Weekly Tarot Guidance: 07.11.21 – 13.11.21


You might be going through emotional turmoil right now. There might be a painful decision you need to make. A change that is much needed but it’s hard to let go and walk away. But the truth needs to be faced and even spoken. Clear communication will help sort out things and might make things a little easy for you. You will start experiencing success and fame through your work.


If there is a situation or relationship that you thought has ended and now you can do nothing about it, life will give you a second chance to correct everything that you could not earlier. A new beginning and new opportunities are going to show up now. You are going to taste real success. There will be a buzz around about your success and fame.


You might participate in some big event that will be a work for your community or society. This work is going to get a lot of appreciation. You will meet a lot of like-minded people who will become your good friends. You might also arrange a surprise vacation or a surprise party whatever it could be, but this is going to make your bonding stronger.


There might be some issues going on in your family. You’re moving out of the house for some work or any other reason that could also be the issue. But the distance between you and your family will resolve soon. Blessings are on their way, and you will be surprised to receive those.


You might move into a live-in relationship with someone you dream of marrying. This person is or will become a family to you very soon. You will finally find the right direction in your life. Your guardian angels are there to protect and guide you. Your heart will be filled with satisfaction, and you will feel free from all the burdens. Your mind will be at peace.


You might be planning a destination wedding. You will marry or hold an event in an open space like a beach or a garden, but not the typical one. Engagement, marriage, or a proposal might be coming to you this week. You need to stop running away from your fears and start facing them. If you do not risk, then you will not be able to come out of your stagnant life.


You are waiting for some changes to happen in your life. But you are forgetting that things will change when you take the initiative. If you take a deeper look, you will find out that you are lost in the same repetitive life pattern. And you need to take some important steps to come out of it. Follow your intuitions as they are guiding you, but for that, you need a relaxed and calm mind to listen to the guidance.


It seems that you leave the work, situation, relationship, communication halfway. If you find things difficult to handle, you just walk away from them without taking them to the destination. Be aware of someone who pretends to be innocent but is not. This person might deceive you when you are completely unaware. Be careful about what you share and with whom.


You might have to deal with unpredictable situations, but you need to take a decision at the right time. Do your research and then go for it. If you are not at all sure, take someone’s advice or guidance. Time is yours and if you are careful while making decisions, life is going to turn into a beautiful blessing.


You are waiting for something, like some good news, a letter, a message, or someone special. Whatever it could be, you need to look around carefully. Maybe what you are waiting for is around you, or you are looking in the wrong direction. Reanalyse the situation/s and you will find the way. With it, you will also find peace of mind and blessings around you.


Safety, security, and stability are what a new relationship is going to give you. Beautiful gifts and surprises are going to be there for you most of the time. This person is going to make you feel special. You are going to be blessed with a loyal and honest relationship.


House hunting is going to be your priority this week. You might be planning to relocate to a new place or buy a new house. You should study minute details about the new place and house and your search will end soon. You will have a very quiet and peaceful time of your own. You might plan to spend some time at the retreat centre.

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