiritual side a priority. It’s time to take action and not just think about it. You need to hold on to the dreams and visions that you have seen for yourself. Someone special is going to come into your life. But you need to be open to receiving the love or friendship of that person. This person will lead you to the right path.


Those who are ready to take a step ahead in a relationship are going to get a proposal. Singles too might get a marriage proposal, it could be love or arrange. In business, you might sign a contract or get a good partnership offer. A new beginning is on its way. Make sure you maintain a balance between your emotional, practical as well as spiritual side. Only then you will be able to make the right and wise decisions with a calm mind. If you are interested in spirituality then you might join classes such as meditation, healing, spiritual arts, etc. It’s time to reflect, talk to your inner self and find out what exactly you want from life as well as yourself. Whatever you decide and do, the universe is on your side, helping and protecting you. Not only the universe but your loved ones too are there to support you. Connect with your higher self and your soul will guide you on to the right path. Now is the great time to renew your life, yourself, or start something new that you have been longing to do. Change the perspective of how you see life and things will change magically around you.


There might be a difficult time going on in your family. Maybe a separation of a joint family due to fights over property or some other issues or a personal relationship is going through some tough time. It seems that you are not interested in taking part in any such fight. You simply want to sit back, watch and let the time decide. But remember, sometimes, you have to take a little initiative to move away from such difficult situations or people. More you wait, more problems will start showing up. Now is the time to connect and wake up your higher self. Your soul knows the path and have all the answers. You need to put some effort to get out of the situation. Take a break and spend some time with nature, connect with nature, and communicate with it. You will start healing physically and mentally. If you take the initiative to heal yourself as well as your situation and circumstances, you will find everything will start falling in its place magically. Powerful and positive changes are on their way in your life. A beautiful soul is about to enter your life who will guide you to the right path.


The start of the month is going to be very productive and creative on the professional front. But you need to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. You will have everything that you wanted, but you need to keep that hard work and focus on your work. Do not get carried away and let success go to your head. Instead of making authority and money your focus, focus on your passion, put up all the hard work in doing something you love. Money, authority, and power will follow once you get to know how to become an expert in your field. If you keep focusing on materialistic things instead of your work, then you might lose your position in your career as well as in your personal life. Don’t be too stubborn without any reason or you will have to face its repercussions. If you are having too much rough time in your life, may it be professional or personal then now is the time to think about your next move. While handling any tough situation be sure that you handle things sensitively. If you do so the tough cycle will end soon.


The confusion is clearing now, you can see things clearly. There is a lot of spiritual help available for you. You can call upon your ancestors, angels, or spiritual guides as they are around to help and guide you. A friendship or a relationship is ending now. Remember to let go of what was or is not meant for you. The doors that have been shut are not going to reopen. You have to move on and look for a new path. Let yourself be open to receiving other beautiful blessings that life has to offer you. You need a disciplined life that will help you to be back on your regular track. Practicing spirituality will help you to find your life purpose. Make meditation and yoga part of your daily routine, which will help you to remain fit physically and mentally. Remember whenever you need help, or you need to apologize you should do it without any hesitation. Do not let pride get in your way and create more blockages for you. Kids are going to bring some proud moments to your life.


Changes are under process, and you might not be able to see them right now, but they are. You might be struggling at your workplace to create your own identity when you know you deserve more than this. Everyone knows that you have a lot of talent and skills if used correctly can bring more success. There is a lot of confusion. You also have questions in front of you to which you are unable to find answers. Where are you heading? Why are things not moving forward? Just a reminder that things happen for a reason and if something is keeping you stuck in the situation then there is also a reason for that. But do not forget to keep working hard. Take the creative work which is coming towards you. Keep upgrading yourself. Learn new things and keep focusing on minute details. These minute details which often get ignored are going to help you in a bigger way. Do not give up and keep acting towards your goal and soon you will reach there. Nothing is built in a day; it takes time and little steps that make the foundation strong and beautiful. Allow events to unfold naturally and do not be harsh on yourself. Trust the universe as it is working for your highest good and you will achieve the dreams you have seen for yourself. Just a little patience and things are going to bloom in a beautiful way.


Unexpected opportunities are coming your way and this might create confusion. You will not be able to decide what to choose and which path will be a safe one. If you walk on the same path then the outcome will also be the same. And if you want to avoid stagnation in your life then you have to choose an unknown path. This unknown path will lead you to success, and also you will be able to learn new things. You will develop and upgrade with the learning experiences coming your way. In personal life, you might be going through some tough times, separation from family, life partner, or a break-up. But the good news is that if you remain open to listening and communicating with your loved ones then you will be able to find the solution. Maybe there is someone who will show up like an angel and will guide you in the right direction. Do not let pride hold you back and lose the relationship or opportunities. Hold on to your dreams and move ahead with confidence. Remember when success comes, it also brings along pride but always remain grounded and treat everyone equally. Your humble nature will take you to a new height of success.


Trouble in a long-distance relationship can be seen. But look out for the reasons, talk it out with your partner and try to resolve it. Singles will be getting a love or marriage proposal. Those who are already in a relationship will take it to the next level of commitment. This is the time where you all might go through some of the other issues in the relationship that could be personal or professional or both. Your commitment, dedication, and loyalty will be tested or have to be proved. You need to be courageous to take practical steps and resolve the issue. Whatever you decide you will be guided by your own higher self, and you will make the right decision. At business, you might get a new partnership offer or a new project. You might also get a new job offer that could be surprising for you. You might anyway be planning to leave your current job as you see no growth for yourself. Also, someone especially a lady might be a threat to the security of your present job. This tough phase is temporary and you need to maintain the mental strength. You will soon be out of this.

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